Haggis’ return to the Brave

Haggis’ return to the Brave

12 men stepped up to the plate to kick ass at the Brave.

Pretty simple layout.

Run a bit, Warm up, then run to Endhaven Elementary with some exercises on the way.

Once we are at Endhaven we went to the playground. Do 10 pull-ups.

Then go to the other end of the school parking lot and do 20 jump squats.

Run all the way to the bottom of Rougemont St. It is about .4 miles. At the bottom, do 15 Burpees.

Head back up to the to the playground for pull ups and repeat that circuit.



The great Haggis returned today and killed it. He got three full laps and caught us on the way home.

Everyone seemed to love the format today. Lots of burpees, running and humidity. Everyone pushed hard today. Frehley’s pushed a little too hard and had a code brown and left his 5th towel out in the wild today. Mic Check and Midriff weren’t far behind Haggis, but Mic Check did almost spill Merlot as he sprinted towards the finish. Seems he mis-calculated the distance. Teddy and Wingy also pushed hard the entire time. Teddy has his patented “smoked Teddy” face on for most of the day. Franky showed up to the Brave for the second hard week in a row. Thank you Olaf for leading some of the Mary throughout. Picasso came up with a big push at the end and passed Mic Check as he started his Merlot heaving. Of course War Eagle had the Phone on hand in case any of us passed out, thank you sir for looking out for us, and likely yourself. Kirby pushed the wholesome and kept running until the end.


Thanks for letting me lead another “old School” Brave.


SYITG Fire Hazard

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