It’s Just a “Little Dot”

It’s Just a “Little Dot”

Upon arrival, a few raindrops were on our windshields.  Q and PAX were perplexed as rain was not in the forecast and Q’s weinke had very little plans for under canopy work.  That being said, Q checked the radar and advised the fellow PAX….”no worries, the radar shows just a little green dot of precipitation”.  Let’s go!


Mosey around parking lot.  SSH) in cadence x 15, IW in cadence x 15, Merkins x 15, Moroccan Night Clubs x 15, Arm circles & Mountain Climbers in cadence x 15.  Stretching – up/down dogs, calves, runner’s pose.


7-count ladder with plank jacks and dry docks and run from curb line to center island.  Green dot spitting just enough to be annoying.

Mosey to middle school patio for step-ups (20), wall air presses in cadence (25), wall air jabs in cadence (25), dips (20) and derkins (10).  Rinse and repeat all.  Green dot let up while under cover.

Mosey to lower track and rock pile.  3 sets of 20 each of curls & overhead press.  Run/jog a lap around track after each set of 20.  At opposite corner of rock pile, 10 each squats and 10 each speed-skaters (2 is 1).  After 6th lap, super set of 20 curls and 20 overhead press.  Green dot sporadically let us know he was still there.

Mosey back to COT and finish with 25 SSH in cadence and Fiji’s / UNC’s infamous fast feet-drop downs.  Green dot no where to be found.


8 Pax logged close to 3 miles and plenty of reps while getting (somewhat) wet from that damn green dot.  Schnitzel set the fast pace and stayed out in front with his headlamp providing a good beacon of just how far out in front he was….nice work!

Announcements / Closing

Centerfold reminded all to take a look at the “3rd F” component for new years resolutions.  Rice-and-beans being a perfect, weekly opportunity.  One star shared “API” – Assume Positive Intent.  Or in other words, as you talk to others at work and at home, forget about the negative and past mistakes.  Open your mind and give others the benefit of the doubt leading into the conversation.

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