5 years of F3 goes quick

5 years of F3 goes quick

One pre-runner (Lex) was out doing his thing when YHC arrived to prepare for the Q.  Having received a text from a HC that he wouldn’t be attending (Mary Kay) a new game plan was needed due to making accommodations for said HC.  Having time to reflect on the past 5 years I have realized the growth I have made both in fitness (tough to tell right now) and in community thanks to F3.  It’s been a while since I have Qd so as the PAX gathered and it was time to give a disclaimer a terrible one was given… but we were off.


Mosey down the hill a couple parking lots from launch and warmup in cadence – 9 SSHs, 9 Low not-so-slow Squats, 9 ‘Merkins, 9 Mountain Climbers, 9 Imperial Walkers… a very astute War Eagle asked if the count was 9 because of Wake Forest’s current CFP rankings… that would be a resounding YES.  Have to get it in while I can.

Mosey over to Sabor parking lot for a sequence of over-the-wall run to curb and 10 Carolina Dry Docks… 5 times.

Mosey back to launch to drop Lex off so he could get to his Q at DaVinci – thanks for the support as always Lex.

Mosey again down to the rock pile by Lock Ness for a lifting rock – one stop on the way for some LBCs.  Carry lifting to side lot by Campbells – War Eagle took YHC at his word to pick a lifting rock – OUCH!  2 different ladders of exercise with a run to the wall and back.
1 – curl/press/triceps all in one rep 10 times, then 20, then 30
2 – squats and lunges were next – 10, 20, 30 – at first YHC called each leg on lunges and quickly realized that was aggressive and dialed that back

Mosey over to the fountain in front of Campbells for 10 dips, run up Bagpipe Hill to bridge, and 50 LBCs – 3 times

Mosey back to rocks and carry them back to rock pile to put rocks back.  Mosey back to launch for some around the horn Mary – Loogie with Chippycross, Tolkein with Makhtar N’Diayes, War Eagle with JLos, MicCheck with hip taps, and YHC with Freddy Mercurys.  YHC tried to call the workout but Nantan corrected me that there were 30 seconds left… so we did dying cockroaches until time.


Announcements – Holiday Party Nov 19th at Olde Meck, Escobar’s clothes drive, Impact Local 5k

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