Are backblasts necessary for running workouts?

Are backblasts necessary for running workouts?

At least 8 PAX believe the answer to the title’s question is YES.

However, does a running workout deserve a great BackBlast?

At least 1 Q believes the answer is NO

Mosey to Kensington for warmup

MAIN EVENT:  Running (Duh!  It’s a running workout)

.5 Mile at 1 mile pace

.4 Mile at same pace

.3 Mile at same pace


Mosey off campus to Kensington Place

.2 Mile at faster pace

Repeato x 4

Mosey to COT for light stretching

RECAP:  This is the part where Q talks about everybody working hard and it’s an honor to lead.  Blah blah blah.

But I’m not sure if everybody worked hard.  Only the mirror really knows.  I know the guy in my mirror hasn’t been handing out any high fives to me lately.  Taking time off during vacations and then trying to get back into the routine is tough.  So my encouragement is to commit the night before.  Either to a fellow PAX or better yet, HC (hard commit) in the NewsChannel . . . That will surely get Zin excited . . . Tell him that Dunkin told you it was allowed.

Prayers for Snowball as he takes on a new title and responsibility at work. May he continue to lead well and follow God’s calling for his life.

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