The Taxidermy Vending Machine

ByHorsehead Jun 12, 2019

11, including a FNG who was somehow smookered into a pre-workout run with Dollywood, gathered for an event that everyone has had on their calend


Death Valley Preblast – The ARBOWIB

ByHorsehead Jun 11, 2019

Tomorrow, we unleash something that has never been done before. Well, except that it has, and it failed miserably #SOFAWIB, and I never once po


SOFA WIB Just Won’t Die

ByAquafresh May 24, 2018

posted on behalf of One Eye 17 PAX started their week the right way The Thang: COP – SSHx20 Mosey to corner of Carmel and Camilla

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HorseyMcClockArse: The Return of the Arse

BySundancer Mar 27, 2017

6, call it 7 badasses from Metro, 51, and Union got together for some hill-based "fun." Let's get the usual business out of the way - Yes, the t

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HorseyMcClockArse: Open For Business

BySundancer Mar 26, 2017

Racing season is here and Smokey Mountain Relay is in one month* Like my man Kirk once told me, "Hills are speed in disguise, and Sundancer you


Last rites – Bulls on Parade

ByKirk Jan 31, 2017

Cold morning.  Several cars in the lot upon arrival, so what would have been a great joke wasn't going to happen.  YHC intentionally didn't pre


Last Call

ByKirk Jan 30, 2017

Get your head right.  Tomorrow is it.  That is all.

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Going, going…

ByKirk Jan 24, 2017

That escalated quickly.  Really.  Anyway, here's what 8 ish accomplished this morning: Run +/- 0.88 miles to Foxworth (long way - all rights)


Going out of business sale

ByKirk Jan 23, 2017

Second to last opportunity, blah blah know the deal.  Post or don't. There were several contenders for the top 3, a few of which are