da Vinci 6-year celebration

da Vinci 6-year celebration

da Vinci was my first encounter with F3 back in February 2020. Heartbreaker Q’d an absolute leg/squat smoker which humbled me as I nearly vomited and could barely walk up a flight of stairs for the next week. Not to mention being bested by men twice my age in nearly ever called exercise. But I digress. Can you believe it’s been 6 years since Mic Check and Tuck launched this thing? I wanted to keep things simple and run with the theme of 6. So we stuck to the good ‘ole BLIMPS format and sprinkled liberally across six pain stations.

The Thang

  • Warmup in lot next to Best Buy: Burpees, Lunges, IW’s, Merkins, Plankjacks, Squats. Mosey to the BBT bank parking lot.
  • Station 1: 5 burpees, run, 10 lunges, run, 15 IW’s, run, 20 merkins, run, 25 plankjacks, run, 30 squats, run. Cross the street to fountains.
  • Station 2: Partner 1 runs to light and back, Partner 2 does lunges. Repeat for squats then jumpups. Cross the street to stair case by the gym/yoga studio.
  • Station 3: Plankjack party. 15 PJ’s in cadence, then run up stairs. Repeat 3 times and alternate 1-armed plankjacks with regular plankjacks. Call audible and mosey to wall by Target for wall sits and jump ups while Soft Pretzel and Mic Check corral Mary Kay+1.
  • Station 4: Reverse LIMPS behind Target. Backwards run, stopping for 30 squats, 30 pj’s, 30 merkins, 30 it’s and 30 reverse lunges. Mosey to cozy corridor by hair salon.
  • Station 5: Balls to the wall for 10 shoulder taps IC, then 20 merkins. Repeat 3x. Mosey to Best Buy parking lot.
  • Station 6: Sprints and jumpsquats.
  • Final few minutes: Around the world 30 burpees

What you Missed

  • Shoutout to MaryKay for keeping the streak alive with two consecutive posts! Keep up the solid work.
  • Abba and Mic Check crushed the sprints at the end. Mic Check’s got that sneaky speed and Abba’s got that beast mode gear.
  • CFA dining still closed
  • Countless references to Dumb and Dumber (Aspen, gloves in the rockies, etc.)
  • Frehley’s caressing Market Timer’s dome before taking off with MightyMite to Olympus
  • The 2021 passport champ and two aspiring champs at the same workout! Shoutout to Abba, MARTA and Das Boot. It takes mental fortitude, planning and grit to stamp that book as much as they are. Well done
  • Thanks Wingman for the photo and post-beatdown nourishment!
  • I remember Bucky sharing once during CoT that F3 doesn’t run itself. Men step up to Q, to site Q, to serve as Nantan, etc. That solidified my desire to Site Q da Vinci. What’s your next step to accelerate your leadership in F3?


  • Make sure to get those stamps in the passport challenge
  • Waxhaw/Metro Blood Drive. This is a huge need right now
  • SOBeer Run on 2/26
  • Waxtravaganza approaching, also in February

Por Vida

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