F3 Waxhaw’s Next Nantan

F3 Waxhaw’s Next Nantan

For those who weren’t at Waxhaw’s Memorial Day Convergence, I wanted to share an exciting announcement for our region.  While some of you think that F3 runs smoothly on its own, this organization is special because of many HIM (High Impact Men) continue to live selflessly in order to reach more men.

There are about 50 Site Qs who help keep our workouts active, relevant, fun, safe, and growing.  Then there are 10 guys who have been selected to “The Board” to help F3 Waxhaw on mission and accelerating in all areas.  I have had the honor of being a part of this Board since we launched almost 2 years ago (NOTE:  What is “The Board” and what do they do?  See below for more details).

Today, I was VERY excited to handoff the Nantan role to Gerber.  (NOTE:  What is the “Nantan” and what does he do?  See below for more details).  The vast majority of you know Gerber because of his speed, his tripod, his love of ClyentDinner, or because his 7 year old son SpeedBump has kicked your butt during a workout at some point.  But I have gotten to know Gerber a lot better over the past couple of years and I want to share some items about him:

  • He is a lawyer
  • A loyal friend
  • A lover of Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar
  • Devoted husband
  • He might be a little OCD
  • Has had double hip surgery
  • Been hit by a car while biking
  • Tremendous Dad
  • Loves calf sleeves
  • A work in progress
  • BirdDog’s biggest customer
  • Man of faith
  • Has a tremendous backstory and has over come a lot
  • Passionate about F3

This is just a little bit about F3 Waxhaw’s new Nantan.  He is going to help F3 Waxhaw go to the next level.  HOWEVER, one thing that the Nantan role is not . . . A lone soldier.  HE NEEDS OUR HELP.  Let’s line up alongside Gerber and work together to accelerate all 3 Fs . . . Both personally and as a Region.

I will be praying for Stase as he takes on this new role; for wisdom, for discernment, for protection in his marriage, for his health, and for an overwhelming group of men to rally around him to encourage and uplift him.  LET’S DO THIS!  ALL THE BEST MY FRIEND!


  • NANTAN: Gerber
  • WEASELSHAKER: Chastain
  • 1st F FUNCTIONAL Q: Carb Load and Dasher
  • 2nd F FUNCTIONAL Q: Chicken Little and TBD
  • 3rd F FUNCTIONAL Q: Shop Dawg and Centerfold
  • COMZ Q:  Zinfandel
  • Q OF EXPANSION:  Posse

NANTAN: The Q of the Region.  The cultural and spiritual leader of his PAX, who represents but does not govern.  Encourages the “Plant/Grow/Serve” mission and ignites the need for male community leadership amongst the Pax. 

  • Intentionally Pursue Expansion by encouraging the planting of underserved areas in the region
  • Constantly Encourage Emotional Headlocking by all PAX
  • Be a leader in all three F’s . . .
    • 1st F : Always in a state of progressing fitness
    • 2nd F: Attend as many 2nd F events as possible, not running for mayor though
      • Avoids factionalism in region (cliques)
      • Treats all men the same, not identifying with any particular group
      • Seen as representative of all the PAX in region, not just “my” guys
    • 3rd F : Encourage PAX to a life of Purpose in whatever form their Faith takes
  • Don’t allow one view to dominate by majority or silenced by minority
  • F3 is a First Amendment culture. Every man gets to speak his mind
  • F3 is a LOVE culture, in which the freedom to speak one’s mind comes with the responsibility to do so in a manner that best breeds Fellowship. This is a delicate and narrow line to tread, and the example starts with the Nantan.
  • Balance Regional Needs with F3 Nation Needs
    • Keeps Board meeting frequency and agendas relevant
    • Presence on F3 Nantan Slack Channel
    • Attend F3 Nantan Conference Calls
    • First point of contact for F3 Nation
  • Take responsibility For Outcomes and Encourage movement (I2 – Individual Initiative)
    • F3 is a movement, decentralized, spread quickly
    • Teach what we know (Freed to Lead/Q-Source), make clear the mission, reward all forms of initiative and manage the consequences
    • Decentralized leaders have the skill needed, know what to do, see it and have the confidence to do so without fear that they will be cut off at the knees if they fail. That kind of leadership is explosive and the very thing that drives Movements forward dramatically

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