Last call under the lights

Last call under the lights

7 PAX showed up for Last Call for an under the lights work-out at MRHS.  OK, stadium lights were on for the track team but we claim it was for our benefit.  And the two minute later start time came in handy for those coming in hot, including yours truly.

Mosey around parking lot.  SSH, IW, Moroccan Night Clubs, Wide Circles, Plank.  Stretching – up/down dogs, calves, runner’s pose.  Q was accused of plagiarizing warmup from Tuesday at Bushwood… argument.

The Thang

Mosey to MS entrance.  20 steps-ups (10 each leg) run a lap; 20 dips, run a lap; 20 derkins, run a lap.  Repeato but all three exercises in a row (60 reps) and run a lap.

Mosey to globe at entrance.  25 calf raises.

Mosey to student lot for four corners.  2 burpees in the middle and 15 reps of the following at each corner.  Repeato for a total of 2 rounds:

  • Squats
  • Big Boys
  • Dry Docks
  • Speed Skaters

Mosey to east lot for 11-ladder.  Plank jacks and SSH’s with run to center island.

Mosey back to COT.


3+ miles and a complete lap around campus.  BottleCap and Carb Load out in front as usual which is a good push for all.

Announcements / Closing

Das Boot stated Christmas party in December.  No date, so go ahead and “save the date” for all 31 days in anticipation.

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