Memorial Day Murph- Waxhaw (Pre-blast)

ByKid Rock Mar 21, 2021

Its about that time to start planning for The Murph! Every year, of bunch of us idiots get together for a painfully stupid workout so we can h

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Temporary Weekly Workout- MURPHy’s Law

ByKid Rock Mar 21, 2021

So I put some feelers out there, and got a little interest.... so I'm just gonna go for it. Even if nobody shows up, at least I will be holding m

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Pre-blast: Rock Murph

ByKirk Jan 2, 2017

Rock.  Murph.  Why not? Grab a rock.  Run the HT mile.  Behind the school. 100 pull-ups 200 merkins - alternating hand on rock 300 rock squ

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Muggy Murph @ Arsenal

ByGeneral Jul 22, 2016

It was a morning where I woke up and took the dog out around 4:30 and immediately started sweating. Beautiful, when you already smell like a Doth

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Celebrating LT Michael P. Murphy

ByDolphin Jan 11, 2014

10 brave pax came into the gloom for Stonehenge. Like the rest of F3 Nation, we honored LT Michael P. Murphy (Navy SEAL KIA 6/28/2005) by doing

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