Stairs and Flatulence

Stairs and Flatulence

Warm Up – Mosey through lower parking lot,  around the perimeter of both schools, stopping 3 times for stretching exercises – Imperial Walkers, Jimmy Dugans, Calf Stretch, Runners Stretch, Moroccan Nightclubs, about a mile.

The Thang – North end of lower parking Lot, there are 3 series of stairs leading to Entrance of High School.  We would spend the next 35 minutes running up the 3 series of stairs, up to high school entrance (touch doors), back down 3 flight of stairs to where we started.  Mixed exercises in between.

Round 1:  10 merkins – run up stairs to school, back down.  Repeat 5X’s

50 LBC’s on your own

Round 2: 15 reps, 20 reps, 25 reps, 20 reps, 15 reps between each round of running stairs.  Exercise – Jump Squats

25 American Hammers in cadence

Round 3:  Run up each flight of stairs, bear crawl in between each set of stairs, at the top of the last flight, run to school and back down.  Only got 1 set due to time.

Mosey to COT.

Ye Ole’ Moleskin:  Lots of stairs and YHC expelled more air than a bag pipe.  Prayers, Christ Closet on Saturday needs volunteers to move furniture.

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