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Where did the rocks go?

530 – and we are off.
Mosey to 131 Main
– SSH 25 IC
– Hill Billys 25 IC
– Stretch

Mosey to wall near back of Target
– Partner A – Wall ups
– Partner B – Run to stop sign and 10 merkins
– Flapjack and repeat twice

Every light behind Target – 10 merkins
Half-way thru we do Mary

Find rocks near side of Target in the woods. NOPE, They aren’t there anymore. Doh.
With your partner:
– Partner A – run down and do 20 squats
– Partner B – Mary
– One set of partners is doing Hairburners.
– Repeat this until all partner sets have done one set of hairburners

Mosey to shopping cart racks
– 10 Supine Pullups
– not sure what tag-a-long and rousey where up to. It involved tangled legs.

Mosey to the two-story
5 six count burpees

Laps up the step
– Partner A – left staircase, supine pullups
– Partner B – right staircase, push ups (10 reg, 10 diamond, 10 wide)
– Up the stairs and over. 3 sets, 6 times over the stairs.

Wall Squats
– 50 air presses
– 60 air presses


Great group out there today. Thanks

Take One, For a Team of Two

10 fellas split into teams of two.

Run over to the Brixham Tent Area for Warmup.
20 SSH In Cadence (IC)
20 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Hill-Billys IC
10 10 Potato Pickers IC
10 Mountain Climbers IC
10 Merkins IC

Split into Teams of Two for Partner Work at Fountains
A. Run to the Building – 5 Burpees
B. Dips

A. Run – 10 Merkins
B. Step-Ups with High Knee

Move to other end
A. Run – 10 Squats
B. In/Outs (Knee Ups??, really FC?)

Mosey to wall
A. Plank
B. Ball-2-Wall crawl

Mosey to Docks
Wall Squat w/ 50 Airpresses
Wall Squat w/ 60 Airpresses

Mosey to Stairs at Photo pond
Crawl-Bear backwards up the stairs (crowd pleaser)
Dolly IC

Mosey to pond
A. Lap
B. Up/Down Hill until A. returns

A. Lap
B. Backward Up/Normal Down until A. returns

Mosey back to Fountains to even up lefty
A. Run – 10 Wide arm merkins
B. Incline Merkins

Back to Launch


Thine-Only Skine of a Mole.

Great Group of guys out there. In that magic number realm of 10. Enough to be manageable.

Spitball: Good to meet you. Killing it.
Airwolf: great to have you back out again.
Yard Tool: pretty sure you are a machine.
Circuit City: Moving quick out there.
Frehleys: Always impressed, Always has gas
Chopper RR: This guy with tons of energy.
Ralph: Been at it for a few years now. Great seeing you.
Happy Meal: Barely skipped a beat. Like a locomotive
Rousey: Did we finally find your Kryptonite? Always impressed.

Happy Hour at Farmhaus @430 on Thursday 10/7


With 1 minute to spare YHC rolled in and gave a short dumb disclaimer and we were off.
Learn we have two FNGs.

Mosey to Basil Thai for warm-up:
20 Side Stradle Hops (SSH) in cadence (IC)
20 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Windmill IC
Plank, Down Dog, left right leg stretch.

Mosey to fountains and partner up.
Two rounds:
P1 – Lap around two buildings
P2 – Dips

One round:
P1 – Step up, with leg lift
p2 – Lap

Mosey carefully across the street the hotel
Grab a lifting rock
15 Curls + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Presses + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Tricep Extensions + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Squats + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Bent-Over Rows + Run Up/Down the Hill

Mosey to the Brown Bag
20 Slow LBC, squeeze it tight.
1 Donky Kicks, Run up the stairs 6 Jump Squats, Run out and Down
2 Donkey Kicks, Run up the stairs 6 Jump Squats, Run out and Down


20 Flutter IC
20 Dolly IC

Mosey back to launch
1m late. Im sorry. Again.

Moliest of Skines
Rolled in hot. Speaking of hot… Taco Tuesday in the Wingy house was filled with one too many Jalapenos. Case of the firebutt almost had me phoning in a friend.
Two FNGs.
Jerry World brought out Yard Tool. Regional Manager of Toys-R-Us -> Now owns a Construction Company -> Olafs mind is wandering… = YardTool
Odd Job (FNG from Monday at Firestarter) brought out Mountie (Super Trooper)
Originally from Canada -> Mountie. As Q, with now Site-Qs present, YHC reserves the right to rename.
Originally from Canada -> Annexing part of Canada in Super Troopers 2 = Super Trooper.

2.0 Friendly Workout with Kickball on Monday July 5th 8:00 AM. Park across from the Gibson Near the small park.

Olafs birthday is August 13th
Crane Relay is also August 13th – Signup

We’re Doing Blimps?

10 participated in my terrible idea inspired by a recent @wildturkey Brave Q: stay together, do exercises together.

Disclaimer, meet some new faces (schooner, gimbles)

Head to the bball court

Take the shortcut thru the woods.

Run to first cul-de-sac on the left
Blimps – rep count 5

Run out and left to next cul-de-sac
Blimps – rep count 10

Run out and left to next cul-de-sac
Blimps – rep count 15

Run out and left to next cul-de-sac
Blimps – rep count 20

Stops along the way to let the six catch up.
Run all the way back home.
I owe 3 minutes to each of you.

Progressive workout. Rep count got higher as each cul-de-sac was slightly further than the previous.
All exercises were led by me, In cadence, together. Thanks turkey for the inspiration. If you Q you, you do it!

Sweaty, counting be came an issue and I also confused imperial walkers with plank jacks on first set but we powered thru.

Thanks to the crew today.
Thanks to Brexit for leading the Pax at Firestarter and in reciprocity having me out to The Bottom Line.

Classic Warfare

10 for an old classic beatdown

Head towards the Stones for warmup

Imperial Walkers

Head across Johnston toward the Premiere Deck.
YHC gave some convoluted instruction about counting lights. Note: use the lights in the media for counting.
Every two lights. 5 merkins at first stop, 5 squats at the next. alternating until we get to the corner.

Into the Premiere deck.

Run up a deck, Back down, 5 burpees, back up 10 Jump-Squats. Mary while we wait.
Repeat this pattern to the top. Gasser.
Mic Check hates if someone runs faster than him. Great seeing Lex out front pushing mic check. War Eagle and Teddy close behind.

Top of the Deck. Enjoy the view.
(Reminisce about the time a group of college kids was partying thru sunrise. It was uncomfortable running into them. we left quickly.)
Lunge Walk across the lot. Bear crawl back
Lunge Walk across the lot, Bear crawl backwards back.

Head down the stairs and towards the hill weave.
Wild Turkey led us in this old classic slalom. Where was MT? YHC forgot to tell Turkey to stop. I think he would have slalomed across the bridge.

Top of Bridge – grab some bridge and 50 air-pressses in cadence

Head to the Lance-lot (??)
Downhill suicides with PAX Called excercises at the stops.

Head behind the building for uncomfortable Balls-to-the-Walls with 5 presses if you got it.

Head to rock work for three rounds of
10-10-10 Curls
10 Presses
10 Tricep Curls
10 Bent-over Rows
10 Squats

Mosey Home.

Thine Only.
Great group today. Lots of enjoyable mumblechatter curtesy of Mr. Bean but giving it right back. It had been a hot-minute since YHC was at stonehenge. It was nice to go inside somewhere for coffeeteria.

Upcoming Items:
SOB Wars
WTF – Trail run

Mondays are Tough

After a fun Saturday night the last thing I wanted to hear from Teddy, “Hey wingman, you have the Q at Firestarter tomorrow!”

Without an exact plan and a trip around Starbucks to find a smuggler smuggling we set off to 131 Main for warmup.

20 Side Straddle Hops
20 Imperial Walkers
10 Windmill
10 Squats

Mosey to the Amazing Lash Studio with 10 merkins and some plank on the way. Smuggler is located and lighter on his feet.

Partner up for Rock work.

  1. Partner 1 Runs
  2. Called Exercise

100 Curls
100 Press
100 Tricep Extensions
100 Bent-over Rows
100 Squats

15 Press Flutters
10 Press Dolly

Mosey back to Blakeney with 10 Merkins on the Way

10 Getups on the wall Behind Old Navy

10 Squats, Backward Run
20 Squats, Backward Run
30 Squats, Backward Run
40 Squats, Backward Run

5 Burpees in Every Corner

30 Punches
50 Air Presses

Thine Only
Mondays are hard. Its hard getting out of bed. Part of the reason I volunteered to help Teddy out with Firestarter. Thanks to all of you that continue to show up for the Premiere Monday SOB bootcamp. Its also great to see some newer faces out here.

A Four Way

4 fellas for this fridays edition of Snooze Button.

20 SSH
15 Windmill
10 Squats

All Routes lead back to Community House (CH) and Ballantyne Commons (BC)

  1. Move North up CH
    1. Every 5 lights 5 burpees
    2. Flutter at Pork Bellys
  2. South on CH
    1. Every 5 lights 5 burpees
  3. West on BC
    1. Every 2 lights 10 meaty-squats
    2. Dolly at Met Life
  4. East on BC
    1. Every 2 lights 10 meaty-squats
  5. South on CH
    1. Every 2 lights 5 merkins (5 sets)
  6. North on CH
    1. Every 2 lights 5 merkins
    2. LBC at crossroads
  7. East on BC
    1. Every 5 lights 5 jump-squats
  8. West on BC
    1. Every 5 lights 5 jump-squats
  9. One Minute Plank and done.

Small group but lots of chatter.

Is there a meth lab in Ballantyne?
Can you make an IPA with the creek water in my neighborhood?
Does anyone know the 21 roofing guy?

Great job out there. Near 3 miles for a bootcamp is pretty great. Glad to meet you (again) Butterfinger. Great job out there.

Happy Hours.
see various channels

8 Pax for 8 Years

I put myself on the roster for the Q slot for 3/2/2021. Someone else updated it with pretty little icons. Thx


Weinke written the night before and we are ready.

Mosey to toward the usual lake (yes, that same one MicCheck)
SSH – 20 IC
IW – 20 IC
Potato Picker 10 – IC
Mountain Climber – 10 IC
Grab a quick stretch while you are in plank

Mosey To Lake – Everyone Grab a Rock
2 Teams
– Team one makes a lap with (TIMER):
— First Wall – 10 Dips
— Second Wall – 5 Step-Ups each leg
– Team two
— 10 Curls, 10 Presses, 10 Triceps, 10 Bent-Over Rows (Repeat until team one is back)
Two Rounds

Mosey To Lance-Lot (is it still?)
– Suicides from edge to Edge
— Round 1 – 5, 10, 15, 20 Merkins
— Round 2 – 20, 10, 15, 5 Meaty Squats (dont cheat yourself just to win, you know who you are)

Mosey to Bagpipe Hill Halfway mark
– All you got to the top
— Mic Check takes tag-a-longs pulse and they get after it. Something about tag-a-long not trying hard enough.

At the bridge we people’s chair it
– Air Presses to 50 x 2 Rounds
Chatter at the second round from Site-Q Cooter2 about 8 minutes left. Don’t you worry. I know this place.

Mosey back home down sneaky trail to the hotel.
Enough time for some Crunches and Heels while we wait for the light to turn.

Arrive back 3 seconds over time. Success.

Thanks to MarketTimer for bringing me out 8 years ago when Stonehenge was at 630. Took two months for MarketTimer to convince me to wake up that early. At the end of that workout, they announced the time was moving back to 6a. Didn’t matter, one time and I was hooked. Thanks to all that continue to push and keep us accountable to show up to another workout. It really does help to have some accountability out there.

Radio Delay

7 SOB-ers looked out the window and said ‘I’m in’ for today’s edition of The Brave.

Mosey a bit
20 SSH
15 IM
10 Potato Pickers

Run to the Hotel Deck and do 5 Squats every other light.

Deck 1, Round 1:
10 Merkins
Run to Ramp
20 Squats
Run up Ramp
Repeat to Top
Stairs to bottom

Deck 1, Round 2:
5 Diamond Merkins
Run to Ramp
10 Jump Squats
Run up Ramp
Repeat to Top
Stairs to bottom
Hold Elbow Plank for 1min

Mosey to Bridge for Wall Squat with Air Press
50 single count Air-Presses

Run to Mount Midoriyama (Wells Deck – Do we have a name for this? We should.). 5 Squats every other light

Deck 2 – Deck Ramp 4 Square
Starting at the bottom run up a ramp.
Corner 1 – 10 Jump Squats
Corner 2 – 10 Half Burpees (no merkin)
Corner 3 – 10 LBC
Corner 4 – 10 Merkins
Back Down stairs to the bottom
Run up 2 Ramps and Repeat the Four Square

We made it to level 5 and then did level 3 again so we could exit.

Mosey Home For Non-Stop Mary
20 Dolly
20 Flutter
20 LBC

Thine Only Moliest of Skines
~4.8-5.0 Miles for everyone today. Deck Ramps add up. Had it rained any harder we were going to do an entire workout of Ramp-4-Square. Glad that wasn’t the case.

One-Niner – Good to see you. Been a while but you were pushing hard through the ramps. Taking lead on a couple.
Wild Turkey – this guy leaves nothing out there, a brave regular who you can count on to push you.
Frehleys – A true respect. Despite saying he was never double-downing again, he doubled down today. Here you are reading this and didn’t make either workout. Respect given.
Taco Stand – Stamina – Took mid-way lead on the ramps and didn’t hold back. YHC was trying to catch up to you. Good one dude.
Sweetwater – #respectsoon – You hit the ground running hard in F3. Thankful for you and your leadership of the PAX in your short time with us. Great work out there today, as always
Rousey – You worked hard today. Mileage number achieved. Keep at it.

I though for sure when the air-presses were called that Rousey was F-in with me for calling him out at The Maul on Wednesday (and on slack). He has a special way of counting. Its like you are on radio delay. You know, when you call in to the radio station and are talking but have the radio up in your own car, which in turn goes back into the phone and back out the radio but now more delayed. Reminds me of officer donny pressley.

Here you go buddy. Practice out loud. Quiz will be given at any workout you attend.

The Maul of Americans

6 of them to be exact. Cool weather is fantastic!
Where are the others.
You missed a fine workout.

Warning and Disclaimer – Check.
25 Side Straddle Hops
25 Imperial Walkers
10 Windmills

Station 1 – Big hill behind that one restaurant.
Up the Hill
25 Squats
Down to the bottom
25 Merkins

Station 2 – Fountains over by that other restaurant
20 Jump-Ups or 5 each leg Big Step Ups.
20 Dips

Station 3 – Over by that new Hotel but next to that one car place but behind it.
Grab a lifting rock and circle up in the car place lot

50 seconds of excercise, 10 seconds of rest,
50 seconds of cardio-ish, 10 seconds rest.

Round 1
One Leg Dead Lift
Half Burpee
Other Leg
Half Burpee

Round 2
High Knees
High Knees

Round 3
Overhead Press
Superman-Merkin-Shoulder Tap
Overhead Press
Superman->Merkin->Shoulder Tap

Round 4
Tricep Extension
Tricep Extension

Round 5
Hug-a-rock Squats
Mountain Climbers
Hug-a-rock Squats
Mountain Climbers

Station 4 – Back to the fountains by that other restaurant
20 Jump Ups
20 Dips

Mosey Home
25 Dolly
25 Feet down Crunch
20 Flutter
10 American Hammers

Great group of guys. Small. Lots of Chatter. Voice impressions courtesy of MT.
Got the heart rate up for you all, hopefully
Smoked Shoulders

Blood Drive! Please help.