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Classic Warfare

Bywingman Apr 19, 2021

10 for an old classic beatdown Head towards the Stones for warmup SSH Imperial Walkers Windmill Head across Johnston toward the Premie

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Thanks to Abe Froman for Visiting Bagpipe

ByWarEagle Apr 16, 2021

11 Pax kicked off their Tuesday with a little visit to the gloom.  At 5:30 disclaimer was given and off we went. The Thing: Standard warmu

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A Q like no other

ByDasBoot Apr 13, 2021

One Star was the scheduled Q for Firestarter on Monday, April 12, and BBs aren't really his thing, so this is the memoir of a One Star experience

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Merkins + Merkins = March Madness

ByFredo Mar 20, 2021

Last week Midriff asked for a Substi-Q, so I rang the bell.  DaVinci is a great AO, easy weinke and lots of area to cover, so I planned a brief

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Let’s kick it old school

ByProhibition Mar 8, 2021

11 men decided to start their week off at Firestarter.  With YHC at the helm for the first time at this AO, I figured I'd bring some old school

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8 Pax for 8 Years

Bywingman Mar 3, 2021

I put myself on the roster for the Q slot for 3/2/2021. Someone else updated it with pretty little icons. Thx Weinke written the night bef

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Leg Day, My Leg Day

BySoft Pretzel Feb 25, 2021

YHC arrived at NOE this AM (ok I'll stop) with the plan of using the variety of hills to get in a good leg workout.  Many PAX had apparently got

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Am I supposed to be counting?

Bymidriff Feb 24, 2021

About 30 reps into the burpee hill repeats, Rousey posed the question to his partner "Am I supposed to be counting?!?" and I nearly lost it in la

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Bagpipe Bridge Ices Before Road

Bymidriff Feb 23, 2021

2 cinder blocks and 7 PAX emerged from the fartsack to begin at 0530 sharp to kick off another day in Bagpipe Paradise. Two latecomers arrived on

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