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Varsity Volleyball

Aye! 27 HIMs leapt into the gloom at Peak 51 on Thursday. We had a mix of newbies, veterans and those, like YHC coming out of a period of extended fartsacking. The first couple of “phases” of this workout were inspitred by my 16yo 2.0s volleyball coach, hence the name. And it goes a little something like this…

The Thang

Little baby job from launch to parking lot behind FBC Matthews.

-10 Merkins
– 15 SSH
– 8 Merkins
– 15 Squats
-6 Merkins
– 15 LBCs
– 4 Merkins
– 15 Imperial Walker
– 10 Merkins

Mosey across the way to the BB&T lot.

Lucky 7
Count off in 1s and 2s for a set of “sevens” – two exercises where reps always add to 7.
Supine pull ups on bar behind BB&T; Merkins at other end of lot; jog in between
– 6 and 1, 5 and 2,…..

Mosey to parking lot behind Matthews Elementary School

Suicide Shuffle
Stay in groups and gather for suicide shuffle
Group 1: Suicides to each of the three light poles
Group 2: Exercises: Round 1 – Squats, Round 2- Merkins, Round 3 – LBCs
Flapjack after each round

Mosey to softball field

Bases of Death
Start to Home Plate
Bear crawl to 1B, 10 Squats
Lunge walk to 2B, 15 LBCs
Backwards job to 3B, 10 Burpees
Run to Home, 15 Merkins

Run back to launch spot and finish off with merkins and LBCs.



– Great work by all the pax. It was an honor to lead #Peak 51 and thanks to Booyah for getting me on the Q schedule. Hope everyone enjoyed the workout and got what they were looking for.
– Welcome to Matoke, our FNG. He is from Uganda and apparently Matoke is a fantastic banana dish. T-claps to Strikeout for bringing him out.
– After having been away from F3 for a while, it is great to be back. I realize how important F3 is overall to me and really missed the 2nd F.

All I got.


12 of Everything! – a different twist on 12 Days of Christmas

15 strong Pax leapt into the gloom for the annual #12DaysofChristmas beatdown at #Stonehenge.  This was a good workout and even included 10 bonus minutes.

The Thang

Half mile little baby jog to the mini pond adjacent to Lending Tree.

12 Days Of Christmas

This year, rather than do the typical 12Days workout where the number of reps matches the “day” of Christmas, we just did 12 reps of everything (except day 1 since it was a lap). Afterall, the date was 12/12, plus the Panthers were 12-0! #numbergames

Day 1 – 1 lap around the Mini Pond (@ .20 mile)
Day 2 – 12 Merkins
Day 3 – 12 LBC
Day 4 – 12 Squats
Day 5 – 12 Burpees
Day 6 – 12 SSH
Day 7 – 12 Dolly
Day 8 – 12 Eight-count Manmaker Burpees
Day 9 – 12 Flutter
Day 10 – 12 Jack Webb (12 merkins, 24 overhead presses)
Day 11 – 12 Rosalita
Day 12 – 12 Hill repeats (1 repeat was ech direction, 1 up + 1 down = 2 reps)

You know the drill, day 1, then day 2,1…day 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, etc.
To say this was hard, is an understatement. YHC pregamed with 2 Red Bulls, which wore off around day 5.

Indian Run half mile back to launch.


– Thanks to Tuck for letting me elbow the Q away. This has become somewhat of a #tradition and I appreciate you letting me do it this year.
– As for numbers, we ran about 3 miles during the workout, completer 324 Merkins (incl. Burpees, 8 Count and jack Webb) and had loads of fun!
– YHC was smoked!! It took 3 days before I wanted to even think about this workout, hence the beLATEd backblast.

– Joe Davis Memorial 5K is on January 9. Let’s show some F3 support and get out there to run, volunteer or hang out.
– New workout at Blakeney called daVinci. Hard launch is on January 16, Qs are Tuck and Mic Check. #youvebeenwarned

All I got.

Simple but Deadly…debut of The Bravest

Aye!  7 tough pax ventured into the humidity filled gloom for a weekly dose of The Brave.  This week a new 30 minute pre workout – #TheBravest, debuted with 2 pax taking on that challenge.  By the end, all the pax were soaked in sweat and ready to kickstart their day.

The Bravest
YHC and Madame Tussaud arrived at 0445 for #The Bravest, a new 30 minute pre workout

Moseyed to Lochness and ran laps of pain around the loch (@1/3 mile)
Lap 1: standard warm-up lap
Lap 2: 20 Derkins, 20 dips, 10 Peter Parker Merkins, 15 Step ups, Bear crawl across field
Lap 3: 15 Derkins, 15 dips, 5 Peter parker Merkins, 10 Step ups
Mosey to fitness trail

Arm walks across parallel bars
AMRAP pull ups (only 5 to 10 but AMRAP sounds better)
Final lap around Loch Ness and back to The Vine at 0515 for launch of The Brave

The Brave

Run the “back way” towards Premier Deck (road paving on Ballantyne Commons)
– Begin Indian Run at Snyder Lance
– Stop for Mary in parking lot across from SPX
– 20 LBCs, 20 Dolly
– Continue Indian Run for Slalom course
– Run one pass of the Serpentine, 20 LBCs
– Continue to Premier Deck and run to the top (Level 5)

Tower of Pain – run down to level, merkins, back to top, LBCs
Round 1:
– Run down to Level 2, 20 Merkins, Run up to top, 20 LBCs
– Run down to Level 4, 20 Merkins, Run up to top, 20 LBCs
Round 2:
– Run down to Level 3, 20 Merkins, Run up to top, 20 LBCs
– Run down to Level 1, 20 Merkins, Run up to top, 20 LBCs
Run back down to Level 1, 20 Merkins on each level (total of 80)

Run back towards The Vine, stopping for 30 LBCs on the way
Detour through Ballantyne Hotel and stop at Wells Fargo lot

Finish off with sprint relay


– This was TOUGH! YHC was completely smoked at the end but it felt awesome.
– YHC did the disclaimer during the Indian Run. Somehow this seems appropriate for The Brave workout.
– #TheBravest is legit and makes an already tough workout even harder.
– Mileage was around 4.5 miles but it ran like 8 and felt like 15!

– F3 Dads Saturday 0900 at Beatty Park.

Thanks for letting me lead.

Stop, Knock Down and Roll Around

25 tough dudes including five 2.0s leapt from their beds and came to Stonehenge for a daily downPAINment.  It was muggy and we had pax literally falling down all over each other but it was a solid workout with a great effort by everyone.  YHC was there and ready with Weinke in hand.  However, just like a cheat sheet permitted for an 8th grade science test, all the knowledge contained was burned into YHC’s brain while making the Weinke, rendering it unnecessary.  #decorativepurposesonly  Anyway, so the story goes…

Jog to Stonehenge pillar (crossing Johnston) for COP

– LBC x 25
– Merkins x 20
Jog to Premier Deck entrance. Partner up.

Laps with Pain
Round 1:
P1: Run around Premier Deck
P2: Merkins
Plank to regather pax

Round 2:
P1: Run around Premier Deck
P2: Squats
Plank to regather pax

Mosey to Slalom Course (hill with trees interspersed off Ballantyne Corp. across from soccer field)

Serpentine Merkin Ladder
Pax run a pass up and down hill going around all of the trees along the way (i.e., slalom)

Run 1 pass – 30 merkins (once all pax arrive)
Run 2 passes (down and back) – 20 merkins
Run 3 passes – 10 merkins
Run 2 passes – 20 merkins
Run 1 pass – 30 merkins
Run 1 final pass to end at start point

Mosey to soccer fields, reunite with partner
P1 on sideline; P2 approximately 20 yards out on field

Merkins on a Roll
P1: Rolling Merkins to P2
P2: LBCs while waiting
10 handslap merkins
P2 jogs to sideline

P2: Rolling Merkins to P1
P1: LBCs while waiting
10 handslap merkins
P1 jogs to sideline

Jog to lower level of Premier Deck and continue up stairs to top of deck

Stairway to Hell (Merkin Style)
Circle up
5 Merkins
Down stairs to Level 4, circle up, 10 Merkins
Up stairs to Top, circle up, 5 Merkins
Down stairs to Level 3, circle up, 15 Merkins
Up stairs to Top, circle up, 5 Merkins
Down stairs to Level 2, circle up, 20 Merkins
Up stairs to Top, circle up, 5 Merkins
Down stairs to Bottom, across deck, circle up, 25 Merkins

Jog back to Launch Point


– Wow, what a great effort by all the pax, especially the 2.0s. This was a beast of a workout and we literally never stopped. I never heard a single complaint (O2 deprivation?)
– Werlcome to FNG GM. This is Commich’s 2.0 and he did a great job. Hope you come back with Dad again soon.
– Lots of Merkins. Plenty of opportunities for lots of Merkins today. 110 in the Serpentine, 90 in the Stairway to Hell plus 20 handslaps and 15 in COP puts you at 235 without counting Merkins done on the Premier Deck run or bonus merkins. Madam Tusseau did about 425!
– Watch Your Step. On the run around Premier Deck, Lugie and Bivo both hit the pavement hard. Both continued on through the workout without missing a beat despite a swollen ankle for Lugie. Bivo was heard yelling “Boomer Sooner”. #beastmode
– Serpentine Merkin ladder could also be called the Slalom of Suck. It was very tough and all the pax did a great job. YHC was completely smoked.
– Great to see so many pax getting stronger each and every week.

– Ghost Runner going strong on Thursdays at 1930. Launches from ABC Arboretum with route options from 4 to 6 miles. 2ndF opportunity post run at Vintners @ 2030.
– Several Pax (YHC included) are running the Tread Nightly Half Marathon at the USNWC on Friday, June 19. Race starts at 2000. Come out and run or just hang out at the USNWC and fellowship before/after.

Back in The Saddle

Aye!  15 tough brothers leapt into the humidity-filled gloom for a post at #Stonehenge.  YHC was Qing for the first time in a while and wanted it to be a good one.  I think YHC succeeded and all the pax got a great start to Saturday.

The Thang

Little baby jog to adjacent parking lot for COP.

– Flutter kicks x 30
– Partner Burpees x 10
P1 does 10 Burpees while P2 watches to ensure proper form
– Partner Burpees x 10

Jog to Small Pond, keep partner from COP

Round 1:
P1: Run up hill, 10 Burpees, run down, 10 LBCs
Keep going until P2 complete
P2: Run two laps around lake
Plank until all pax complete

Round 2:
P1: Backward run up hill, 10 Merkins, run down, 10 Flutter Kicks
Continue until P2 complete
P2: Run two laps around lake

Jog to Field of Bulls, lunge walk interspersed along the way

Circle up for Mary

– LBC x 25
– Dolly x 20
– Flutter x 20

Form two lines for sprint relays
Sprint to last tree ( @ 30 yards), do 10 Merkins and sprint back
Pax do LBCs while you wait (switched to squats at half way point)
Continue until all pax in both lines are done

Mosey to stone marker for Rolling Merkin Relays – same teams as before
Rolling Merkin to Bulls, backward jog back #dizzy
Pax go LBCs, Merkins, Bicycles while you wait
Continue until both lines are done

Cross street to open field for Jack Webb
Jack Webb ladder up to 5

Run to Loch Ness
Ledge 1: LBCs on ledge x 25
Ledge 2: Flutter on ledge x 25

Run to Black Diamond Hill
Slide down to bottom, run up to top, 5 Merkins, slide back down
Run back up to top and jog to picnic tables
– Dips x 25

Jog back to Wells Fargo lot

Finish up with team sprint relays #crowdpleaser


– Great work by all the pax. It was honor to lead everyone again after an extended absence.
– YHC was smoked at the end as was most everyone else. #puddlesofsweat

– F3 Death March on May 29, details on website and weekly email
– New moderate running workout on Fridays at South Clt Middle School (Death Valley AO)

Slow Twitch and Fast Twitch

Aye!  15 strong pax leapt into the frosty gloom this AM for their daily downPAINment at Joust. We got a solid dose of training for both fast and slow twitch muscles. Amongst our crew was an FNG, who was a very solid addition.  All of the pax worked hard and hopefully got what they were looking for.

The Thang

Jog from parking lot down to football field for COP.

– SSH x 25
– Slow Squat x 15
– Imperial Walker x 25
– LBC x 15

Jog to 50 yard line for Dirty McDeuce. For those not familiar with this, it is 4 rounds of 3 different exercises. 12 repetitions each in cadence. I took a page out of OBT’s play book and added a lap around the track between rounds, so the pax would also get a mile of running.

Round 1: Squats, Flutter Kicks, Merkins
Run 1 lap
Round 2: Stumpjumpers, Bicycles, Diamond Merkins
Run 1 lap
Round 3: Dolly, Mountain Climbers, Sore Shoulders (forward and backward)
Run 1 lap
Round 4: Rosalita, Local option (Header chose 12 Burpees), 12 more Burpees
Run 1 lap

Mosey to end zone for sprints with pain
All pax start lying face down and when prompted sprint 100 yards, then complete said exercises

Round 1: 100 yard sprint, 10 Merkins, 10 LBCs, Plank when done
Round 2: 100 yard sprint, 15 Merkins, 15 LBCs, Plank when done
Round 3: 100 yard sprint, 20 Merkins, 20 LBCs, Plank when done
Round 4: 100 yard sprint, 25 Merkins, 25 LBCs, Plank when done
Round 5: 100 yard sprint, 30 Merkins, 30 LBCs, Plnak when done

Jog back to start for Mary

– LBCs x 25
– Flutter x 15


– Welcome to FNG (F3: Speaker). This guy was leading the charge in the sprints. Great to have you out.
– Today was a good mix of “slow” twitch work (laps on the track), “fast” twitch work (the sprints) and calistenics (everything else). Everyone did a great job and really pushed things.
– It was an honor to lead you men. Thanks again.

– Check website and weekly email on Mud Run updates, F3 Golf and all else that is going on in F3 Nation.

Jelly of the Month Club

18 strong pax ventured into the gloom at Death Valley only to be greeted with an enrollment in the Jelly of the Month Club. Although there are only 8 days left before Christmas, we celebrated with with a 12 Days of Christmas Ladder.

The Thang

At 0530 we jogged down to the football field, our AO for the morning.

– SSH x 15

Mosey to endzone for 12 Days of Christmas
You know how the workout goes, after each new “day”, repeato all the previous ‘days”. For example on Day 5: 5 Merkins, then exercises from days 4, 3, 2, and 1
– Day 1: 1 100 yd run to other endzone (after Day 5, we sprinted second 50 yds)
– Day 2: 2 dozen LBCs #crowdpleaser
– Day 3: 3 Merkins
– Day 4: 4 Flutter Kicks
– Day 5: 5 Merkins
– Day 6: 6 Squats
– Day 7: 7 Merkins
– Day 8: 8 Dolly
– Day 9: 9 Merkins
– Day 10: 10 Lunges
– Day 11: 11 Merkins
– Day 12: 12 Imperial Walker

We finished this round of 12 Days pretty quickly, so a ladder back down seemed appropriate.

Mosey to midfield, facing sideline,
– Day 11: 11 Merkins, 10, 9,…….1 run to sideline
– Day 10: 10 Lunges, 9, 8,……1 run to midfield
– Day 9: 9 Merkins., 8, 7,…..1 run to sideline
– Day 8: 8 Dolly, 7, 6,….1 Karaoke run to midfield
– Day 7: 7 Merkins, 6, 5,…1 Karaoke (switch) run to sideline
– Day 6: 6 Squats, 5, 4,..1 run to midfield
– Day 5: 5 Merkins, 4, 3,..1 run to sideline
– Day 4: 4 Flutter Kicks, 3, 2, 1 Burpee
– Day 3: 3 Merkins, 2, 1 Burpee
– Day 2: 2 dozen LBCs, 1 Burpee
– Day 1: 10 Burpees

Jog back to parking lot.


– First, some numbers:  During this workout we completed 504 LBCs (ouch!), 305 Merkins, 12 100 yard runs plus everything else.  Great job by all the pax. This was a good workout and hope everyone is “feeling” it like YHC is.
– YHC was surprised how quickly we finished 12 Days but am glad we got to add the ladder down portion.
– Thanks to Stagecoach for opportunity to lead today’s workout.

– Christmas Eve (next Wednesday) convergence at Calvary (Anvil AO) at 0600. All Area 51 Wednesday workouts will meet there.
– January 3 Resolution Convergence at Olde Providence Elementaty (Ascent AO). Many Saturday workouts are converging there at 0700. Great opportunity to bring out FNGs.
– Joe Davis Run on January 10 in Fort Mill. Response so far has been terrific. Check weekly email for more details or see Strange Brew.
– Unbroken movie convergence on evening of January 10 at Regal Stonecrest. Great 2ndF opportunity for the pax. Check weekly email for more details or see Stone Cold.

Twelve Days of Bah Humbug

Aye. 13 strong men came out in the early gloom to celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas – Stonehenge style. It was an appropriate workout given that Saturday was literally 12 days from Christmas. Here is how it went down.

The Thang
– This year the “12 Days” workout was on the run, meaning the pax ran from point to point stopping for the various exercises.

– No proper COP, although I did suggest the pax stretch a bit before heading out.

Twelve Days of Bah Humbug:
– Day 1: one Dying Cockroach
– Day 2: two dozen Merkins
– Day 3: three Squats
– Day 4: four Mountain Climbers
– Day 5: five Burpees
– Day 6: six Lunges
– Day 7: seven LBCs
– Day 8: eight SSH
– Day 9: nine Dolly
– Day 10: ten Plank Jacks
– Day 11: eleven Imperial Walkers
– Day 12: twelve Carolina Drydocks

Running Route:
We ran to the various landmarks below and performed that “day” and all of the prior days. For example, on Day 5, we got to the top of Premier Deck and did Day 5, than days 4, 3, 2 and 1

Starting at Vine Parking Lot:
– to Stonehenge Landmark: Day 1
– to Ballantyne Corp intersection: Day 2
– to Level 1 of Premier Deck – Day 3
– to Level 3 of Premier Deck – Day 4
– to top of Premier Deck – Day 5
– down steps and to Johnston Bridge – Day 6
– to Field of Bulls – Day 7
– to Lending Tree lot – Day 8
– to ESPN/SEC Network sign – Day 9
– to Johnston Road intersection – Day 10
– to Ballantyne Medical sign – Day 11
– to Stonehenge Landmark – Day 12

Little baby jog to CVS lot then all you got back to launch point.


– Yikes, this was tough. Great job by all the pax. We literally never stopped moving and added LBCs while you wait until all pax reached a landmark.
– Some numbers: 3.5 miles running, 300 Merkins (including burpees), lots and lots of mumblechatter.

– Stonehenge will converge at Ascent (Olde Providence Elementary) on January 3. This is a great opportunity to bring an FNG with you. Note, workout time will be 7:00 AM.
– Check website for details on Joe Davis Memorial Run on January 10.

Two Years with F3 or It’s Not My Birthday

Aye! 20 strong brothers came out to Stonehenge in the early morning gloom. YHC was celebrating two years with F3, although many pax were convinced it was my birthday. We had a great group and enjoyed our workout in the cooler gloom.

The Thang

Run to Medical Lot for COP

– Squats x 24
– LBC x 4
– SSH x 24
– Dolly x 24
– Imperial Walker x 24
– Rosalita x 24

Run to Medical Dock for People’s Chair
– People’s Chair x 2:00 with 24 OH Arm presses and 24 Forward Arm Presses
– Botched attempt at People’s Chair while pax reciting Greek alphabet #fail

Run to adjacent parking lot for relays
Two Teams sprint to end, 10 Merkins, sprint back, 14 LBCs
– Waiting pax do squats while you wait

Mosey to adjacent parking area
Same teams as before
– Rolling Merkin relays down and back
Waiting pax do LBCs while you wait

Run to Field of Bulls for Mary and Merkins

– LBC x 14
– Merkins x 10
– Dolly x 10
– Diamond Merkins x 14
– Flutter x 14
– Merkins x 10
– Dying Cockroach x 10
– Diamond Merkins x 14

Mosey towards Loch Ness
Stopping for Jack Webb birthday wishes
– Merking/Arm Press combination, Double presses for each merkin
– Start with 1 Merkin and 2 Presses
– Up to 5/10 and ladder back down to 1/2

Run to knee wall at Loch Ness
– Dips x 24

Run to Wells Fargo lot for sprint relays
– Pax do any exercise while waiting

Back to lauch point
– Merkinorama until fail


– Welcome to FNG Scott (F3: Madd Hatter). Great job and we hope you’ll be back
– Chipotle vs. Lugie: these guys were in the anchor slot on all the realys and battled greatly. Solid work fells and it was fun to watch

– Thank to everyone in F3 for the past two years. It has been great getting to know the pax and F3 does a great job of discipling men and I am glad to be part of it.
– Check website for updated information on Joe Davis 5K, Thunder Road and other upcoming events
– Bring your shoes for the Sole Redemption project. Let’s really overwhelm CRM with our generosity.

Is This a Running Workout or Bootcamp Workout?

13 men jumped into the gloom at Stonehenge early Saturday morning. Throughout the workout we pondered this question.

The Thang

Run (3/4 mile)to the soccer field adjacent to Premier Deck for COP

– IW x 25
– LBC x 25
– Squats x 20
– Merkins x 15
– Dolly x 15

Mosey to Premier Deck for Ladder of Pain

Ladder of Pain
– run up deck adding exercise on each level
Level 1: 5 Burpees
– run up to level 2
Level 2: 10 Merkins, 5 Burpees
– lunge walk to light, run up to level 3
Level 3: 15 LBCs, 10 Merkins, 5 Burpees
– run up to level 4
Level 4: 20 Dolly, 15 LBCs, 10 Merkins, 5 Burpees
– backward run up to level 5, run to other side of deck
Level 5:
– People’s Chair x 1:30 w/ overhead press
– 10 Merkins
– Peoples’s Chair x 1:30 w/ 1 leg lifts
– 10 Merkins
– Sprint to other end of deck
– Sprint back
– Sprint to other end of deck
– Sprint back
– Sprint lap around top of deck
– LBC x 25
– Rosalita x 15
– run down to level 4
Level 4: 20 Dolly, 15 LBC, 10 Merkins, 5 Burpees
– run down to level 3
Level 3: 15 LBC, 10 Merkins, 5 Burpees
– run down to level 2
Level 2: 10 Merkins, 5 Burpees
– run down to level 1
Level 1: 5 Burpees

Mosey to wall
– People’s Chair x 1:00

Run back to launch point, stopping for:
– LBCs x 25
– Slowcount Merkins x 15 led by Haggis
– Squats x 20

Finish with LBC x 15


– Great job by all. We had some new faces and some folks returning after an extended break. Welcome!
– As far as the question posed in the title… Suffice it to say the answer is BOTH. Bratwurst suggested Stonehenge is a Bootcamp since our hands touch the ground.

– Frehley’s Comet is now co-site Q with me. It’s well past the time to spread the leadership responsibilities around and thanks to FC for stepping up.
– 1 mile time trial at Swift workout in two weeks. AO will be Community House Middle School. Time trial to be followed by a workout. QIC is Bratwurst.
– Check website for details on Thunder Road marathon.