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“Taxes up north are TOO DAMN high!”

Hot Yoga called out due to knee injury, so the always faithful Paper Jam jumped up to the plate. Thanks as always for leading, however….

We have run out of things to talk about at Prickle & Goo. We might topics to be handed out in the future to avoid stagnant information. So far we can remove:

  • NY/NJ taxes
  • Dave Ramsey 
  • McDonald’s being unhealthy 
  • Corona
  • vaccines 

Next week I hope we discuss one of the following:

  • Evolution
  • Minivans
  • chlorine vs salt water pools
  • store bought grenadine vs homemade
  • has anyone tried the new Bojangles chicken sandwich?

(Insert clever title based on a 3 humped camel)

75th Q – Dromedary – July 14th

I stole Carb Load’s Q after pleading with him, unbeknownst to the Site Q’s, but for what I could excuse as good intention aka my 75th Q. Is 75 a reasonable milestone to steal for? Who knows but anything to upset Posse…

I mixed and mashed a couple weinkes ahead of time, arrived early for some stretching and then we were off. Real nice DiCCS given while looking at each pax right in the eyeballs. Let’s roll…


Mosey Around the Lot and circle up:

  1. 75 x SSH CC
  2. 15 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC
  3. 15 x Imperial Walker  IC
  4. 15 x LS Squats IC
  5. Jimmy Dugan
  6. Calf Stretch
  7. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey and circle up at the globe for Lt Dan Webb. 1 x Squat, 4 x Jump Lunges. 5 rounds completed

Mosey to small lot and circle up. Dissected Burpee Station. Instead of 10 burpees a minute for 3 minutes:

  • 10 x Merkins
  • 10 x In & Outs
  • 10 x Squats
  • 10 x Bobby Hurleys
  • Changed the last two after round 1 to 10 x Jump Squats

Mosey to school loop and pair up. Partner 1 does a hot lap, while partner 2 completes:

  • 200 x Dips
  • 150 x Big Boy Situps
  • 100 x Donkey Kicks

10 count and then Mosey to little alley way at the bottom of the hill.

  1. 40 second side plank
  2. 40 second side plank
  3. 40 second elbow plank
  4. 40 x Plank Jacks IC
  5. 20 x LBCs IC
  6. 10sec of rest
  7. 40 second side plank
  8. 40 second side plank
  9. 40 second elbow plank
  10. 20 x LBCs IC
  11. 10 x 6” plank jacks IC

Longish mosey back to COT and complete rounds 6 & 7 of Lt Dan. JWow led 10 x true V-Ups. I closed with 10 x Heels 2 Heaven IC

And that’s a wrap…


I’m done with these stupid injuries but had my first round of PT last week. Got my fingers crossed for a faster recovery. Thanks to all then pax that joined, it’s always a pleasure to lead.

What The Hell Is A Starfish?

And for my 74th Q I would take it back to an old stomping ground that I haven’t posted at it way too long. It wasn’t good to be back and I arrived at 502 to bask in the shopping center air and start my stretching. I had a lot of questions after arriving to see Sledge-O-Matic and Chastain holding handing sitting in the park bench holding hands. Whatever floats your boat fellas…


A quick prerun after 3 weeks of rest with only 2-3 posts during that time. I’ve not wanted to congratulate Chastain just yet for taking my #1 spot after 6 whole months in 2021. It’s my motivation to get back on the horse and take him down. And when all else fails I will flatten his tires.

It’s a great morning, the usual big crowd at Asylum and already an FNG! Great job Loafer for EHing a double respect. He was eager to be there and I hope he keeps coming. 60 second DiCCS was shown and it was time to go…


Mosey around Petsmart and circle back of Target parking lot. Warm up:

  1. 20 x SSH IC but I said 15. Whatever
  2. 15 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC
  3. 15 x Imperial Walker
  4. 15 x LS Squats IC
  5. Jimmy Dugan
  6. Calf Stretch
  7. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey towards PetSmart and who do we see, Shake N Back just coming in. Time 4 Corners and @ the center, 25 x LBCs & bear crawl to corners to complete:

  1. In & Outs x 25
  2. SSHs x 25
  3. Merkins x 25
  4. Squats x 25

Halfway through the above and Posse and Radar joined us.

Mosey towards Hickory Tavern

  • Short Lap, 15 Derkins
  • Long Lap, 30 Dips
  • Short Lap, 15 Incline Pushups
  • Long Lap, 30 Heels to Heaven

Called recover so we could sync back up as a group.

Mosey past Chick-fil-A & down to the traffic circle, circle back and head to the corner near Rack Room.

Mosey to wall near shoe store. Balls to the Wall Plank jacks x 20. Jump Lunges x 20. Back to Balls and planks.

Mosey to backside of Target’s Lot, Split into even groups for Indian Run. Slow Mosey but jail break to front. Everyone seem to push it here.

Mosey over to shopping center parking lot for some Ab-o-rama. Circle up. 1 x Big Boy and 4 x American Hammer. 2 x Mike Tysons between each round. Ended up throwing in some American Knockout and then moseyed to COT to finish round 9.


I went home and looked in the lexicon for what is supposedly called a “Starfish”. It’s what Fusebox yells out every time you call 4 corners with an exercise in-between. At NC State they teach that starfish have 4 legs and a “treat” of some kind in the center? I’ve never heard anyone else call it that and I refuse to do it….

However, I graduated from East Carolina University and learned more in the bedroom than I did class. I also learned that we partied way harder than the little Wolfpack. As an ECU Pirate, when we see a “X” we immediately we think of treasure!! Doesn’t everyone?

If your familiar with the title of this BB then you are potentially a fan of the 2000 album by Limp Bizkit called Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. You can google chocolate starfish but it’s a nickname for the anus. We learn something new every day…

Nothing was learned in this workout except that I will now refer to all 4 corners with an exercise in the center as Pirate’s Booty. It references both the X and the “chocolate” = WIN WIN!!

Milk Was A Bad Choice…

And for my 72nd Q, I’m realizing I freaking hate the humidity. The Site Qs, correction, Site Q should take temp readings in Downtown Waxhaw and encourage all Qs to only host exercises in the coolest areas. Get on it EB!

All that said, back is still tight but the pain is coming from my left hip. Who knew. I even have some resistance band assisted stretches I can do on the thrown before workouts. Honestly I was devastated to miss The Murph but it was better to bail to reduce my chances of further hurting myself. This back issue blows but a good reminder to take care of yourselves boys.

At 512am I was pulling into Dancing Bears driveway because his back was finally in a place to try running. I think the last time he posted was the 13mi Waxhaganza…my bad on that invite bud. He also had his 2.0 Gummy Bear with him! Let’s rage…

DiCCS given while I was being harassed about my injuries. It’s all and good fun? We gone…


Mosey towards the church and then cross over to 701 Main Restaurant parking lot. Circle up for warm up:

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 15 x Imperial Walker

4. 15 x LS Squats IC

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

7. Can Opener & Runners Pose

8. 10 x IC Plank Jacks

Mosey, make 1sr right down S. Jackson St. and over to the top of Givens St. for some suicides. Jail break down to the speed bump and mosey back. Jail breakdown all the way down to the bottom of the hill and mosey back to the Speedbump. Jail break backdown and circle back for the six as we make our way to the parking lot…

Mosey over to shopping center parking lot for some Ab-o-rama. Circle up. 1 x Big Boy and 4 x LBCs. Up to 10 x 40. 2 x Mike Tysons between each round. Ice9 was baffled by the MTs between rounds, just something to take the edge off the abs dude.

Mosey across the street and over to Dreamchasers. Partner up with true opposite speeds and knock out the following until your partner returns from a hot lap. Rinse and repeat for 2 rounds. Cut short due to time.

• Burpees

• Plank Jacks

• Lunges

Mosey to COT parking lot for a spin on semi-suicides. Bear crawl from one side to the other, 2 x Merkins IC, then up by 2 each crawl up to 10 x Merkins IC. Sweaty as can be by this point and lots of complaining.

3.5 minutes left but I was tired. Called Have A Nice Day but after 60 seconds of Ice9 disobeying I called for 20 x IC American Knockouts. Still stupid time. Called for 10 x V-Ups and I’m spent. And that’s time…


What was learned today and what would I have changed? The workout was fine and I was close to breaking the “if you can’t do it, you can’t Q it”. Haven’t done a good Ab Webb in a minute and it showed as I struggled to complete all the LBCs in the late rounds. Thanks to those that helped count, it’s appreciated.

It’s always a pleasure to lead fellas! Enjoy the day… I’m still trying to make up for the lack of oxygen this morning.

“Mmm Hm Convergence” aka Mid May’s Mental Health Monday 4 the win!!

From our Convergence Q Swimmers:

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

If you’ve ever read the book “Boys in the Boat” you know that Crew teams often describe a mysterious, next-level plane where “the boat” moves as one and transcends the efforts of the individual men straining at the oars. When I swam in college, we would always talk about how as a relay, a four-man Team can put together a time way faster than the cumulative addition of each man’s personal best times. For most of us at work, we know we do better as a team. And with F3, when we work out together in the mornings, the Energy of the group’s effort can push us beyond the Point we would normally push ourselves.

The same is true of us with our mental battles: the whole of a shield lock team is greater than the sum of the parts.

Every man in F3 is surrounded by other men striving to be a high impact man. I would encourage all of us to look for those brothers within arms reach to take it to the next level.

Learn about what a Shield Lock is and more importantly what it can be for you and each other. Find two or three other like-minded, like- hearted men to Lock Shields with so that you can face life’s ups and downs with one another, “bearing with one another in love” as the Good Book says.



It was a beautiful morning and it was great to get out of our comfort zones. We knew hoped a group of 40+ would show up and oh boy did they. 56 to be exact, split into 6 different Qs. The idea behind the smaller groups was that men in smaller groups would hopefully be willing to openly share their personal experience.

Overall the morning was a success but lessons were learned. Some by the pax, some by the Qs but most importantly we opened ourselves up to change. Something we won’t wait to only do in the month of May. While it’s a good reminder to push an agenda for a good reason we should always be out here leading with these types of examples.

Thanks to each of the Qs this morning! Thanks to By Pass for setup, Chick-fil-A and other behind the scenes items. Thanks to Drop Thrill for sharing your story and thanks to Swimmer for leading this charge this morning regardless if you probably could use a Q School refresher. #lostDiCCS

Thank you to Swimmers for also taking us out. While you armed me with wanting to make jokes about your “love you daddy” comment I think we have unspoken rules about jokes from prayers maybe?

You did however teach Mad Dog and I about the muscle that moves your testicles up and down from your body based on your body temperature. I already forgot it but Creamsicle sounds close.

Welcome FNG Tetherballs!


  • Blood drive in June!!
  • F3 Dads camp!! Radar will provide more details soon…
  • Memorial Day Murph – mental prep begins now if you haven’t started already

What’s worse than 5 rounds of 50 LBCs in a row? Nothing!

Shriver’s BB from freaking June. Holy shnikes…. get it together!!

Make Us Wait and Then The Chain Pops Off…

Neighborhood Watch is real and we took one hell of a scenic route through whatever neighborhood that was.

May is Mental Health Awarness Month!!

And for my 70th Q, my brain is fried after an emotional weekend. Put together the Workout in about 10 minutes but I put about 30mins on the ending. Keep reading…

Big month, how will you impact your brothers around you?

DiCCS given. Let’s roll.


Mosey towards the high school, threw in some exercises while running. Butt kickers, high knees, karaoke.

Circle up in front of high school

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 10 x Moroccan Night Clubs

3. Jimmy Dugan

4. Downward Dog

5. Upward Dog

6. Calf Stretch

7. Can Opener & Runners Pose

8. 10 x Merkins

Mosey to the grass hill. 10 x Squat Jumps at the top. 20 x Speedskaters at the bottom. Complete twice.

Mosey to drivers Ed lots. 7 lights. 1 burpee at first light. So on and so on.

To big parking lot for starfish. 10 x Big Boys in the middle. 10 of each. Merkins. Bomb jacks. V Ups. Dry Docks. Repeato.

Mosey to Rudy’s Poop Palace. Wall sits. Air press x Heel Lifts. Shadow Box x Toe Lifts

Mosey to back of the school for Lt. Dan. 1/2 round completed. Mosey to the front of the school for what I’m calling…

The Bernie Sanders! I think something like this already exists in the form of Feel The Burn which is running up hills backwards. As for this version, this is way different. The Bernie Sanders is when you ask the pax to “handout” a round of exercises. Get it?

We went around the horn asking a few guys to call an exercise on our 6. Success. Mosey back to COT with 3 mins to go…

Round 6 and 7 of Lt Dan. 30secs of Have a Nice Day while the feelings came back to our legs.

And fin…


I have never been more thankful of a little wind than the few breezes that came through this AM. It was hot The air was thick and my mind was all over the place. My anxiety/stress was tight in my chest and my breathing felt a bit restricted.

In COT I shared a story about a good friend of mine’s wife and her being diagnosed with stage 4/terminal cancer recently. His wife Betsy is a wonderful human and mother to two great kids, 4 & 6. Like many of us they felt pretty invincible in all things and then you get dealt some news like this to change all kinds of perspectives.

Since turning 40 this past December I had my first ever anxiety attack the morning after my birthday. The thought of death has always stressed me out and that morning surrounded by my family for the holidays the thought of being close to half way through life hit me like a ton of bricks. It honestly hadn’t ever really crossed my mind until that morning but since then I’m more aware than usual.

Started to research things I can do/read/take to reduce those feelings before headed to the doctor for a script. While talking with my outside F3 Shield Lock the mix of meditation and ashwagandha was mentioned. Taking the supplement has helped but I still got more head work to do. If you ever see my walk away from the group after a sprint up Bad Idea while ripping off my headband, that’s me talking to myself. Just the feeling I’m about to pass out while reaffirming that “I’m fine, relax”.

That overwhelming feeling was weighing heavy on my this morning. Completely out of breath during jump jacks just due to my brain on red alert. Pretty amazing what the body can handle and wild what the brain does just when you want it to quiet down a bit.

I share all of the above in case anyone else is feeling anxious. Everyone is going through a little something. Some don’t realize they are going through something but hopefully a little “sharing” from the brothers within help others feel more comfortable to share.

Lastly, May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Who will be the next to share a struggle? Does talking about it help you? Will talking about it help someone else? Let’s find out…

Thanks to Judge Smails for the 6th man and to Mad Dog for taking us out.


• Memorial Day – The Murph Convergence. It’s not fun but its a small sacrifice honoring and thinking about soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Be there, you don’t want to miss this.

Flaccid Afternoon Promises…

We will have happy hour immediately following Afternoon Delight. Unmentioned Disclaimer: workout is over at 1pm and WTH opens at 2pm. Never again. Looking forward to this becoming an official site but for now AD will only be Bottlecap’s passion project for now.

Show Up, Get Better and Give Back – 2.0 Edition

My little men have been posting at workouts over the last year or two based on 2.0 friendly workouts. Over the last few months, both the Tuesday and Thursday workouts are a big hit with my kids. The participate most the time and my daughter enjoys the SSH during the warm up.

We always talk about why we attend these workouts and discuss why it’s so much bigger than the bootcamps. Now they ask me to attend, volunteer to come to downtown cleanup and have been throwing out ideas of things they might do different at a workout.

The fellas all do a great job just greeting the kids, encouraging the kids, challenging them to call an exercise and even count in cadence. It can be very intimidating for a lot of us but through doing we get better. Now imagine being a little kid…

Then I see the confidence and the poise Speedbump has on a Wand I set my eyes on a new challenge for my kids. I planned to give them more of a runway but no better time than to jump into the foxhole with a Q opening.

The date was set. They brought some ideas to the table. We cleaned them up as a group. The divided who did what and we were a go…


DiCCS!! They got a good snicker out of this regardless of spelling. That’s time and we are off.

Mosey to the front of the school and circle up:

• Side Straddle Hop

• Moroccan Night Club

• Plank

• Merkins

• Calf Stretch

• Runners Pose and RECOVER!

Connor called Paula Abdul – Up 2 cones, Back 1 cone – 2 Rounds. Exercises written on the cones! Only got through about 1 round and the tail was running a bit long. Recover.

Caleb asked us to mosey to the stairs for a cycle:

• Bottom of the stairs – 10 squats

• Bunny hop up the stairs

• 10 donkey kicks on the wall

• Run down, 10 merkins at the corner

• 3 rounds – LETS GO!

Connor is back up and it’s time to mosey to the Grass!!

• Circle up for a fire drill!

• High knees or run-in place

• When they yell FIRE, drop down for a burpee

• The boys handled this along with all 6 girls.

Time to mosey back to the cars where we planned a little surprise. I pulled out a bucket full of ice water, paper airplanes and a makeshift dice. Boys called it:

• Break into family groups.

• Each group will Roll the dice for an exercise that everyone will complete.

• Meanwhile Dads and kids will take turns in a paper airplane contest!

• Longest throw wins, loser gets ice cold water dumped on head!

We got through the group at least once and then the kids went round for round with the airplanes. The dads flipped the exercise dice for 4 minutes until time ran out. And that’s a wrap!


It was a success and some of the kids left way more soaked than I’m sure the parents wanted/expected. All in all everyone was all smiles and I know my boys were so happy for it to be over.

They were really nervous but powered through after we did a few practices. I wasn’t sure exactly how they would do but I know they all the exercises and it’s just a matter of putting it all together.

After dinner we sat down and I quasi-interviewed after the dust settled to see how they felt. They both were elated overall but when I asked if they knew the importance of everyone sort of pitching in to make these workouts happen. Both shared it’s more difficult than they had imagined but like chores it’s fair to spread it across the families. So very true…

Lastly, in my travels several regions I have been to don’t close with a prayer but maybe a call to action. I know a few guys have read speeches or motivational words but I’ve missed those Qs. I actually called Posse to find out what the F3 protocol was. I didn’t think we had anything required but I respect the process. No requirements…

I started searching for a poem that was from a dad to his children. I’m really proud of the dads posting with their kiddos and wanted something that spoke to them directly. I know for a fact my kids will remember days like this when they are older and I wanted to put a period at the end sentence of my kids first co-Q with something special. Here it is:

From Dad by Richard Burge

I never thought I could love someone

The way that I love you (two).

I’m completely fascinated

With everything you (kids) do.


I don’t regret a moment with (either of) you,

Whether good or bad.

You have made my life complete,

The best life a guy could have.


You might not ever notice

Everything I do,

But everything I’m doing

Is for no one else but you (two).


My goal in life is simple.

It’s to be your fathers first.

To protect, defend, and love you

(Even) When you are at your worst.


I know when you grow older

You won’t want me (as much) anymore.

If you ever need me, though,

I’ll be waiting at the door.


Promise you will come to me

With any problem that you have.

I’ll always be right here for you.

I love you both!  Love, Dad

I got a little weak in the voice saying it in the group with my kids next to me. I certainly won’t forget it and the boys asked me to read it again before bed. Mission accomplished.

How will make memories with your kids? When will your kids post for the first time? When will you ask “when do you want to Q?” and not “do you want to Q?”. Time to set new mini goals with your children. Not chores but something challenging to strive for. Not just a team sport activity, those are great too, but a new obstacle for them to tackle with you by their side.

Cheers fellas!