Loogie Loves Running

Loogie Loves Running

YHC arrived to find FNG Kyle waiting. As other PAX arrived YHC gave the standard disclaimer and we were bolted faster than airport Bojangles through intestines. Oh, wait, is that Mic Check coming in hot? We circled back for him and then it was game on for real this time.


The Thing:

Moseyed to 131 for warm up. SSH, IW, low arm circles, and merkins. 

Moseyed to the lot behind the nail salon, stopping on the way for some Mary at the bank. Once at the lot, partner up, each partnership grabbed a rock. One partner ran, one did reps. Each partnership did 50 combined reps of thruster, burpee over rock, curls, and rock merkins (one hand on rock, other on ground, switching sides each rep). 

Moseyed back to the bank for some mary and the first in a humorous series of Loogie expressing his deep appreciation for all the running in today’s programming.

Moseyed back to Blakeney for a series of 10 merkins alternating with 10 LBC at each storefront until reaching Target. 

Next, a short jog over to the stairwells behind the fountain. Hey, those guys look familiar – Kirby, C3PO, and T1000 found us after running around the AO for the preceding 40 minutes. We did a 10 minute AMRAP of 10 supine pull ups at the bottom, 10 hand release burpees at the top of the stairs, then 10 wall climbs (balls 2 wall) at the bottom. 

Finally back to base for a quick round of Killer B’s (broad jump, burpees, bear crawl), then Mary to time.



FNG Kyle, now named Coxswain, smiled through the beatdown and said he will be back next week. Happy birthday Franky! Kelly has been coming out regularly and doing great – keep it up man. As usual the veterans killed it. Honestly, I was breathing pretty hard trying to keep it challenging for everyone today. Really great 2nd F during the workout and after. 

Kirby mentioned to the group that the SOB 3rd F lead (Olaf) is a tremendous resource for those of us looking for guidance in this area. Olaf followed that with a wonderful take out about risk and the importance of being vulnerable. 



If you haven’t Q’d at da Vinci recently we’d be grateful if you’d reach out to YHC to get on the schedule.

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