Death Valley

One Last Mosey

ByTiger-Rag Mar 11, 2020

Death Valley - Nov. 9, 2011* - March 11, 2020 Pax List:  Callaway (Original DV Site Q, R), Stage Coach (past DV Site Q), Smokey and Dollywood


The Last Drop of Lightning

ByTiger-Rag Mar 10, 2020

There's only so much lightning in every bottle and once it's gone, it's gone.   Tomorrow we pour out the last drop and put DV on the shelf.

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Number 5 Is Alive

ByGeraldo Feb 13, 2020

YHC pulled into the parking lot with only 2 other cars in the parking lot,  with Dollywood and Smokey tucked warmly in their cars.  Red Card th

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Spack Classic

BySpackler Dec 5, 2019

For the record - this system sucks. It can't be that hard to fix or to go to something new, right? Start charging the new guys or somethin

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Urologists & Audibles

ByPuddin Pop Nov 6, 2019

What a beautiful morning to work out in the Valley. Nine other guys started to assemble in a 50 degree Middle School parking lot to get some wo

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Pork Chop, Pork Chop, Greasy, Greasy…

ByAlf Oct 23, 2019

12 men gathered under the excessively bright LED lights of SCMS for Death Valley.  Disclaimer was given.  Horsehead proclaimed the grass was o

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Trips Right

ByFletch Oct 9, 2019

Exceptional 59 degree weather greeted the 6 veteran pax at Death Valley this morning. Admittedly, YHC has not posted very many bootcamps a

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Chesticles Roasting on Spackler’s Knoll

BySpackler Oct 2, 2019

Pax - Spackler, Dollywood, Header, Chin Music, Stone Cold Steve Austin You remember the feeling when you showed up to school and forgot you h

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