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Is it over yet?

A cool 37 degrees this morning. YHC gave the standard disclaimer and bolted like we were leaving a crime scene. 


The Thang

Moseyed to 131 for warm up. SSH, IW, low slow squats, and merkins. 

Moseyed up Blakeney Heath to the play structure. 

20 minute AMRAP consisting of:

5x pull up

10x merkin

15x squat

Mosey back to the wall at the J. Jill storefront for some “over the wall”. On call, jump over the wall and do 5x burpees. Three rounds done.

Mosey back for a total of 1.3 miles. Mary to time.



This was a grind. The goal is to use it as a benchmark to see how many more rounds we can each do next time. Though most of us lost the exact count, Wingman and War Eagle led the pack at 18 & 19 rounds. Rousey pointed out that we needed a soundtrack for the AMRAP. War Eagle started us off with his rendition of crash test dummies, but Rousey cut that short with his best “too legit, too legit to quit”! At least no one started singing a BTS song. OneStar and Noonan moved the mublechatter on to the dumpster fire that is the Panthers offence.



Holiday Party 11/19 at Old Meck. Bring gently used or new children’s toy(s) or clothing for Escobar’s operation to send to children in Colombia. 

ImpactLocal 5K on 12/4. Sign up is live. See slack for details.

SOB beer run in the late planning stages for February. Details to follow. 

No blood on the mat

Prepped with some solid advice from Midriff and Soft Pretzel, YHC was only a little nervous arriving for my VQ. Gilbert arrived early and took off for a pre-run. As the other PAX arrived YHC gave a quick disclaimer and we were off. 


The Thing:

Moseyed to 131 for warm up. SSH, IW, low slow squats, and merkins. 

Moseyed to the lot behind the, ahem, A1nail bar which always gets a laugh. The main event: Partner up, each partnership grabbed a rock. One partner ran, one did reps. Each partnership did 100 combined reps of thruster, burpee over rock, and rock merkins (one hand on rock, other on ground, switching sides each rep). When running, at least once during the event runners needed to “pull a Rousey”. For those uninitiated, a Rousey is when you tap someone on the shoulder and challenge them to race back to reps zone. Only Midriff and Super Trooper did, so after the reps and 10-count we did a short sprint.  

Moseyed to 131 Main for some 4-corners. Two rounds of 15 reps each Carolina dry dock, merkin, wide merkin, diamond merkin. Followed that up with a round of 15 reps squat, right leg lunge, left leg lunge, and sumo squats.

Moseyed to Best Buy parking lot for some bear crawl + lunge walk one direction followed by sprint back. Then partnered up and broken wheelbarrowed back to base to finish with some Mary.



Mumblechatter was a bit muted. Whether that was beer mile after effects or the exercises called remains an open question. War Eagle observed that if the Pax can’t catch their breath, they can’t offer “helpful advice” to the VQ for any mix ups. Great observation. I’d have said that, if I was able to catch my breath at the time. Mercifully I was paired for the main event with Circuit City who cranked out more than his share of reps. Super Trooper commented on how the workout reminded him of wrestling practice in high school. True, but none of us needed to mop our own blood off the mat between rounds today. Something to shoot for next time maybe.



Blood drive 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall

Holiday Party 11/19 at Old Meck

ImpactLocal 5K on 12/4. Soft Pretzel is putting together a running clinic for those of us who aren’t expert runners. Hit him up for details. 

War Eagle reminded the Pax of F3’s mission to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for me for the invigoration of male community leadership.