CAUTION: Pursuit may cause Dizziness

CAUTION: Pursuit may cause Dizziness

12 Pax decided today was not the day to fartsack. Pursuit was their weapon of choice to attack the day. Wise choice gentlemen… wise choice.


The deal:

#DICCS given
Basic plan was disseminated and we were off.

#The Thang

  • Mosey up Millbridge Parkway to the section with the median.
  • 1 lap around the median at about 70-80%.
  • 1/2 lap around median at 100%.
  • Repeato.

With just enough time to get back we gathered everyone up and headed down Hudson Mill to the trails and took the trails back to the clubhouse.


  • Great work by everyone this morning, lots of effort put out.
  • Great job by the ruckers. Looking good. Strong pace.

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