Black Diamond

A Skin Tight Skeleton Bodysuit to Run After or To Run Away From???!??!!

ByZinfandel Mar 14, 2020

And for my 41st Q, I realized I haven’t Q’d in over a month. Were my costumes in November too much? Could I have finally worn out my welcome?

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BB- Gladiator (The return of The Black Diamond)

ByKid Rock Oct 27, 2019

In our little region of Waxhaw, YHC and several other pax really took to the IronPAX challenge in September. The idea of complaining about ever

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The Return Of Black Diamond workout (Gladiator)

ByKid Rock Oct 15, 2019

The first rule of Gladiator is.... you don't talk about Gladiator! You've heard the rumors. Maybe you've caught a story once? You might discr

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Fantasy Food Challenge – Pre-Blast

ByBounty Hunter Sep 9, 2017

Here we go again, YHC has been getting several request to bring back the challenge that everyone seemed to hate. That said, took a look at the ol

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Black Diamond @ the Pond & Cubs win the World Series!!

ByFahvra Nov 4, 2016

The Chicago Cubs are WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!  For the first time in 108 years, they're the CHAMPS!  YHC stayed up till 1am watching the game


Hazed and Confused: Black Diamond @ The Arsenal

Byarchive Oct 20, 2016

YHC inherited the Black Diamond from traveling Fall Out. Black Diamond notifications via Slack and Twitter were sent out this week leading up to

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Brick Murph

ByMighty Mite Oct 6, 2016

Last Friday night General, One-Niner, and YHC rucked around the greenway for the last Black Diamond.  General couldn't go get a beer so One-Nine

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Fat Diamond

ByArgonaut Aug 24, 2016

14 total for the workout. The Indian Land people came out for the Black Diamond today. The parking lot was full of some unfamiliar cars; YHC is u


Black Diamond Start to the Week

ByGeneral Aug 8, 2016

YHC was bringing back an oldie but a goodie launching a MONDAY morning Black Diamond from the Original Tomahawk site. We got a short downpour app

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