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No Q-Jack, just some BOMBS Jack!

11 pax made their way out to Bushwood today to freeze their butts off with One Star volunteering last night to be at the Helm. So you know he was likely making it up on the fly! But we love it and definitely joke about it!

Slightly longer mosey to get everyone warm


Mosey with side step the parking lines

  • Peter Parker
  • Up/Down dog with Calf stretch
  • Wide leg Merkin
  • Low Slow Squat -Narrow/regular/wide


BOMBS from down range. 5 stations 1 reps, after each station runt to middle and do one burpee.

  • Burpees 18
  • Over head press 18 IC (or x3 if you will)
  • Merkin x 18
  • Big Boi x18
  • Squats x 18

Head to rock pile, Partner up as we go to the short track. AMRAP while partner ran to wall and did 10 donkeys. flip flop. Curls/Overhead press/Tri/Bent rows

Head to the Front wall with Partner. Wall exercise while other partner bear crawls to curb then lunge walks back. Presses/Jabs/Donkey Kicks.

Finish with Story time with Ross…I mean One Star. Wall sit while each pax alternates Balls to the Wall and explains how they got their F3 name!  We just about finished right before YHC got his chance.. Sorry fellas, yuo’ll have to wait till next week to find out How I got the name Tanyatine!



most of us were freezing, but were glad the wind had decided to take a nap today, otherwise it may have been trouble. Its time to bring out the insulated gloves, just in time to put them away as a heatwave will be coming through. YHC overheard Twinkle toes lookign to see if he can reach @ 140 post this year, so I have to write the BB for him to get credit. I know you have missed a couple posts counts from some that have not written a BB at Bushwood…Is there a Back Blast School??!!

Welcome Rainman to your first Bushwood post… Sorry we didn’t have tunes for you.. Definitely sorry, yup, definitely sorry…Maybe next time next time. big ben

We had some discussion as Bushwoods own The Juice had some sad news last week that his father had passed from ALS, so keep his family in your prayers as I am sure it is difficult time much less around the holidays.

As we end Movember for Mens health, Johnny Utah reminded us yesterday at Firestarter to keep his friend Rick  in our prayers as battles Colon cancer.  My family has been affected with this and it really is awful to go through or see a loved one or friend go through. I continually remind everyone and highly recommend getting checked out. YHC will be getting my 3rd scope tomorrow in the last 7 years as a preventive measure. This year is a little different as I  know I am at the age where my Brother was diagnosed.  So quick prayer for that if you will that all is clean, and that I can get through the prep!! While I know it sucks, trust me, the alternative is worse.


  • Zins gift exchange
  • Impact 5k
  • Sock Donations to Twinkle toes for needy

PS,  I was able to get into my car a few minutes after the PAX left as lately my keys have not been happy with the cold weather and decide to not want to work until they get nice and toasty.. so quick tip if you FOB decides to crap out, warm it up a little or open it up and just warm the battery.. That Tanya’s tip of the season!

Are you Making This Up As You Go Along? (Turkey Jam)

22 PAX converged at the Improper Pig in Waverly with hopes of a well-organized bootcamp for the 6th Annual Turkey Jam. What they received was something a little different. After a full and fair disclaimer, we were off, warming up with a mosey around the Green Monster, before ending up in the Harris Teeter parking lot for:


LSS x 10

5 merkins OYO

SSH x 10

5 merkins OYO

LBC x 10


Mosey across the Harris Teeter parking lot, up the stairs behind the Atrium ER, then across Providence Rd, and stop at a small wall near Fifth Thirds Bank.

3 rounds: Dips x 15 and Incline merkins x 15,

Then mosey to the smaller parking deck a few feet away to the ground floor. Line up facing the other side of the deck and in front of us was a line line of columns. Run to each column and perform the called exercise. When you get to the other side of the deck, elbow plank while waiting on the 6.

Round 1: Merkins

Round 2: LBCs

Round 3: Floor slap squats

Round 4: Flutter kicks

Then mosey to the bigger parking deck behind the hotel. Divide into two groups on the bottom floor. Run up the assigned stairwell to the top floor of the deck, perform 5 merkins and run across the top of the deck to another stairwell, run back down the stairwell to where we started.

Then run up the stairwell that Snowflake “found” to the top of the deck and enjoy the sunrise over South Charlotte. Run back down the same stairs and mosey to the small green space in front of the hotel and grab a chair for some arm work.

2 rounds of curls and 1 round of tricep extensions with the chair.

Mosey back to launch and line up in front of the Christmas Tree facing the Green Monster.

Run across the Green Monster and at each lamp post perform 3 burpees until we reach the sidewalk that divides the Green Monster and wait for the 6. At the sidewalk, a 70% sprint to the end of the Green Monster and wait for the 6.  Then turn around, facing the Christmas Tree, and run back to the sidewalk, performing 3 burpees at each lamp post. Then a 62.5% sprint back to the Christmas Tree.

Circle up in front of the Christmas Tree on the Green Monster for Round-O-Mary (each Pax calling a Mary exercise).

Finish off with some broga moves, ending with the frog.


A big thanks to Trickle who provided the participation trophies for the 2nd year in a row.

It was great to see PAX from all over our region (Area 51, SOB Land, Waxhaw) and Birmingham, AL (Biscuit) for the frozen version of Turkey Jam.

At this point in my F3 career, when I Q a bootcamp, I have a general idea of what I want to do, but for the most part, I figure it out as we go along. Somehow Goonie figured out my strategy and called me out on it. That’s what happens when you post with a brother for about 5 years. They get to know you.

There was a healthy amount of mumblechatter among the group and great to see the runners show up for their annual bootcamp.

One thing of note, Chopper was not the oldest PAX to post, I think that award went to Blue Screen who crushed it.

My favorite part of Turkey Jam is the COT when each PAX  has the opportunity to mention one thing that they are grateful for. There were some powerful shares this morning and I know it helped remind me of what I should be grateful for.

I was overwhelmed and thankful for all those who showed up as it is always humbling to lead this group of men.

Happy Thanksgiving my brothers!

A trip to Meat-SACS-Vil(le)

What did you do when your parents went out of town for the weekend and abandoned you at home with a bag of Doritos, some frozen pizza, and vague threats not to let them find out you did something stupid?  You throw a raging party like the abandoned children that you are.  Find 21 of your closest friends, get a keg, put on some loud music, and hope the cops don’t show up.

This is an accurate representation of what happened in the parking lot of Calvary church for the Meat-SACS-vil convergence.  20 men showed up to a plethora of bells, bags, a keg, and assorted gear.  They endured lots of bad ideas from the three-headed Q of Unplugged, Wild Turkey, and YHC.  Floorslapper finally showed up in the middle of COP to make it a legal drinking age, 21.

The plan was simple, and hatched by Unplugged while he was “teaching” (i.e. playing a VHS tape to his high school class, and making sure they weren’t lighting fires with the Bunsen Burners in the back of the classroom).  Since our rival site Q’s (Voodoo and Cheese Curd) were DR it was time to question how said rivalry was hatched up.  Likely this was to keep advertising single digit attendance workouts that consist of Dora’s Pathfinder WODs or a spreadsheet that changes names just not content every 6 – 10 weeks.  Both of these serve as the perfect excuse to not come up with an original weinke which is a win-win for anyone unlucky enough to be cornered in a dark parking lot and asked to Q next week before the sun rises and you’re still seeing stars.

As readers of YHC’s non-existent online journal, which YHC refuses to call a “blog” because it sounds like something that lives on a riverbed and communicates through farts, will attest; these Wednesday workouts have created an effective contrast.  Like riding a bike down a long and peaceful country road and every other hundred yards the bike turns into a bear.  One Wednesday you’re standing still holding heavy objects listening to the flatulent sounds of an old man bark about how bad the music selection is and asking yourself “Why am I here?” and the next Wednesday you are walking around a dark track with a heavy object on your back listening to stories of “this one time at GoRuck” and asking yourself “Why am I here?”

Of course, if you’re a regular pax at Anvil this is one of those situations where you’ve decided the convergence would be a healthy alternative from the series of frying pans and fires that are your typical boot camp.

But back to the lecture at hand, this workout flowed better than the clunkily strung together Thanksgiving Turkey hand collage found on the wall of a kindergarten classroom.  It started with a little COP from Unplugged who taught everyone how to lift a kettlebell by clapping their hands.  No seriously, you should try it one day.  Just put your hands on your hips and clap in cadence.  Now you’re a professional strongman, go pick up a Volkswagen Beetle.  All of our collective lower backs are are still trying to figure out when after clapping you actually lift something heavy.  It was during the clapping lifting lesson that Floorslapper decided to grace us with his presence.

Wild Turkey was up next, using EMOM to crush pax under the heel of 20 reps per minute of the foundational kettlebell exercises.  No snatches to Mighty Mite’s vocal disappointment, but he may be used to that by now (the no snatch part and the disappointment that accompanies it.  #Boom #MicDrop)  The fun part here was that our plethora of bells acted as “stations” where we shifted every minute to a new weight.  And by “fun”, YHC means you were either lucky enough to get 20 reps of goblet squats with a trailer hitch of a kettlebell or unlucky enough to have single leg lunges with the 70 pound “Large Marge” bell courtesy of Unplugged.  The groans of the un-initiated gear pax were only barely audible over the rocking sounds of YHC’s bluetooth speaker, until they weren’t because the “battery died”.  Lucky for the pax, YHC is always prepared and had a backup.  Frehley’s Comet was so relieved.

After the Wild Turkey special, pax were instructed to move the kettlebells to a parking space, lest unsuspecting visitors to the church decide that these were newly installed speed bumps that must be thoroughly tested.  YHC was now in charge.  Pick up all the rucks, sandbags, the keg, Twig, BOS, and both sets of twins.  All pax had to carry something and move to a designated point.  At said point, rotate coupons to a random fellow pax and do a called exercise.  Then keep moving.  Pax all moved in the direction of the Hot Box with one more swap before arriving.  At our arrival, pax unceremoniously dumped their coupons on the ground and took a seat against the wall.  YHC, having planned nothing, decided that the coupons needed to move from their current location to the other side of the Hot Box.  But please, gentlemen, stay in your seats, we can and will do this while seated.  And remain seated we did.  19 of the 21 coupons made it from one side of the Hot Box to the other.  Then YHC realized the error of his ways and had all of the coupons trucked right back to where they started.  The pax were pleased, especially Turkey Leg who is still recovering from his Philly Marathon.  Nothing says easy marathon recovery like burning quads.  Once coupons were back in their original position pax recovered grabbed their gear and headed back to the cars.

Unplugged took the reins for his second run at Q, because clapping wasn’t enough to get the pax blood flowing.  But sprints on the other hand … let’s just say there’s a reason Meathead is a 0.0 workout.  Running sucks.  High Tide tried sprints once and pax are still looting and rioting in the streets because of that bad decision.  But of course if you’re an Anvil or SACS regular you know covering distance is expected.  So sprints were on the menu, preceded by some called exercises.  After which it was time for some Murray (for overweight middle aged men) as opposed to Mary for single guys still sporting at least a 2 pack in the abs department.   And that was the best hour of your week right there.

It was, by all accounts, the best convergence in Area 51 all week.  It will be followed by two other convergences on Thursday and Friday.  Neither of which will have as many Q’s or as much useless stuff packed into the trunks of their cars.

Thank you to all the pax for showing up today.  YHC wasn’t expecting so many pax but was honored to be part of the leadership of this train-wreck well thought out and expertly planned convergence.  Here’s to hoping all pax have a Happy Thanksgiving.

On a very personal note, YHC is thankful for this group and for all the Hallmark Holiday card reasons that accompany it.  But above all others, no matter how rough life outside of F3 is going, this group of men is a constant beacon.  YHC can show up anywhere in the gloom and find others who have shed the trappings of our daily lives to put in work and enjoy 45 – 60 minutes away form it all.  Thank you, men.

In the background of all this madness, were the kick-a$$ sounds of a stellar playlist curated by YHC:

Kiss: Detroit Rock City
Motorhead: Motorhead
American Sharks: Overdrive
Motley Crue: Kickstart My Heart
Living Colour: Cult of Personality
Airbourne: Back in the Game
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Higher Ground
AC/DC: Let There Be Rock
Clutch: Fortunate Son (Creedence cover)
Pink Floyd: Run Like Hell
MC5: Kick Out the Jams
The Clash: White Riot
Neil Young: Rockin’ In the Free World
Coheed and Cambria: No World for Tomorrow
Ozzy Osbourne: No More Tears


Great Faces and Gobbler Squats

12 Pax layered up and braved temps in the 20’s to push themselves in preparation for Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow.  Prior to the workout 8 guys took part in the Couch 2 5K pre-run led by Tuck.  Seeing as this is the next to last training session prior to the ImpactLocal race it was time to ramp up the running and Tuck delivered with hill repeats up and down the Murderhorn.  The highlight was as Tuck told the group this plan at the beginning of the session Cold Cuts, who was attending his first C2 5K training, fussed at Picasso, “You said that this was a pre-run where we would just mosey around the shopping center”.  In Picasso’s defense that was what the first couple of sessions were but now we are full-fledged kinda runners.

The Thang:

5:30 so time for the main event.  YHC had a preview of what Tuck had planned so I planned my workout accordingly.  The running would be kept relatively low but still ever present so as to build upon the pre-run.  A disclaimer was given and off to the HT parking lot for warmups consisting of SSH, mashed potato pickers, IW’s, Mtn Climbers and stretching.  YHC noted that the workout would consist of Thanksgiving references sprinkled about so we led off with an Indian/Native American/Indigenous Peoples Run to the light by the Chick Fil A.  Next stop was the parking deck.  Since it took the Mayflower 66 days to cross the Atlantic we used loose math to do 11 pilgrim pushups at the bottom, up the stairs to the top level for 11 turducken kicks  and repeato for 6 sets.

Next off to Plymouth Rock which was the big boulders by the office complex along Ballantyne Commons.  The group was instructed to break into groups of 3 for a Thanksgiving grinder where 2 of the 3 Pax grab a rock.  P1 does curls while P2 heads to the end of the parking lot for LBC’s.  P3 is the timekeeper by walking from P1 to P2 holding the rock over their heads for musket carry.  Keep rotating.  We did this for 400 seconds in honor of the 400th anniversary of the first ever Thanksgiving.  A couple of extra minutes left so we did another partial round of gobbler squats, dying cockroaches and musket carry.

Mosey back to launch.  A couple of minutes left for heels to heaven, chippy cross and a minute of Planksgiving.


Great group who made it a fun workout.  Apparently where I thought Gobbler Squats was a clever play on words but Picasso noted that I should probably Google it and not on my work computer.  YHC stopped by prior to the workout and put a sign on the boulder that said “Plymouth” thinking it would be a mildly humerous take.  Olaf sarcastically laughed and then promptly almost ate it tripping over a speed bump…Karma.  Also, when YHC stopped to put the Plymouth sign up it was noticed that there was a pretty large water pipe break and there was lots of water in the parking lot.  Good thing the lot is a square and we could easily modify to move the grinder to another stretch opposite Plymouth Rock.  Overall YHC tried to bring some Thanksgiving spirit to the workout but apparently failed because Jerry World asked as we headed home, “What was the theme or point of that workout?”  🙂


  • 6th annual Turkey Jam Thanksgiving morning at 6:30 behind the Improper Pig at Rea Farms.
  • ImpactLocal 5k/10k on 12/4.  Get those sign ups in as Saturday is the last day for t-shirt orders.
  • Escobar’s clothes and toy drive for children in Colombia, South America is ongoing.  Bring any to the workout and give to the site Q for getting to War Eagle.
  • The Maul needs Q’s for December
  • Congrats to Odd Job for getting engaged over the weekend.

Pre-Thanksgiving Feast at Dromedary

Cold morning with PAX rolling in and were ready to tackle the morning.  Great attitudes and a pleasure to lead today.


  • Mosey from the parking lot to the Main Parking lot.
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Moroccans
  • Calf Stretches
  • Runners Stretch

The Thang

  • Mosey to main street stopping at first light
  • Repeat 3 times
    • 20 squats first light
    • Mosey to second light
    • 20 Big Boys
    • Mosey to third light
    • 20 Mike Tysons (25 on one round for the chicken :))
  • Mosey to first building area “cubby” :), partner up
    • Repeat two times
      • Partner one Carolina Dry Docks
      • Partner two run to second “cubby” location, 10 jump squats back and relieve partner
  • Informed 069 that we would be heading to the back of the school, so he had started that way a little earlier.
  • Once the cubby work was done, time to mosey and find Waldo (069).
  • Mosey to benches
    • 20 step ups
    • 20 dips
    • 50 calf raises on the curb
  • This next part I just wanted to mess with everyone’s head :).
    Mosey to the parking lot towards the middle school

    • Start of a webb merkins / lbc’s (complete 5 / 20)
    • Mosey 20 feet (continue merkins 6/24)
    • Mosey 20 feet (continue merkins 7/28)
    • Mosey 20 feet (continue merkins 8/32)
    • Mosey 20 feet (continue merkins 9/36)
    • Mosey 20 feet (continue merkins 10/40)
  •  Mosey to the other side of the middle school and wait for the six.
  • Mosey back to COT

The Moleskin

We had a great turn out considering it was pretty cold.  Good to see everyone burning a few calories before some extra pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. It was amazing to see that no one had to stop behind a push and take a dump today.

Have a great day


Some chatter on head to Zin’s on 12/4 and bring some IPA’s that you want to get rid of.  F3 Waxhaw’s “Ornament” exchange 7-10:30, respond on groupme to the evite.

Fuse had some announcement, but said no one is registering so F$%# you all. 🙂

My daughter is expecting her first child by 11/26, which will be our first grandchild, so we are excited about that.

7 Years of Shaping Men


Today, Commitment celebrates 7 years of life with the commitment of 14 Pax to push themselves to be better men.  Seven years ago, a group of men decided Waxhaw would be a good place for F3 and to start on a Saturday.  Weddington High School was the location for these beatdowns by various Q’s until a couple of mishaps with the track and the AD went full on pain in the ass against F3.  Now days, we all meet at Nesbit Park to shape each other.  The exercise is only part of it.  The bantering, the discussions, the investment in others truly is what gets us up to work out.  F3 ruined my ability to run on a treadmill because this is no one to laugh or cuss at during the stupid workout and it seems like time on a treadmill comes to a standstill.  Thank you for the push Bottlecap to experience such a great group of men.

The Thang

Mosey to the circle, and get warm

  • 7 Side Straddle Hops
  • 7 Mountain climbers
  • 7 Side Straddle Hops
  • 7 Merkins
  • 7 Side Straddle Hops
  • 7 Potato Pickers
  • 7 Side Straddle Hop

Mosey down the path to Mill Bridge Parkway

  • 7 In and Outs while we wait for the Six
  • Alternate 7 Merkins and 7 big Boy Situps at every other driveway to the circle
  • 7 Burpees while we wait for the Six

Mosey down to the second circle

  • Alternate 7 Squats and 7 LBC’s at every other tree to the next circle
  • 7 Side Straddle Hops
  • 7 Morrocan Night Clubs

Mosey Back to the first circle

  • 7 T-Clap Merkins every other driveway
  • 7 Imperial Walkers while waiting for the six

Mosey out to Circle 3

  • Alternate 7 gas pumpers and 7 Side Straddle Hops at every driveway
  • Run back to circle 2 doing 7 bear crawls at every other driveway
  • Lieutenant Dan at Circle 1 Squat, 4 back lunges till you get to 10 and 40

Mosey back, 1 burpee at every driveway to the road

Mosey back on the road to the COT


What a blessing this morning.  Crisp air, great men, and Recalculating keeping everyone in proper form.   Recalculating left some fertilizer in Millbridge to help them grow.  We are recruiting a new Pax that saw us working out on the road today.  God always puts us where we need to be.


  • Dec 4 5K – Last Day to signup and get a T-shirt  Ballantyne Country Club
  • Holiday Gathering – Zinfandel’s back yard
  • Food Drive Lycan – Waxhaw Elementary Monday
  • Prayers For Charlie Cushing and those who struggle with Cancer.

Da Maul: Hot Cocoa & Campfire Stories

16 PAX including 4 Respect’s sat around the campfire to hear all about Rousey’s wedding weekend adventures in Cali and his best man speech that was “the best speech ever delivered to an audience of humans”.

This week I read an article about how AirPods are for nerds and wired headphones are back in style – Mid Drift reminded me several times this morning that Slack Blasts are out and Back-Blasts are cool again… so in an effort to fit in with the cool kids, here we go…




Brisk 45° with no precipitation, clear skies, full hearts, can’t lose


Mosey aimlessly around the movie theater and up the hill – Loogie tried to outsmart the Pax by stopping half way, so we ran up the hill a 2nd time.

  1. SSH x 15
  2. Slow and then Low Squats x 15
  3. Merkins x 15
  4. Mountain Climber x 15
  5. Blueberry pickers x 15


Location #1: Movie Theater Parking Lot

2 rounds a parking line suicide runs with declining rep exercises at the start line.

Round 1 (face forward the entire run):

  1. 20 Merkins – FWD Facing run to far line – BK Run to Start
  2. 15 Merkins – FWD Facing run to 3rd line – BK Run to Start
  3. 10 Merkins – FWD Facing run to 2nd line – BK Run to Start
  4. 5 Merkins – FWD Facing run to 1st line – BK Run to Start & plank for the six

Round 2 (face our cars the entire shuffle):

  1. 40 Squats – Side shuffle left to far line – Side shuffle right to Start
  2. 30 Squats – Side shuffle left to far line – Side shuffle right to Start
  3. 20 Squats – Side shuffle left to far line – Side shuffle right to Start
  4. 10 Squats – Side shuffle left to far line – Side shuffle right to Start & plank for the six

Location #2: Tipsy Taco Parking Lot

Triple Nickel³:  The triple-double, triple nickel is a complex set of exercises that is rarely called, but if any group could pull it off, it was this group of brainpower.

Location 1:

  • 5x Squats
  • 5x Merkins
  • 5x Donkey Kicks

Location 2:

  • 5x Burpees

Repeat 5x

Location #3: Fountains

Grab a partner and perform the following:

  • Round 1 (3x Sets):   P1 – 10x incline Burpee Box jumps;  P2:  Hold plank and complete 1x Merkin each time P1 jumps on the fountain wall
  • Round 2 (3x Sets):   P1 – 15x Dips;  P2:  15x Incline Merkins on fountain wall

#CountORama / #NameORama

21 PAX & No FNGs – thanks to Reverend Paper Clip for the closing prayer


  1. SOB Holiday Party this week – Friday (11/19) Olde Meck Brewery @ 6pm – Bring your M and take an Uber
  2. Impact Local 5k/10k – Sunday (12/5)… sign up today and get a FREE shirt
  3. Turkey Jam workout Thanksgiving morning, Thursday (11/25) – Need to confirm the start time
  4. Mic Check lost in fantasy football this week

Great group of guys this morning – Thanks to Patent Pending for another awesome opportunity to lead this morning. 

– Tagalong


The Only Prescription Is More Cowbell GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Cowbell is the bomb,  if you don’t get a work out in,  ITS YOUR FAULT.  Today we added some FLAIR:

Ric flair GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

By incorporating sand bags, Dumbbells and Smash balls for some serious leg reps.

The Thang:

Left and Right Step ups and back reps 15, 12, 10.

BC loved the modification,  Gerber noticed there was deafferented weighted Smash balls, and Chatter learned that in plank form weights got heavier as well.

Off to work.

100 Pyramids of Pain

The nightly pre-blast showed concerns as many of the pax were grunting about the weather being cold, slight aches and pains or whatever was up their craw! But alas, we had 6 pax show up, one came in hot Off-Roading! not sure if that was on purpose or because he may have missed the initial turn.. Either way, the other 5 of us were wincing and bracing for impact!

Oh yeah, We had a Kotter!!! Welcome back Long Haul! Been a while, keep showing up buddy!

while we waited for said HIM to get near, quick DICCS and then mosey.


figured to get a slightly longer mosey in to warm up the bodies then settle in for quick: SSH/IP/shoulder stretch/Little arm circles/Pickers/Calf/Runner stretch/up dog/down dog


head to the rock pile for your favorite coupon, bring to back nine for future use. This was a pretty simple set to go by, pyramid of exercises with all PAX in a circle. each pax in order does one rep to the next pax until we finish. Simple concept with a lot of counting. Between each exercise, run a lap or two around the fairway.

  • Burpees x100
  • Merkins x200
  • LBC x300
  • Curls x300
  • Squat Thruster x200
  • Merkins x200
  • Burpees x100

We learned that while there seems to be a break between reps, you end up feelin an incredible burn, especially planking while waiting on Merkins. Poor Twinkle toes picked a bad day to have a sore shoulder, but he was able to modify.

Surprisingly didnt need to audible or add as this brought us right to time. We dropped of the rock, headed to COT and did a few Fiji Fast feet for the last 20 seconds.


While the Pax heard the initial workout, there was a ton of grunting. By the end, all seemed pleased with the results. We may see this again sometime.  As with many Bushwood workouts, we were able to chill out with some tunes in the background Via XM Lithium.


  • OneStar had a birthday yesterday- Happy birthday fella!
  • Noonans Birthday is tomorrow, so he was voluntold to Birthday Q Dromedary! (we may see the Pyramid of pain V2 tomorrow)
  • Dredd is on Q at Cutty Friday, so Last Call will be closed to converge.


Just a quick word from YHC being Downrange the last two weeks: work schedules can make things hectic and routines can easily get thwarted. I was able to contact the three locations I was heading to in advance and see what the schedules were. The guys in Bentonville were awesome! they did not have a Wednesday workout, but Stoner and Nomad decided to have a Black Ops since I was in town. They got 11 Pax out in the cold rain for a killer workout. Also was initiated into some high octane 2ndF brew..

The following week was in St. louis and KC. I contacted Cold Call, little did I know the Citadel in Saint Charles (STL Mo) was having their 1 Year Anny of an AO. This brought out a huge 33 PAX led By Curd With tons of coupon work. I was pretty beat afterwards, and these guys had the 2nd F coffeteria ready to roll following!

I ended up back with these guys on Thursday Morning again for Veterans day with another big turnout of 22 PAX for the Whitten 22 workout in the rain by Majorette with Coupon. Again followed by 2ndF coffeteria.

Sandwiched between those was a trip to KC’s Overland Park “The Woods” for a little more intimate 7 Pax. D-minus a young college kid led the Q (again with a  coupon) where we circled for different exercises and had a decent amount of running. They had a RRR that was killing it with the regular Crew-Way to go Sparty! I ended up heading to their convergence 2ndF at the Panera where I met a handful more.

The point here for me was that while work travel can suck, especially on your own, its great to know the F3 community is strong and of all things inviting. It was amazing to see how I was treated in all three communities and how everyone was excited to hear tales from other regions. Its what makes this what it is. I would encourage all of you to check this out, whether on vacation or work travel. Its well worth it.

Thanks to the crews at Northwest Arkansas, Saint Charles, and Overland Park for having me.



Morning delight served at the only site with its own moon (eye)

The Lycan is still a very young site and Posse and Dunkin are trying to get more Pax out there. My last two times when I was out there, we were merely 3 or 5 people… When I arrived today, I was pleasantly suprised! We also hat the MASHer’s (shoutout to Sledge-O-Matic, Radar, Chastain) out here! I just didn’t really understand the dynamics, as initially Chastain (and Radar?) were not Mashing, but then they did. Maybe they had a bad feeling about my Weinky… 😉


Mosey around the school, little bit side-ways and high knees to change it up a bit and then circle up on the parking lot in front of the school: All the classics:   in cadence: 20x Side Straddle Hops, 15x Maroccon Night Clubs, 18x Imperial Walkers, 15x Potato Picker – then calf and runners stretch and finishing with downward- and upward dog. Posse was on fire today and asked, if I had any “20 anniversary” or something, as I was counting to 20… Haha, immediately changed it to 15, with threw him off and then changed to 18… well, we blamed it on the “stupid” metric system! 🙂

The Thang

Mosey to the left corner on the parking lot. Since the school does not have one large open parking lot, but “lanes”, I couldn’t do a classic star fish. Thankfully, we are all creative and came vis squid to Octopus… or something like that. Any-who… 4 corners on the long round: 15 merkins, 10 big boys, 10 Mike Tyson’s, 20 Freddy Merkuries. halfway around the lap (both sides – in front of the entrance) 3 Burpees. Repeat 2 times. We all went back to the 6 and while moseying back to the starting point: partner up!

One partner is running a small half lap (around the flag poles) as a timer, while the other one is doing Jabs (sitting against the wall), donkey kicks, air presses (sitting against the wall), Bobby Hurley. One of us (not me!) had apparently some beans the previous night and therefore a lot of air in the system… Posse commented with “sounds like that Audi cylinder”… never shy of a fun comment towards the Germans! ;-). Repeato until eveybody got 2x donkey kicks in. Do some marry while waiting on the 6.

Mosey to the back of the school. At the bottom of the stairs, do always 5 low slow squats. At the top of the stairs, do the following exercises: 20 Speed Skaters (one is one), 5 Burpees, 20 LBC’s, 20 Peter Parkers. After each exercise, run around the ramp to the bottom of the stairs again. Have we done a repeato? I think back to the burpees…

Time is running out, so we moseyed to the front of the school. Since Posse is the Site-Q, he got to choose one exercise (except for have a nice day!). And he came up with – I don’t even know how it is called – box cutters with legs being together… And luckily we have some big numbers painted on the floor… so: at each spot, do that many reps as the number tells you. It was a bit confusing in the beginning, I guess.

Then – mosey back to COT.


It didn’t feel as cold as my App suggested and it was a pleasant and bigger than expected crowd! Normal chatter and attempts to Q-jack was going on, as you can expect.

As you can see below in the Announcements: always take care of your loved ones and other people around you! Get out there with F3, get better and stronger – and bring people out who are struggling one way or another. F3 provides a great community which helps everyone in need – within or even outside of F3! Keep it up brothers!


  • Radar and Dana shared: We lost 2 Pax last week. One was Chicken Little from Mooresville, who took his own life. Please take care of all people surrounding you. F3 is and everybody else is here to support each other!
  • 5k and 10k at Turkey Trott. Fundraiser for a friend of Chicken Little
  • 5k and 10k fundraiser on 12/04. Signups are up on GroupMe. It is organized by F3 so all funds raised go back to local charities (including Christ Closet)
  • Food is collected! Next Monday is the last time this month.

Posse took us out (in the bottle?) – thank you!