Afternoon Delight

Would you take out a kid for a Strava segment?

ByGerber Jun 11, 2021

Ahh, the age old question.... what you would do for a segment? Some have run red lights, cut corners, ridden on a bike or in a car, had someon

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Loop the Lake

ByChastain Jun 4, 2021

Two guys together in the woods...the jokes write themselves so I'll save my fingers the typing. 11:59 and it doesn't look like anyone else is

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Afternoon Delight 3-Some

ByRaven-WXW May 28, 2021

YHC, LegalZoom, and Tanyatine showed up for a beautiful afternoon for a 30 minute 3some! Standard DICCS, then quick mosey under the shade of a

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Slight Detour!

ByTonyatine May 21, 2021

Friday afternoons have been a good break to the week letting YHC sleep in some after a long night on the Ice. Gives a little time to re-hydrate a

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VQ Skyrockets in Flight

ByRaven-WXW May 17, 2021

DICCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) Warmup Quick mosey down and around one of the large grassy areas and circle up.

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Afternoon Delight – It’s official?

ByBottlecap May 7, 2021

HEADLINE:  6 PAX skipped out of work cleared their schedules on a Friday WHERE:  Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel (side note:  A great AO for

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