Last Call

Last call under the lights

ByDeep Dish Oct 15, 2021

7 PAX showed up for Last Call for an under the lights work-out at MRHS.  OK, stadium lights were on for the track team but we claim it was for o

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Off-Campus Tour at Last Call

ByJ-Woww Oct 1, 2021

Checked the calendar for Last Call and noticed somehow my name was thrown in as a Q.  One star very clever at this approach. Warm-up Mos

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Last Call goes old school

ByBottlecap Aug 13, 2021

4 PAX at Last Call for a change of pace. THE GOOD NEWS:  With the small crowd, it allows the Q to use gear and do different things . . . Kind

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Cue NBC Olympic music

ByDas Boot Jul 26, 2021

Four PAX arrived at the bar school for Last Call to the same number of fans at the Tokyo Opening Ceremonies going on at that same time.  But La

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Stairs and Flatulence

ByRudy Jun 26, 2021

Warm Up - Mosey through lower parking lot,  around the perimeter of both schools, stopping 3 times for stretching exercises - Imperial Walkers,

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I’m baaaaack

ByDas Boot Jun 19, 2021

Site Qs mistakenly put a teetotaler in charge of the bar at Last Call this morning and when they realized the severity of their selection, both p

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But Wait, There’s More!

ByHoneycomb Jun 11, 2021

It was a breath through a straw kind of humid morning, but with a 6:02am start time at least we had a little sunrise sky to enjoy as we started o

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Posse rolling in just in Time for Last Call’s 5:32 Start Time

ByJ-Woww May 7, 2021

We started out the morning with 5 PAX ready for the 5:32 time.  Posse used every bit of the extra 2 minutes to roll in.  I took a little abuse

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