Invincible…The Waxhaw Version

ByLoafer Jul 29, 2021

Invincible…The Waxhaw Version   Inspired by the Marc Wahlberg classic, “Invincible,” I decided to come up with a football “Wei

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ByLoafer Mar 20, 2021

F3 Impromptu 3/19/21 DICCS – Always have to give the DICCS (Disclaimer, CPR Check, Cell Phone Check and Safety Reminder)  Done. Warm Up- Ra

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ROCK in the USA

ByIckey Shuffle Jun 28, 2017

Sometimes you have to shake things up in order to keep them fresh.  People tend to appreciate variety.  The Silicon Valley douche-nerds call it

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Those who Donut

ByBushwood Jun 28, 2017

Today, we had 14 brocefs who ran the north course. Hairball and Bunker opted for the Bow Tie Donut course of 9 miles. Today's group was ambitious

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ByBratwurst Jun 28, 2017

26 PAX at the Wednesday Hump Day Bootcamp in Waxhaw, NC at Marvin Ridge MS/HS campus known as Dromedary were Thunderstruck! by Rockwell and his

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Stretch and destroy

ByLois Jun 28, 2017

Six of Area 51's stretchiest PAX descended upon the Scout Hut for this week's installation of Gumby. Here's what it looked like: First, we had

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Form 101

ByStrawberry Jun 27, 2017

Sometimes we get caught up with trying to move as fast as we can; we (I) can power through a movement without regard for proper form. Which is co

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Tennis Arms UNITE!

ByBottlecap Jun 27, 2017

SInce YHC likes to stay current with today's hot topics, what better way than to go with a Tennis theme with all the McEnroe/Serena banter.  Wha

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Fast Twitch BB

BySwiper Jun 27, 2017

After a night of excessive tweeting and "uncomfortable chatter" from Alf, 24 PAX showed up for another session of Fast Twitch. After a 3:30 wake