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Sunday Neighborhood Watch

Today’s walk was around Millbridge. No one had stepped up to Q and I did not have time to drive around during the week to find a development to take us to so I chose the easy way out and just decided to have Neighborhood Watch here in Millbridge.

Myself and Radar walked 3.07 miles at a pace of 3.5mph. Little Torpedo the 2.0 of Radar rode his bike. While out on our walk, we saw Paper Jam and his 2.0. I pointed out the area’s to Radar to where some of the fellow Waxhaw PAX lived in Millbridge.

We discussed Radar’s upcoming Ruck walk and that him and Jingles did the Ruck event last night as well. We discussed the blood drive, Dad’s camp and now that its summer and Covid is ending we are getting back out full time to workouts.

Next Sunday’s Neighborhood Watch will be at Blakeney Heath, 9201 Autumn Applause Drive, Waxhaw. This is the home development of Kirby who will be on Q. Radar will be the CO-Q as myself and Posse are both out of town next weekend. The address is Kirby’s home where they will be leaving from. Please come out and join the walk and get to know your fellow PAX and support to these two Q’s.

Setting the Neighborhood Watch bar with Briarcrest

The May 16th edition of Neighborhood Watch brought us to the BC with big lots. Zinfandel promised a big turnout and once again he delivered. We fed off the overnight campout held at BC ran by Gerber. Lots of 2.0’s came out to join us as we went through the trails from one side of BC to the other. Fun was had by all.

Where does that Trail go to?

So this past Sunday’s Neighborhood Watch brought us to Prescott in Waxhaw. Radar and Posse started off with a Pre Ruck. They returned to the parking lot to meet up with myself and Shriver. We quickly walked some of the streets of Prescott and then headed into their trail where we came out on Waxhaw Marvin Road. Posse then said who knows where the trail across the street at Town Creek Park leads to? So I said…lets go and find out. So off we went. We took the dirt trail which we found out connects to Millbridge at the Creekview extrance. Posse was so excited to find this new trail for us to use. His excitement was then killed by the fact that in three consecutive weeks Neighborhood Watch has hit all three of his forbidden developments to walk in for Neighborhood Watch. As we walked past Wrigley’s neighborhood, I had thought about us gracing him with Monkey Humpers at his home but we were running late so we continued on.

Kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend Birthday Bash

Welcome to Diesel and I am your host and guest of honor for today’s workout here at Diesel. I chose to Q this weekend in celebration of my 43rd birthday.

Due to the busy holiday weekend I am late with my backblast. But like they say…better late then never. Rumor has it that im actually not that late compared to someone like Posse who is still weeks late in turning in his backblast.

The Bottom Line:

Disclaimer provided to the 13 Pax in attendance.

I wanted to do something a little fun for this weeks workout. Since we are a 0.0 site…I had the Q juices flowing and didnt want to just stand around. As Premature stated…man…someone has some energy to move this morning.

So we started with warmups first:

A: Moroccan Night Clubs

B:  Imperial Walkers

C: Side straddle hops

D. Potato Pickers

E. Stretch to the right foot / Stretch to the left foot

F. Shoulder stretch (arm across body) each arm

G. Tricep stretch (old baseball elbow stretch) each arm

H. Downward Dog and Upward Dog

I. Calf Stretch Each Leg (The Damascus favorite…told me I wasnt a good Q unless I included these in my weinke)

J. Sit on your six and spread your legs open…stretch down the center, to the left and to the right

The Thang:

Let’s Mosey. Neighborhood Watch…meet Diesel! We took a walk around the campus of Five Stones Church where the Pax talked it up…around Mt.Chiseled and up to Cuthbertson Road and back. Along the way we stopped at different times and myself and a long with others that I called upon led us on different exercises such as Side Straddle Hops, Big Boys, Squats, Merkins and a few others.

Returned to COT area and completed the following:

  1. Bent over rows (coupon)

      2. Overhead press (coupon)

      3. Canadian Beavers (bricks)

      4. Curls (coupon)

      5. Merkins

      6. Hammer Curls (bricks)

7. Overhead Tricep Extensions (coupon)

8. Weighted Shoulder Shrugs (bricks)

9. Recalc’s Curb Squats

10. Scarecrow

11. Bobby Hurley’s (I love seeing Mayhem cringe when hears the name of a great Duke basketball player)

12. American Hammers

13. Lay down chess press (coupon)

14. Speed Skaters

15. Captain Morgan Squats

16. Al Gore

17. Outer Curl/Muscle Flex Curl (bricks)



I absolutely love Diesel. It is my favorite AO to workout at. I one day hope to become site Q here when Chastain and Brutus decide it is time to move on. The workout which doesnt always need to include running brings a change of pace and something different to our region. What I enjoy about this site is the chatter, laughs and good times had at this site. Diesel is a site that everyone should try at least once. We have the reputation of being slackers and the weaker link AO, but when people show up, they learn that you do get a quality workout in at Diesel. Some of the big guns in F3 Waxhaw have shown up recently to Q Diesel and they seem to have walked away with a new found respect for Diesel.



Memorial Day Convergence: 6:30am on Monday 5/31 at Waxhaw Elementary

Beer Run: June 5th. See Zinfandel for more info

Christ’s Closet needs your help. They need help with clothes folding. Please come out and help fold clothes on your free time. Any time you are able to give helps. Saturday’s 10am to 1pm or if you need a week day/night, please contact one us on the CC team to get you access to the building. Family friendly. Can be used as a service project.

Rice & Beans is in need of men’s underwear, socks and belts (men’s, women and kids). See Centerfold or Turnbuckle for more info.

Blood Drive: Saturday, June 19th at Five Stones Church. Sign up now:

Time to step into the ring with Turnbuckle

Good morning and Happy Friday!
This morning I was asked to Q at the Diesel workout at Five Stones Church. I cringed when Chastain asked me, but I stepped up and accepted the challenge. I made mention to Chastain last week that since I took most of February off that I wasnt going to be prepared or in shape to lead this morning. But after getting back out starting the end of last week, I let him know I was still up to lead my team into battle. I am getting a little more and more comfortable Qing each time I am asked to do it. I havent done it in a while. The last time was in October 2020. I made sure that since then I created a workout that was both long enough and offered a workout for each part of the body.  I am now up to 6 pages in my weinke. I am picking up stuff from both attending workouts and from Googling/Youtubing workouts. My previous Q’s were both too short at times and didnt offer enough of a challenge/hard workout. My other issue is, I am shy and have stage fright believe it or not.
Today was Ghosted’s first time at Diesel. Thanks for coming out pal! Hope to get you on the schedule to Q there now since you had your first taste of Diesel.
Below is the workout that I led this morning:
So that no one was bored, I went around the circle to have each person lead each workout.
A: Moroccan Night Clubs 
B: Imperial Walkers
C: Side straddle hops 
D. Potato Pickers
E. Stretch to the right foot / Stretch to the left
F. Shoulder stretch each arm
G. Tricep stretch each arm
H. Downward Dog and Upward Dog
I. Calf Stretch Each Leg
J. Sit and spread your legs open: stretch down the center, to the left and to the right
25 of each 
Set 1:
1: Squats
2: Bent over rows 
3: Overhead press 
4: Canadian Beavers 
5: Curls 
6: Merkins 
7: Hammer Curls 
8: Wood Choppers – 25 each side
9: Overhead Tricep Extensions 
10: Weighted Shoulder Shrugs 
11: Curb Squats (hold coupon or bricks out front)
12: Scarecrow 
13: Curl / Overhead Press
14: In place lunges (25 each leg)
15: Big Boy situps 
16. Cross Squats 
17. Bobby Hurley’s
18. American Hammers  25 each side
Set 2:
1: Lay down chess press 
2: Speed Skaters (each side is 1)
3: Plank Jacks 
4: Captain Morgan Squats (left foot on coupon) 
5: Captain Morgan Squats (right foot on coupon)
6: Invisible Wall Sit holding coupon (lets play Survivor with this…once you quit…do merkins or SSH until we finish)
7: Plank
8. Sit/Squat on Coupon (w/ leg lifts)
9. Outer Curl/Muscle Flex Curl 
10. 21’s
Set 3:
1. Step Ups on coupon (25 each leg)
2. Superman’s
3. Alpo’s (arms cris crossed lifting coupon)
4. palm-away curl to press with little bricks
**Time is up. 45 minute workout completed
Tomorrow morning 6:30am to 8am – Q School at Cuthbertson Middle. 6:30am to 7:30am is the workout / 7:30am to 8am is classroom time. Please bring a chair. Chastain will be providing coffee for Classroom time / Coffeeteria
Next Saturday, March 13th is the Rooster. Waxhaw currently has 5 teams set up. Looking to expand our teams. Please sign up.
We need future Q’s for Diesel! Please step up!
Chastain took us out.

Sunday Morning Retreat

This week we met up at the Retreat at Rayfield in Indian Land. Its quite a busy neighborhood/development. None of us really knew anything about this development and were shocked that it was a pretty big development.

Some conversations we had were that Chicken Little never wore blue jeans until he graduated high school. He strictly wore corduroy pants. Chicken also never ate peanut butter up until a few years ago where he ate peanut butter crackers and discovered that peanut butter was actually pretty good.

Due to his diet, TB hasnt enjoyed some of his favorite foods in over a year such as pizza or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He hasnt consumed soda in over 10 years. Speaking of soda, a former teammate/classmate of both TB and Rudy has opened up his own beverage company. Its being sold on Amazon…check it out. There are 4 different flavors.

Turnbuckle also recommends you visit and support the new deli in downtown Waxhaw…The Blue Door Deli. It is owned by one of his neighbors. He has taken his family there for breakfast on a few occasions since they opened.

Posse’s son Dallas is named after Posse’s father. Posse is not a Dallas Cowboys fan yet wears a Dallas Cowboys hat to Neighborhood Watch. It was assumed that Posse was a Cowboys fan and named his son Dallas because of it.

Did you know that Posse’s favorite cookie is Oreo’s. Every Sunday he finds himself stopping at Walmart to pick up some things and sometimes finds himself with a package of Oreo’s in his basket. This conversation led to myself (TB) asking him if he has yet to try the new limited edition Lady Gaga Oreo’s. HA…only you TB know about this stuff!

Posse has a points system for not snacking and his whole family is involved. If he hits his goal, his entire family wins! Wife gets a date night, son gets a golf outing, etc.

Sledge discussed that he was having a great second week at his new job.

Sunday Neighborhood Watch on 2/28/2021 will be at Bent Creek in Indian Land (as long as Periscope doesnt ask us to reschedule again). It truly is a great experience.

Did you know??

We have 3 walking/rucking groups per week now. We have Thursday mornings at 5:15am at Pursuit at Millbridge Clubhouse, Saturday mornings at 6am at Nesbit Park (bring 2 pairs of shoes…walking sneakers if we are just doing the roads or trail shoes if we are doing the trails) and we also have Sunday morning Neighborhood Watch at different communities around the area (check for the location each week). Hope to see all of you out there

Putting the past behind us

Location: Bent Creek, Indian Land, SC

Our Sunday morning Neighborhood Watch walk had 10 + 2 fur friends show up for our first warm walk of the season.

This week while venturing out on a 2.56 mile walk lead by Periscope, we learned where he was born and raised as well as where he has lived throughout his life.

It was Elmer’s second day out ever at F3. Mad Dog got him to agree to come out to F3 before he even knew what F3 was. Elmer’s was named due to his occupation. Keep showing up! Showing up is half the battle!

Chicken Little got to learn about Dynomite  and his life of being an entrepreneur.

Got to learn that Chicken likes to visit different F3 locations in his travels. Posse is putting Chastain up to getting out a new FNG that Posse knows during Chastain’s upcoming travel.

Posse is traveling out to the west coast this summer and we discussed doing a tour of the Goonies movie filming locations. Come to find out, Posse has never seen the movie or any of the Rocky movies! Who has never seen these movies?

We learned that Zinfandel has been taking advantage of the down time during the Covid pandemic by taking road trips around the United States with his family.

We discussed how NJ is the lone remaining state where you are not able to pump your own gas.

Why are we putting the past behind us you might ask? The sole purpose of Neighborhood Watch happened once again. Get to know your fellow Pax. For those that dont know, I (Turnbuckle) have found being a part of F3 over the past 18 months, there are going to be personality clashes. One person I have always found myself being difficult to get along with is the one and only Zinfandel. Whether the cause being my childish and immature antics of being on GroupMe or for one reason or another…I dont know the real reason to be honest. I have always respected Zin for the leadership that he brings to F3 Waxhaw, but felt we have seemed to butt heads and I was always intimidated to be around him. Well at NW this week, he initiated conversation with me and it actually went really well. I felt like he was the cool kid in school actually talking to the fat nerdy kid. Like…you want to talk to me? Glad we finally got to break that awkwardness I have always felt there was between us. Thanks for the chat Zin!


Next week 3/7 Neighborhood Watch will be at Bel Air at Carolina Lakes in Indian Land. Hope now that we are seeing warmer temps, we will see more of you out there. It really is a great time out there every Sunday morning. Do you have a neighborhood you want us to visit…let us know…we will make it happen.

Lets take a walk down Lovers Lane

Welcome to Neighborhood Watch and I am your Q for this week! In my opinion…This is the best new AO in the area. For those that dont know the history of this…Sir Posse was the brainchild behind this. One weekend afternoon back around labor day weekend while both him and I were helping out a Millbridge resident in need with moving, while walking a mattress on top of our heads to Shop Dogs garage, he says to me hey TB, I was thinking about starting a new Sunday morning walk, what do you think? What do I think…I think thats a great idea. Lets start next Sunday! He didnt expect me to jump on it like I did…so there you have it…Neighborhood Watch was born. We started out just him and I and its now grown to at least 5+ guys every Sunday morning plus dogs and children. Our Sunday morning walk gives you an opportunity to get all three F’s in at once with your F3 brothers. It also gives you bonding time opportunities with your dog or child(ren) should you choose to bring them along. I ask all of you to get out and give it shot…at least once. Its kind of like with your kids when they tell you that they dont want to eat something, you ask them just to give it a try once, if they like it, they get more. If they dont like it, they dont have to eat. They tried it once. I promise you that is all you will need to become a regular…just try it once.  Every Sunday morning 7:30am to 8:30am at a development near you. Please check out for each weeks location.

This week I chose Carolina Reserve in Indian Land for our walk.

We completed a 3.05 mile walk around Carolina Reserve and the Carolina Reserve Shopping Center.

Today was Slege O Matics first time out to Neighborhood Watch – Welcome buddy! Hope to see you out more.

During our morning walk we found things out such as Posse has to celebrate Valentines Day and his wife’s birthday one week apart and is not allowed to combine gifts. He has to celebrate both separately. Come to find out later on in the morning, he doesnt have it so bad…Ghosted’s wife is actually born on Valentines Day. Poor guy has to pull double duty. Posse asks that you dont take away his self pity.

We also discovered that Chicken Little, Sledge, Hollywood and Gerber are all connected through their occupations but on different sides of the fence.

Chicken Little discussed that during the early days of Covid that his wife came out to the neighborhood workouts and O-69 gave her the nickname of Alice…as in from the Brady Bunch. Got a good little chuckle out of that story.

Posse and Dynamite discussed what could be Dynamite’s next entrepreneurship that he could pursue. For those that dont…Dynamite is quite the entrepreneur and has a lot of insight for those looking to venture down this avenue.

Dynamite also expressed interest in Mash…so Mashers…make sure you keep on top of him to get him out there.

I had a little hiccup in my journey, so some of the fellas discussed with me how to get over it. Professor Posse is always good with his words of wisdom with me. Glad to have him as one of my mentor’s.

Chicken Little and Posse are the best two guys to have at Neighborhood Watch. They always have so much to offer and discuss. Thanks fellas!




How we spent a Friday morning with Turnbuckle

I was asked to be a last minute Q at Diesel and this was only my second time Qing and both have come in the past several weeks. I am still going through some growing pains being a Q…but with time and getting more experience under my belt, I will eventually get there.


Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Nightclubs. Called out a person to lead each warm up.


The Thang:

Gathered into a group and did Squats, Bent Over Rows, Overhead Press, Curls and Kettlebell Swings while the timer person completed 25 reps of Merkins, Speed Skaters, Plank Jacks and Step Ups on the Five Stones Fire Pit.

Once completed we did another round of these exercises in a group circle.

We then walked around the parking lot and around Mount Chiseled holding the coupon above our head. Stopped at different light fixtures and completed reps with coupons.

Returned to COT and was short on my weinke so we went around in a circle and everyone chose an exercise for the group to complete.



Thanks to Penalty Box for introducing us to a new Canadian workout. Everyone put in hard work as usual. Proud to see Mayhem stepping up his game in F3. We missed two of our regulars Brutus (who was home nursing a sore back) and Centerfold (who was on vacation).



Save the date: Turnbuckle and Rudy are organizing the next blood drive on Saturday, October 17th (9am to 1:30pm). Location to be determined.


Popping my VQ cherry at Diesel

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Four months later and I finally have this monkey off my back. I attended Q School led by Posse earlier this year and quickly jumped on getting myself scheduled for two future Diesel dates. Well…it turned out that my first Q was the week that F3 Waxhaw shutdown due to Covid-19 and wiped me off the Q schedule. After that, I had lost my confidence to want to Q. After seeing a lot of new PAX from 2020 starting to do their VQ’s and not feeling like I am being a good team member, going into the garage wood shop over at Shop Dog’s and getting a lot of life guidance from him (he really has a great EH for those that need guidance) plus add on top of that getting guidance from my accountability team of Fuse Box and Posse. I finally broke down and had a talk with Chastain about getting myself on the Q schedule for Diesel.

Arrived around 5am and set up some signs around Five Stones parking lot I made (well my wife made them really) that had each locations workout on it. Spoke with Chastain and Brutus prior to other PAX showing up to make sure I was ready to do this.

I made some small rookie mistakes…but that’s what life and F3 is about…learning from our mistakes and improving ourselves so that we dont make the same mistake twice. Making ourselves better men and better leaders.

1: DICCS given

2: WARM UP: (10 each)

A: Forward and reverse arm circles (10 each way)

B:  Imperial Walkers

C: Side straddle hops



Broke into two separate groups

Group 1 is to complete the following workouts:

Complete 25 of each…

1: Squats

2: Bent over rows 

3: Overhead press

4: Calf Raises on the curb or coupon

5: Curls

6: Merkins

7: Hammer Curls (25 each arm)

8: Shoulder Flies

9: Triceps Extension 

10: 21’s

11: Dumbbell Kickback

12: Weighted Shoulder Shrugs


Group 2 is to complete the following : 

Walk around the parking lot islands: Complete 25 of each at each island

  Zombie walk with coupon to each island. When you get to:

     Island 1: Lay down chest press

     Island 2: Speed Skaters (each side is 1)

     Island 3: Plank Jacks

     Island 4: Captain Morgan Squats (left foot on coupon)

     Island 5: Captain Morgan Squats (right foot on coupon) 

     Island 6: Invisible Wall Sit holding coupon for 25 seconds

When group 2 returns , Group 1 heads off to Zombie walk to each island and complete the workouts. We did this twice. Afterwards we decided to merge into one group and complete a round of the first set of workouts together. That brought us right to the finish line.



Great seeing everyone sweat and work hard this morning. Diesel is a great site. Everyone should attend a Diesel workout at least once. In my opinion, its one of the better sites F3 Waxhaw has to offer. Brutus, Chastain and the regulars all add to the fun times that can always be had at Diesel. Loved to see Legalized out there working hard even though he is on crutches. Sledge-O-Matic…this guy is a beast to work out with and he gives 150% every time. I have never seen him do a lazy workout. When you can ring out your shirt and leave a puddle of sweat, you know you worked your ass off. Proud of you my man! Keep up the hard work. Great to see Drop Thrill come out from Fort Mill to make a guest appearance at Diesel. Centerfold was his usual late self…lol…but he is a great leader, works hard and brings the fun banter to each of the workout groups. Mayhem is always there working hard and his love of life is just infectious. Bunyan is someone who I just met this morning for the first time. From what I was able to see, he really worked hard today and was the first done in my group each time.



Discussed 100 PAX Challenge with Centerfold. We are almost at goal. For further details please contact Centerfold or any other 100 Pax Challenge team members.

Discussed Bloood Drive with Fuse Box. We currently have 64 signed up and sign ups end on Wednesday. Please push hard to recruit others over the next several days to fill our goal of filling the 100 slots.

Q School / Site Q School coming up the next 2 weekends. Please speak with Chastain for further details.

Prayed for the wives of Goodfella and Centerfold and the daughter of Shop Dog to recover from their ailments.

Discussed recruiting new PAX to join F3 Waxhaw. Discussed how the F3 program has a lot of success stories here in Waxhaw. Turnbuckle, O-69 and Sledge-O-Matic have lost a combined 150+ pounds. So put those emotional headlocks on those that need it and discuss the results PAX are seeing in their lifestyles.

I took us cradle to grave.

Have a great and blessed weekend!