Last Call

I’m baaaaack

ByDasBoot Jun 19, 2021

Site Qs mistakenly put a teetotaler in charge of the bar at Last Call this morning and when they realized the severity of their selection, both p

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But Wait, There’s More!

ByHoneycomb Jun 11, 2021

It was a breath through a straw kind of humid morning, but with a 6:02am start time at least we had a little sunrise sky to enjoy as we started o

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Posse rolling in just in Time for Last Call’s 5:32 Start Time

ByJ-Woww May 7, 2021

We started out the morning with 5 PAX ready for the 5:32 time.  Posse used every bit of the extra 2 minutes to roll in.  I took a little abuse

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Fun-Fact Friday and almost closing out the April Q-challenge

BySchnitzel Apr 30, 2021

I noticed two things this morning. First: 10 degrees more make a huge difference to your transpiration! Second: as a Q you never know what to exp

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SpaceX crew teaming with The Orchid

ByDasBoot Apr 23, 2021

Posted on behalf of Orchid   Warm up Group Moseyed from COT to silver globe and once around to warm those hands.  Warmup exercises

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A Round of Exercises are Better Than a Round of Shots (on this morning anyway)

ByWarEagle Apr 12, 2021

YHC was on the schedule to clock in as this week's bartender at Last Call.  Being my first time at Last Call I did not know what to expect.  I

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The faster you run the sooner you’ll be warm

ByChastain Apr 2, 2021

6 PAX at Last Call this morning. One of which I wasn't sure was going to get out of the car. 34 degrees and wiiiiiindy. Only thing to do is run u

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Did ONE leave to his STAR?

BySchnitzel Mar 12, 2021

Well, again, this question has not been answered during the workout, but One Star has not been seen. It could be that it was already dawn (which

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