BB- Gladiator (The return of The Black Diamond)

BB- Gladiator (The return of The Black Diamond)

In our little region of Waxhaw, YHC and several other pax really took to the IronPAX challenge in September. The idea of complaining about every detail of each workout, pushing yourself to just shy of Merlot spillage (or beyond for guys like Deadwood), or not being able to walk or raise your arms for several days following… Just seemed like something we were really gonna miss after it ended. Dasher and I got to talking and figured what the hell…. Let’s see if we can bring back the Black Diamond workout. We want this re-launch to be something the pax can look forward to, not get overwhelmed by. So we decided to change it up a bit- We decided to give it a name- Gladiator- Something that strikes fear into those that think they want to attend, and has good marketing value for those that like to promote. The biggest difference for now is that it will only be held once/mo. The dates will be posted 1 month in advance, however the location will not be revealed until 1 week prior to the workout.

Previous BD rules still apply:. Intend to push yourselves past what you think your body is capable of. This style of workout isn’t intended to pickup the Six, but to push the Six! The workout can be at any site chosen by the Q, either official F3 AO or not, Q’s choice. Q chooses his successor from someone who completes his workout. He then has around 4 weeks to plan a brutal beatdown… And there you have our Gladiator!

Today YHC chose Nesbit Park for the inaugural Gladiator beatdown:

Disclaimer given: High intensity- little down time- Fast paced moseys- stick together … Don’t sue anyone!

Warmup- SSH x15, Low Slow Squat x 12, Mountain Climbers x 12…

Mosey…err jailbreak to elementary for Up and down the river

Pull-ups x10

Mary Katherine’s x20

Dips x30

Donkey kicks x40 (Hold for 5 count every 10 reps)

LBC’s x50

(back down the river) 40/30/20/10

Long Mosey to neighborhood parking lot for Web:

1 Diamond Merkin/4 Side Straddle Squats- Progress to 10/40

Mosey to the playground hill for some coupon work-

Superset: tricep extension x5, shoulder press x10, curls x15, upright Rows x20, flat chest press x25

Repeato on your knees.

Carry coupon to top of the hill, and head back down to begin Jacob’s Ladder:

1 burpee- up the hill 10 coupon squats- down the hill- 2 burpees back up the hill 9 coupon squats… And so on to 10 burpees, hill climb 1 coupon squat

coupon carry mosey for 1/4 mile to soccer field-

Indian Tire Flip Team challenge:

Each team starts on opposite perimeter of the field- working the same direction each team has 1 pax flipping and the remainder of the team runs a lap- first runner to reach the tire, swap positions and continue on another lap. First team to get their tire around the soccer field wins!

Coupon carry to traffic circle to meet up with 2 other groups for finale of Green Sally! 3.5 minutes of pure awful.

A few announcements as a group…

Christ closet collection and event on Nov 9th. Same day as Vagabond- order your shirts now before deadline. Waxhaw Holiday party is coming up! Sign up now if you haven’t.

Welcome FNG- Hammered

YHC had a lot of fun planning this workout, and had so much more fun in store, however I drastically underestimated the amount of time some of these stations would take. Either way- looking forward to the next Gladiator on November 16th with Dasher on Q! Location to be released in a couple of weeks.

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