“Mmm Hm Convergence” aka Mid May’s Mental Health Monday 4 the win!!

“Mmm Hm Convergence” aka Mid May’s Mental Health Monday 4 the win!!

From our Convergence Q Swimmers:

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

If you’ve ever read the book “Boys in the Boat” you know that Crew teams often describe a mysterious, next-level plane where “the boat” moves as one and transcends the efforts of the individual men straining at the oars. When I swam in college, we would always talk about how as a relay, a four-man Team can put together a time way faster than the cumulative addition of each man’s personal best times. For most of us at work, we know we do better as a team. And with F3, when we work out together in the mornings, the Energy of the group’s effort can push us beyond the Point we would normally push ourselves.

The same is true of us with our mental battles: the whole of a shield lock team is greater than the sum of the parts.

Every man in F3 is surrounded by other men striving to be a high impact man. I would encourage all of us to look for those brothers within arms reach to take it to the next level.

Learn about what a Shield Lock is and more importantly what it can be for you and each other. Find two or three other like-minded, like- hearted men to Lock Shields with so that you can face life’s ups and downs with one another, “bearing with one another in love” as the Good Book says.



It was a beautiful morning and it was great to get out of our comfort zones. We knew hoped a group of 40+ would show up and oh boy did they. 56 to be exact, split into 6 different Qs. The idea behind the smaller groups was that men in smaller groups would hopefully be willing to openly share their personal experience.

Overall the morning was a success but lessons were learned. Some by the pax, some by the Qs but most importantly we opened ourselves up to change. Something we won’t wait to only do in the month of May. While it’s a good reminder to push an agenda for a good reason we should always be out here leading with these types of examples.

Thanks to each of the Qs this morning! Thanks to By Pass for setup, Chick-fil-A and other behind the scenes items. Thanks to Drop Thrill for sharing your story and thanks to Swimmer for leading this charge this morning regardless if you probably could use a Q School refresher. #lostDiCCS

Thank you to Swimmers for also taking us out. While you armed me with wanting to make jokes about your “love you daddy” comment I think we have unspoken rules about jokes from prayers maybe?

You did however teach Mad Dog and I about the muscle that moves your testicles up and down from your body based on your body temperature. I already forgot it but Creamsicle sounds close.

Welcome FNG Tetherballs!


  • Blood drive in June!!
  • F3 Dads camp!! Radar will provide more details soon…
  • Memorial Day Murph – mental prep begins now if you haven’t started already

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