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400m on the Brixham Green

ByBratwurst Sep 13, 2022

WARMUP: - 0515 mosey to the Brixham Green (apparently not well known) where YHC takes a comfort break and expects that the PAX will follow - 0525

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Low mileage nightmare

Bywingman Sep 8, 2022

6 showed up for the low mileage nightmare. Quick disclaimer and short run to the warmup area. A few HHPs, merkins, and imperial walkers as a w

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Bank-2-Bank Transfer

Bywingman Sep 7, 2022

12 Friendlies Stepped into the swamp for a YHC lead beatdown. Disclaimer. Warm-Up 2/3 mile lap for warm-up. PAX where actually calling for

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Franky’s 45 BAM!

Bywingman Aug 23, 2022

DATE: 2022-08-23 AO: _Sob Q: Franky PAX: Yard Tool, Cooter2, Spitball, war_eagle, ToeJam, Rousey, picasso, kirby FNGs: None COUNT: 9 8 PAX showed

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the other direction

Bywingman Aug 12, 2022

southern 4 mile loop... counterclockwise warmup: ssh, imperial walkers, hillbilly's thang: at the y for two rounds of: dips, step-ups, derkins b

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Loogie Loves Running

ByOddJob Aug 6, 2022

YHC arrived to find FNG Kyle waiting. As other PAX arrived YHC gave the standard disclaimer and we were bolted faster than airport Bojangles thro

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Haggis’ return to the Brave

ByFire Hazard Aug 6, 2022

12 men stepped up to the plate to kick ass at the Brave. Pretty simple layout. Run a bit, Warm up, then run to Endhaven Elementary with som

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What the?!?!? How many?!?!

BySoft Pretzel Jul 29, 2022

Amazing turn out for the Brave today.  A revival!  Get those men on Q ASAP. The Thang: Run together up Community House and turn in for a

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The Bunnies are Back

BySoft Pretzel Jul 28, 2022

Anyone who did IPC last year remembers the thrill of Murder Bunnies.  Basically reverse hiking a cinder block from between your legs to out in f

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Don’t worry Napoleon, I’m sure there’s a babe out there for you too. Peace out.

Bymidriff Jul 27, 2022

Posting for LaFawnduh 14 pax joined me for my VQ at the Maul! Started off with a mosey to Regal to see if Napoleon Dynamite 2 was out. Got a w

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