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I got 5 on it

Posted in behalf of Smuggler


Rolled up to COT in the clown car from the Throne and 5’s on my mind; being my 5 Q and all.



Half a lap Mosey through the main parking followed by

5 rounds – 5 exercises- 5 reps (I got 5 on it)

  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climber
  • Plank Jack

Calf Stretch Right/Left

Runners Stretch Right/Left

5 Burpees for good measure


Thang: Mosey over the front of the school. Stopped half way to do 25 shoulder taps to keep the PAX together.

Ran the front loop stopped at light pool to do 5 Mike Tysons at the 1st light and 5 Carolina Dry Docks at the 2nd light

Goodfella fed us all to the fishes on this one. Mosey back to get the 6.

Next Mosey over to the hill by the lake but stopped half way to do a quick 5 on it Burpees.


Half the PAX did 5 hill sprints while the other half did squats. During this noticed Noonan went missing pulling a page from Smuggler’s playbook. He did still have his hat and socks though!


Finished up and Mosey over to the track for some Mary and running as request by The Juice.

Pick a partner- 1 runs the track with 5 burpees at the corner the other performs ab work and than switch.

Exercises included Big Boys, LBC, Freddie Mercury’s, Heels to Heaven, American Hammers

Mosey back to COT but stopped at the Hill to do a jail break to finish.


Moleskin: This was a heart pounder and little chatter with all the men working so hard. Most were totally gassed by the end. Got around 3 miles of running in.



-April Waxhaw Q Challenge – 1 Q per 96 sites. Reach out to site Qs soon to avoid a mandater situation.

-Several other crazy runs and trail events next month. Contact Soft Pretzel or check social media links for more intel.

More PAX gotta have some Cowbell!

16 guys picked up their prescription for their fever at Cowbell.  It was a warm morning so C3PO had to scrape off the ice arrive late.  Jingles would have a tear in his eye watching C3PO’s Dukes of Hazard speed bump jumps on the way into these workouts.


  • A new-ish workout that involved Kettlebells and short sprints
  • Every Wednesday at 0530 at Petsmart in Wesley Chapel (0515 pre-run always available)
  • Bring your own kettlebell but if you don’t have one, there are extras (and that was tested today)


  • The goal is to keep your heartrate up the entire workout
  • A series of called KB exercises and then a short sprint (200-400 meters)
  • Example:  My avg. heartrate today was 154 bpm (by comparison, yesterday’s bootcamp was 121 bpm)
  • By changing up my weekly routine, this has accelerated my fitness . . . I’m guessing it will do the same for you as well


  • Cowbell has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Gazelles and Clydesdales side-by-side . . . Literally . . . There is no need to circle back for the 6 since we stay together all the time
  • Young and Old . . . 62 years young Blue Screen BEAT Hurry and Chastain on the last 200m lap today . . . 17 year old Johnny5 put in some HARD work today and he is getting a lot stronger!
  • MASH . . . Many injured PAX have posted at Cowbell and do the KB exercises with the group and then do ab work while the PAX sprint
  • Welcome to the first timers today . . . Sledge, C3PO, Johnny5, Inspector Gadget . . . Way to change up the routine!


  • Depends on who you ask . . . Just like EVERY workout, it is YOU vs. YOU . . . The more you PUSH YOURSELF EARLY in a workout, the longer you have to fight through mental hurdles during the workout which will make you better
  • We did some new exercises and some old ones
    • Curl to Press
    • Figure 8
    • Low Slow Squat
    • 5 count Plank KB pull-through merkin (had to be there)
    • One legged step up thrusters
    • Incline Plank rows
    • One legged side step ups
    • One arm snatch (zip up the jacket)
    • Chest press flutters
    • Over the head big boy situps
    • Double leg taps over the KB

We ended with some prayers for people close to Sledge and Blue Screen as well as a word of encouragement from Glidah to trust God and BE PRESENT in the moment . . . use your 5 senses to stay focused.

Happy Easter fellas.  I encourage you to not take it for granted and read the Easter story for yourselves this weekend.  Soak it in.  It’s truly mind blowing.  What if it’s true?

Muscle by Masonry

Its Chiseled——time to break out the Cooooooupons.

One nice thing about F3 Waxhaw is the variety of workouts. Yesterday , I was at Waxhaw Express (all running) So, I was more than happy to be able to Q at Chiseled today and work on the muscle of our colletive pax—- and they delivered…… Hardworkers in the crowd today!

Warmup (after Diccs of course)

Instructed the pax there would be lifting today—so the opening mosey would be long and slow to get loose—and lots of stretching focusing on the lower back.  The above 40 crowd definitely approved with the groans –thanks Schneider and gang…. Breadbowl and Swamp are probably still confused with the positive groaning that sounded x-rated

The Thang

Time to work–

  • Rifle carry coupon to the side of Mt. Chiseled
  • Find a parking spot line —plank left to the next line 10 merkins, plank right to the next line 8 merkins, back left 6 merkins, back right 4 merkins, back left 2 merkins— That is a chest killer
  • Get back on your line and rifle carry coupon to the other curb– do 10 air squats (to give the arms a rest) then rifle carry again back to original curb –10 air squats….rinse and repeat 3 times.
  • PARTNER UP—- P1 lifts while P2 runs
  • 150 per exercise: Curls, Overhead Presses, Bench Presses, Squats—-
  • Grab a curb–do 10 incline merkins—run across to the other curb and do 10 incline merkins –repeat 3 times.
  • Rifle carry to the front of MT Chiseled–partner up again. Time for “hills”….each pax runs up and back. switch with partner—- 5 times.
  • Time to finish up—-plank on your coupon and hold plank while we go around the circle and do 100 merkins–hold plank until its your turn to complete a merkin
  • Rifle Carry coupon back to COT and thats a wrap.


This was a hard working group!

-Schneider, Draper, Chainsaw, Rick Bobby—Respects that just put in the work. Appreciate you guys.                              -Flanders, Fuse Box, Loafer, Ex-Lax, Ackbar, Legal Zoom— Great effort as usual—OH YEAH                                            – The Mauls!!  Doughboy, Breadbowl, Swamp–How cool is that to workout with your two boys at your side …great leadership,                                                                                                                                                                                  – -Showgirl–Just met you this week (Lycan and today)- Great work- The Pax are glad you’re back! Keep coming.

Thanks for allowing me to lead you guys today. Great group that came to work!


Off the Chain— New Mountin Biking AO starts tomorrow evening at Walnut Creek . Contact Rockwell for more specific details,                                                                                                                                                                                          WTF–coming soon…May 1st  sign up on Groupme

6th man Ackbar: EH’d by Ice9 after a sermon he gave (he’s a pastor) where he descibed how he used to workout. Got his name because he is a Star Wars fanatic……Best Line: My Life is better because of you guys (F3).

Prayers for our F3 brother Premature as he will soon be getting a biopsy for possible prostrate cancer. Prayers are with you my friend…..Schneiders friend Mike in motorcycle accident

Ackbar prayed for these men and took us out.








Spackled Cologuard

Nice morning with temps in the 60’s for another installment of Anvil.  Good group of wiley vets, so, just gave the run of the mill disclaimer, and we were off.

Workout and Moleskin, all in one.  #efficiency

Ran over to the courtyard with the astro turf for COP.  On the way over, Runstopper was talking about how his shoulders were so sore from the many burpees Hops had called the day prior at the Hawk.  Told him my shoulders and back were hurting, but I did not one burpee yesterday.  Just old.

IW, LSS, HRM, Scorpion

Lots of chatter already, which I really welcome.  I don’t know what in the sam heck they were talking about but as Amy Mann would say, Voices Carry in that courtyard.

Ran back toward launch to the picnic area outside of the east wing of the church.  Called for 20 x step ups and 25 x dips, then run down to Rea Road for exercises, then run back to picnic area.  Repeato x 3 with 15 squats, wide arms merks, and LBC at the Rea Rd entrance.

Runstopper and Spack were out front most of the time on these runs, there were comments as to their swiftness in completing the picnic reps.  #ISI

Told Clover and Brushback about a newer show on SyFy called Resident Alien.  It’s a pretty good watch.  Clove asked if it were better than Below Deck?  Sorry bud, I don’t watch that trash.

No Show was quick during this part as well, nice work mate.

Did a little Mary after the third set, then recovered and headed back to west siiiiide.  On the run, Spack started guessing where we were going.  Avenue of trees?  No  Hot Box?  No  Five Knolls?  To which I asked, “are you high”?  Spack said not yet.  But he will be starting tomorrow through the following week.  #springbreak

Went to rock pile, grab a lifting rock; take to the parking lot.  25 curls/overhead press/tri extension, then run around loop – x3

During one of the rock sets, Spackler asked Floor Slapper if he had received his free Cologuard t-shirt yet?  Nope, not yet, but that led to questions about what would happen if he put a little blood in the doodoo within the box for analysis?  Slapper didn’t know, but it’s a pretty good question.  That led to the latest Nike issues with Vietnamese indentured servitude.  Covered the gambit for sure.

Put rocks back, head to the lot with eight islands.  Do 15 merkins and 15 LBCs at every other island all the way to the other side.

Then head back via main road, stopping at each road hump for some exercises.

done – all total, somewhere around 2.7 mileage

Further comments:

Hammer lamented at one point that he didn’t have it today.  Was talking about building someone’s $9m house.  Good lordey

Snowflake ran in and out, and just keeps going and going.

Point Break gets it done, cut and dry.  At least he showed up as the sole site Q as Lorax reached out via text last night to make sure I was good to go.  PB and I think that Lorax will blame his absence on the dog.

Circuit City and Limey were getting after it fairly quietly too, from what I could tell.  CC and I were running back just slow enough to end the workout when hitting the cars in the end.

Thanks to Brushback for taking us out in prayer.  Continued prayers for the Palmer family.

Glassy McGlasserson

Sup homies.


Wednesday morning came and went and 9 dudes came out to the gnarliest Wednesday workout that is only as bad as you want it to be –  called WAMRAP.


Lots of the regulars plus the triumphant return of Mile High & the tapering Turkey Leg who is allowing his legs to come back to life after a marathon – where he always kicks ass.


My biggest challenge in planning WAMRAP isn’t coming up with ideas, it’s deciding which ideas are stupid to do. And being a stupid man it takes me longer than it should to plan it out.


After a terrible beatdown from Flipper last week that actually wasn’t very hard to understand (but incredibly hard to recover from)  I wanted to keep the pace moving forward so laid down last night and pictured the concrete structure in my head and came up with the following plan:


The Thang 

  • Bottom of the deck – 15 full sit-ups
  • Run to Top
  • Top of stairs – 15 merkins
  • Corner 1 – 15 full jump squats
  • Middle Ramp – Uphill Burpee Broad Jump + 15 donkey kicks
  • Corner 2 – 15 of the things when you put your hands on the wall and then back down again (someone tell me how to spell and say that) Mar Tal Jai? Wall Tar Jai? Mar A Lago Orange Guy?
  • Top of stairs – 15 merkins
  • Run to Bottom
  • Bottom of deck – 15 full situps
  • Run to Dog Piss Heaven Grass Patch and do 1 burpee (add 1 each lap)
  • Plyo finisher instead of COT



Glass was everywhere today. I have no idea how no one had ripped up a digit doing merkins but it’s gonna happen.


Pretty sure Alf and McGee take bottles of Colt 45 to the top deck, drink 2 each then roll them down the stairs on Tuesday night to add excitement to the workout….but not before talking about how they should have been the starting QB in high school and how Rick Reynolds couldn’t even throw a screen pass and had no business being the starter.


Word is on the street, back in ’89, McGee could throw a pigskin a quarter mile. He actually wasn’t even there today but he’s still getting some recognition  – after we played telephone talking about his skiing injury, the jury declared that he broke his coccyx. No idea if that’s true. Could just be a bruise.


Back to Alf tho – I typically stay right on his tail but could not today. He was flying through the route with ease and once I lost him I definitely dialed it back a bit. He shared his strategy which he learned back in college during an Arby’s Roast Beef eating contest. So the story goes, his friend would crush a few of them down quickly and then he could slow down once the field realized they were 2 sandwhiches behind.


Flipper took the workout seriously and was killing it as well. You could tell by his speed but I could tell by him being the first guy to go sleeveless in 2021 which is always a brave move. Who’s next? I’ve got a great lineup of tanks that I’m really eager to pull out of the closet. By mid-June you can find a trail of shirts slewn across the top deck sitting in a pool of sweat. Add that to the glass, gum, throw up, bags of 3 day old food and you really have one of the best AOs out there. It feels like working out on a church mission trip to Bolivia.


Mile High has been speeding up every week at Sunday Soccer and making F3 a regular thing again. He’s a big/tall dude but don’t underestimate the breakaway speed. Good to see him back out there.


At the 6:10 roundup, Christmas and Iron Sides were knocking out lap 5 or 6 and I found a large group running together talking about David Goggins and probably considering doing one of his crazy challenges. F3 guys have a weakness for guys like this and have moved from Jocko to Goggins as they become more radicalized to try and find a way to workout 8 days a week.

These guys use intense words, 4am twitter posts and crazy stupid workouts to make you think that you’re only giving 40% when you are literally puking over the edge of a parking deck in South Charlotte wondering what you’ve done with your life.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read several of their books and love these guys but for me, the workout hero who doesn’t get enough credit?? Richard Simmons. Dude worked out with ten thousand women in neon spandex throughout the 80’s, and what was the result?  Zero sex scandals. Exercise hero.


Shared some personal news about another baby on the way and got lots of advice on how to NOT make a woman pregnant. Alf gave me his vasectomy doctor and said he does really great work, and in his multiple visits has never cut off anything he wasn’t supposed to. Pop Tart recommended abstinence. He must have Richard Simmons type skills.


Super fun morning – F3 is a blessing and I’m grateful you guys were willing to follow me into the gloom.



  • Happy Feet Invitational 5/2 – 6v6 soccer tournament – takes 2 mins to sign up. See Christmas/Mile High/Orange Whip OR
  • Just do it right now:

Copied from Flipper’s backblast last week…..

  • -WTF Ragnar style trail relay on 5/1 (see Dasher)
  • -South Mountain CSAUP on 4/17 (see Midriff)
  • -Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement for a Stonhenge-Davinci CSAUP thingy (see War Eagle)
  • -Functional Fitness Challenge (
  • -Rutbreaker Series Details coming soon (see slack channel or Flipper)




Voodoo’s BRR team said we had to write moar backblasts, so hear goez.

Actually, I never stopped writing them.  I just haven’t Q’d much lately.  


7 Skunks – one as funky smelling as his namesake.

Funky Cold, Chicken Wing, Smokey, Stone Cold, Baracus, Chubbs, HH




  • SSH X 25
  • IW X 20
  • Hillbilly X 20
  • Windmill X 10 10 burpees

Set 1 – repeat X 3

  • 2H Swing X 20
  • Lawnmower X 8/S
  • Racked Squat X 4/S
  • KB Merkins X 10/S 10 Burpees

Set 2 – repeat X 3

  • Alternating Swings X 20
  • Clean & Press X 5/S
  • Suitcase Lunge X 5/S
  • Snatch X 5/S 10 Burpees

Set 3 – repeat X 3

  • 1H Swing X 10/S
  • Goblet Squat X 6
  • High Pull X 8/S
  • KB Plank Pullthrough X 10 10 Burpees

1H Swing to Clean to Clean & Press to Snatch complex

Start at 1 rep each arm, then go up by 1 until 5 (or failure), then back down 10 Burpees



This was one of the original 3 “Vevlar” workouts that we powered through when F3 was shut down exactly a year ago.  Stone Cold and I used these over and over to get us through the worst of it.  We tweaked them slightly and each variation ended up at right around 45 mins.   We tried it on Zoom originally, but working out on Zoom might be worse than actual Zoom meetings at work so we ended up just doing them whenever we could.


The playlist was a random “Ultimate 80’s Hit Songs” that I found on Deezer.  We just took in whatever came at us from the speaker.


  • I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight (The title says it all)
  • Take On Me (Best. Video. Evar)
  • I’m Walking on Sunshine
  • Physical (definitely a song about exercise)
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Errybody)
  • Eye of the Tiger (hard to have a workout without this one)
  • I Ran (I think we skipped this one)
  • Down Under (vegemite sammich)
  • Black Velvet (like molasses in the sky)
  • Africa (my favorite)
  • Drive (great cooldown song)


Smokey kept complaining about wanting to hear 90’s hairband songs.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  The Horsehead isn’t really a big fan of the 90’s hairband action.  Bunch of guys in makeup and hairspray wearing tight leather isn’t my jam.  I’ll take the random fashion and awkwardness of the 80’s, but to each his own.

Stone Cold kept texting me before the workout wanting specific terrain details for footwear selection.  We all know he just only wears those Purple Haze knockoff all black shoes that you order from the back page of Prevention Magazines in the doctors office waiting room, so I’m not sure why he tries to put on such a show.

Lois was out.  Visor injury.  Ice up son.

Funky Cold pre-ran, but apparently did not pre &*!@ since he proceeded to &*!@ all over us during the workout.

Baracus wants to start a chubby hubby 9+min pace running club and I’m all in.

Chubbs is 23 years old.  That old Tacoma pickup that I drive to the workouts is 21 years old.

Chicken Wing has the Q next week and promises to write an even better backblast than this.


Word of the Day is Quiddity1) The inherent nature of essence of someone or something or 2) A distinctive feature; a peculiarity.  

Horsehead’s jovial demeanor is as much a quiddity as his giant eyebrow is. 













20 PAX on the Waxhaw Express!!!



  1. Mosey 1 mile to roundabout next to football field
  2. 10 SSH IC
  3. 10 second Glidah stretch per leg
  4. 10 second Hurray stretch per leg

The Thang

Simple – Run

  • All PAX run to drivers ed area and back to roundabout
  • PAX break up into 2-man teams to complete 1/4 mile intervals – partner 1 runs loop while partner 2 waits – each person completes two rounds
  • All PAX repeat another run to drivers ed area and back to roundabout
  • Repeat intervals again, this time 3 rounds
  • All PAX repeat another run to drivers ed area and back to roundabout
  • Repeat intervals again, two rounds
  • Run back to COT but right before, run 2 rounds around the front of the middle school
  • DONE!

I just want say thanks for the PAX coming to my VQ WXW Express! I saw new faces like Deep Dish and FNG Valdez plus the Pursuit and LRC crews. Also special shout out to Rudy, Popeye, Fusebox, and Chatterbox for kicking butt!!!

As always thanks for the push from the OG’s of WXW Express aka Gazelles: Gerber, Wolverine, Glidah, Easy Button, and Dasher!!

Cannot forget about my brothers the Wildabeest!! Chicken and Sugar


WTF May 1st – signup on Group M

6th man – Foundation

Welcome Ryan Silva FNG – aka Valdez

Stick to the classics

“They told me that the classics never go out of style, but … they do, they do. Somehow, baby, I never thought that we do too.”

They said the donut run was over.  No one does that anymore, running is for Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and maybe a Friday if you want to tickle the ole Tiger-Ball.  As John Rambo said, nothing is over.  Like the old gods, these things never die they just get renamed and recycled.  Rinse and repeat.  A cycle, or a circle.  Like a donut.  You know, the kind with a hole in the middle.

10 Fast Twitchers ran one direction of the classic donut route today.  Re-living the glory days of a Wednesday run, on a Tuesday.  A running workout that YHC never attended in his 5+ years of F3,  but a route that YHC has run many times.  The site q’s, and Alf, stayed home (their loss) for the a run through familiar territory, an unoriginal oldie but a goodie.  West out of Arbo, down Mt Rea, right at Dunkin, a quick yog past Hops yelling at the trifusenik for their lack of effort (t-claps on the BB BTW), right onto Candlewyck and then pax choice for the extra mile through Beverly Crest OR right onto Providence to bring it back to Arboretum.  6 miles or 7.  Unless you’re Voodoo then you do the whole thing twice because it’s that half marathon time of month.

Not much else to share, mostly because YHC was running alongside Butterknife the whole time.  Please sound off in the comments with any chatter or observations.

On a slightly more serious note, backblasts are a thing and they are real.  They don’t have to be long or overly complicated and ANY workout can have a backblast.  A backblast for Fast Twitch is proof.  So if you’re Q’ing or a site-Q, get a backblast written for your shenanigans that day.  The pax will appreciate you.


  • Flipper’s multitude of challenges continue, see Slack for details and get involved.  April is here and it’s time to break out of your ruts
  • May 22nd:  Functional strength challenge is coming, High Tide has the details and there is a pre-blast
  • April 24th:  The Stone(d)-Chicken is a SOB CSAUP to determine which workout is superior (SPOILER ALERT: Neither is superior to Rock Zero)

Thanks to Purple Haze for the takeout

1 year down…

Well its been a year since Noonan mentioned that I should get out to workout with the guys at Bushwood. About that time, F# was on a slight Hiatus, but a small group were out pretty much daily working out at MES. Noonan, Big Ben, One Star, Fiji, Spaulding and an occasional straggler along with myself. I’d say it it may have been the longest FNG run as it took a good 3 weeks to get aptly named Tanyatine. For those that had not known, I still follow and indulge in my first true love of Hockey and since I started during the early days of Quarantine, One Star played Mash-up with Tonya Harding and Quarantine.. Genius!!! Well at least he still thinks so to this day! However, it has stuck, and I think every new AO I head to, it is listed as a different name and I get dumbfounded looks regularly.

Prior to F3 and and Quarantine for that matter, I would travel and hit up so many YMCA’s that I have lost track. when that dried up, I started working out on my deck and running in early march 2020… Which looking back was pretty much a single person F3 workout, so the transition was smoother. Using a lot of those exercises within my own Q’s which are usually similar to the below.

Bushwood has been having increasing number lately and we had a perfect 18 today.

Warmup: slightly longer mosey to the front lot, Moroccan Night Clubs, SSH, IPW, Potato pickers 18IC. Calf Stretch, Up/Down dog.

Thang: Head out to the Half wall, but, uh….. Few too many Pax for the half wall, so Audible and head to Turkey Trot.

At each driveway on the left, Alternate 10 LBC’s and 10 Speed Skaters 1=2 2=1. Yes i called out 1=2 at one point.. oh well, there was the laughter to humble ones self. On the way back 10 LBC’s and 10 Romanian Dead lifts at the driveways. Smuggler led the Shoulder taps for the 6.

While we had to Audible the half wall, Fiji and Long Haul reminded me there were the picnicking tables on the back nine. So lets audible back. While going, 10 merkins at each mailbox before the cut through.  As we got to the tables/Tent, a few of us from last week had some flashbacks from last week when in the pouring rain it was the only dry spot….Until the sprinklers came on. So once again, Sprinkers on so we moved some tables and started on.

  • 18 derkins
  • 9 box jump (or step ups if the tables were slippery) Safety first!!
  • 27 Dips
  • Repeato.

Head to YHC favorite spot, the rock pile. Grab a lifting rock and rifle carry to the parking lot. Each Pax take a Spot, 9 holes of No Fun Zone!!! 9 exercises with run to end and back.

  • 9 Blockees
  • 18 american hammers 1=2 2=1
  • Lunge Twist 18 1=1
  • 36 curls
  • 18 Hernias
  • 18 Squat Thrusters
  • 27 Tris
  • 36 Chest press
  • 18 LAteral Front raises.

Rifle Carry rock back to pile, 3 mins to COT and finish with Fast feet for 30 seconds.


As I spoke to my wife last night that this was one year since I had finally decided to try F3 (I had been asked 3 years before in Race City)  I think she is just as happy as I was since we had just moved down here and she knows i need an outlet and just as important the fellowship. I am glad I have gotten involved and have been able to meet so many great people and their families over the last year. It gives me something to look forward to in the morning, and now I am looking forward to work travel a bit more as I know many of my destinations are also F3 areas.

Welcome New FNG Jazz Flute (Rob Pettman-think thats what I heard) since he is from San Diego, but born across the pond… works in Financial services, wife and two notches,  competitive wake boarder and Rugby player. other names considered: Cauliflower, San Diago, Classy, pebbles.


Bottle cap wants you —> at cowbell. Where is that location One Star?  Thats the same as Asylum right!?!?!

1 Q challenge- 1 person to Q every workout 100 Pax need to get involved looking at a lot of Newbies..reach out to Site Q’s

-Try new sites

-Get involved

-Smuggler at Dromedary tomorrow

-Big Ben at Bushwood next Tuesday for Spring Break Q

  • Big Ben- After going to the Dr, he is looking to lose weight and needs help with Motivation. Looking to get guys in a weighloss challenge. Possibly put money into a kitty and donate to an F3 charity. More to come on this

Why can’t we just do the same thing every week?!

Hopper, Chopper & Runstopper – say it aloud.  It’s fun to say.  They all posted today…pretty sure Chopper was LIFO, by the way.

Great morning to post, and a crew of 21 was ready to go starting with a 5-burpee warmup.  This is when the griping started aka mumble chatter.

Below is an accounting of this morning’s events – mostly unrelated to the workout itself – aka Moleskine.

A few observations as YHC arrived with 2 minutes to spare.

  • Deep Dish was about 5 pounds lighter and hard to recognize….he also seemed to run faster this a.m.
  • Motorboat was wearing skiing/hunting gloves?  It was 46 degrees.
  • Chopper apparently stole Dish’s locks, and his headband was outstanding.  He’s not in his 70’s (though he was WD) but he’s in the 70’s
  • Circuit City was jealous of Chopper’s headband
  • Hopper forgot the shovel flag
  • Slingshot & Huddle House ran in….maybe Salt n Peppa, too?
  • Sable was the only pax wearing short sleeves….bless you, son.

Ok.  Ok.  So we did COP over in the professional building lot.  As we headed there, Spackler was already complaining that the pax spent the whole time there last week with Limey on Q.  Those that don’t do the exercises cannot complain, right?  Refusenik’s forfeit that right!

We weren’t there long.  We ran down to OP, stopping a few times for some burpees.  At one stop, some smart@$$ asked “where’s Buc-ee’s?”  Answer: already planked up and 20 seconds ahead of you lollygaggers.

Did a bunch of wall work to include Mike Tyson’s, Wallthar N’Djaiye’s, People’s Chair with overhead press, Donkey kicks and some other stuff.

Snuka was out front on the down & back runs.  If I can a) even post and b) give that kind of effort when I’m 59 – that will be cause for much thanks.  T-claps Snuks.

Pretty sure Gloss & Spackler took a lap around the school rather than the called exercises.  #modifiersextraordinaire

Runstopper said that Mike Tyson calls the exercises “Runstopper’s”

We moseyed over to John Wesley’s milieu (aka the Methodist church) for some rock work, mostly thrusters with some curls and tricep extensions.  Curls are worthless and Puddin’ said no one noticed his/him/them at the beach recently.

Was thankful for the movie trivia lesson that was delivered by Geraldo & Puddin’ during this segment.

Gloss just kept wanting to head home, so I delayed our departure of course.

Marvel was getting after it the whole time in his silent assassin way…Thunder Road & Beetlejuice likewise.  I think Beetlejuice ran in as well, but that doesn’t count as he only lives a 5-iron away from the Nest.

Speaking of silent: that word does not describe Limey’s sphincter.  Sweet mercy.

So….that’s it.  Buc-ee’s took us out in prayer.  Please keep giving thanks and praying for God’s healing for Bout Time’s son Jennings.  He’s a great God, so don’t make him too small.  Be bold when you go to him.  I promise you won’t overwhelm him (that’s you making yourself too big).

Until next backblast….