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Who got Prickled and Who got Goo’d?

5 PAX did the Ironman and Superman and felt like heroes in the dark sheltered confines of the Millbridge airnasium

Where in NC was Neighborhood Watch?

Thanks to Posse (and Gerber)…we wound up at Lake Forest Preserve in Wesley Chapel.

Thanks to Turnbuckle and Sarge…there was lots of wrasslin’ talk. iCarly showed up with a souvenir from her 1st cross country meet!

Catching up in Millbridge

This past Sunday’s Neighborhood Watch saw the return of Dynomite to our Sunday morning walks. We spent the hour walking and catching up on what he has been up to. Took a walk over to the new tennis courts in Millbridge where Chicken had visions of using the new tennis courts for future workouts.

Pursuit of Millbridge

Ran up, down and around the streets of Millbridge

Summer time in the woods in July

3 men ran through the steamy woods after a night rain in the trail thread.

3 men walked over the river and through the woods

Two for Goo

Two of us showed up to do back stretches to help Turnbuckle out with his back pains.

Over the river and through the Providence Woods we go

7 Pax for a muggy Neighborhood Watch with surprise hills, random dogs and wrong turns.

Tour of Waxhaw

5 Pax, a 2.0 and two fur friends took a stroll through the streets of downtown Waxhaw starting at the Waxhaw Library.

Sunday Stroll

4 & a Conscientious Objector for Neighborhood Watch through Inverness on Providence *&* Providence Grove!

12 days of Christmas

It was a hot and sweaty morning in Union County as I crossed the state line on my way to Diesel to Q.

The foolish mortals had asked me to Q and I brought along Christmas… in July!

After we warmed up a bit, we started on The Thang:

Just like the song, you repeat each exercise just like the song.  The exercises are:

1 – Walk/Run
2- Makhtar N’Diayes (Pronounced Mac tar Jie)
3- Goblet squats
4- LBCs
5- Diamond merkins
6- Chest press
7- American hammers
8- Calf raises
9- Sumo Goblets
10- Lunges (each leg)
11- Lawn mowers
12- Dead lifts

Great time out there this morning.  Thanks Turnbuckle for asking me to Q!  Keep up your awesome work, you’re truly a different man than you were a year ago.  Keep giving it away!

Loved the mumble chatter this morning and I appreciate the opportunity to lead this morning.

Credo of F3: Leave no man behind but leave no man where you find him.