WXW Express

Do we write backblasts for Express?

ByDeflated Aug 31, 2021

I was told the only rule was "Don't be a dumb ass", so why not? Thang: 4 Square First corner: run, jog back Second corner: run, j

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Is anyone even trying?

BySmithers Aug 17, 2021

Warmup Mosey about a mile to Lawson Mill and stretch OYO The Thang Mosey through trail to Pearmain and Congaree. Run down the loop and around

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Are you a Pogue or Kook?

ByGerber Aug 11, 2021

  What is a Pogue?  -- a working class kid What is a Kook? -- a lazy, punk kid So what are you? Do you put in max effort at

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Guitar Hero

ByEasy Button Jul 13, 2021

1 mile warm up run from COT to Crazy cabin boys house to High School light. THE THANG At the 200 and 400 markers at the front of the high s

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Tracks Open

ByDasher Jul 7, 2021

Ran progressions on the track and ran stadium   Everyone get credit.

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Track is Wack

ByDasher Jun 15, 2021

Warm-up Run Original plan was to run Champion Forest today but we happen to run by the stadium and the gate was wide open so we did an audible

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“Give It All You Got” – Chop Choo

ByFuse Box Jun 8, 2021

14 poor souls brave men came out to Waxhaw Express today to run for an hour.  A couple new pax saw a fat guy was Q'ing and decided to venture ou

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32 minute workout

ByWolverine Jun 1, 2021

Diccs and mosey, stretch, mosey ... Easy workout today, timed intervals.  1 min, 2 min, 3, 4, 3, 2 & 1 minute of 5k pace with equal recov

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