FTA — face to where?

FTA — face to where?

February for YHC ended with a serious of questionable decisions, the first of which was to post and Q with a gimpy back. Freshman year of college, Desert Towers W Hall 7th floor had a guy whom we nicknamed Corn Cob because he walked around all the time on the balls of his feet and someone commented that he looked like he has a corncob up his butt.  YHC felt like that over the weekend thanks to a tight back and so we took off.



A series of exercises that weren’t too painful including but not limited to Hillbillies, SSH, mountain climbers, Nolan Ryans, squats and likely something else.



Head to the A1Nail Bar that has terrible signage but turned out to be appropriate for the day’s theme.

Grab a lifting rock

In plank, side shuffle 50x to the right in a counterclockwise direction around the large island.

Return to the rocks for 15x tire changers followed by 20x gas pumps.

Repeato plank shuffle clockwise, repeat rock work.

Head to the wall between the building’s and Ardrey Kell for a train of Captain Morgans while each guy rotated through with a single burpee. Alternate sides.

Return for one more set of counterclockwise plank shuffles and rock work.

Mosey back to Blakeney for some sprints and then clash with on the stairs before heading to COT.



The original intent was a celebration of the Daytona 500 by totaling 500 of the plank side shuffles but it quickly became apparent that would not happen in the allotted time and the PAX were not disappointed by that Omaha. Tire changers also elicited groans and even questioning if that exercise was allowed away from The Body Shop.

Once headed to the Captain Morgans is when the real chatter started. Some guys were a little too close to the guy in front of them and a chain of comments that should not be shared at church rolled out.

Though it was not the Q’s intent, guys noticed a similar setting and theme as we headed up the stairs for the calf raises — a little too close for comfort at times though all were glad the Frehley’s was not present to cause harm to those downwind. More chatter including faces lining up to lower body parts in an unwelcomed way.

It was good to be back at Firestarter on a Monday after a couple of months away for the Passport Challenge and apologies for the heavy shoulder work for a couple of guys with shoulder pains recently.

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