You on Q

ByDasher Mar 26, 2021

Show up early to do a little scouting.  Wasn't sure is the rain and lighting would hold off. Disclaimer Given Warm- up Mosey over to se

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Three for Three!

ByCarb Load Mar 5, 2021

2 PAX, Big Tuna & Transporter, joined me today for the three-headed monster.   Warmorama, Mosey from COT, around Chipotle and b

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What’s a FormGasm?

ByBottlecap Feb 26, 2021

4 5 6 PAX headed to Cerberus for a field trip.  YHC did some scouting yesterday of Waverly area and wanted to do some exploring of Rea Farms.

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More Like Viva La Rain… Amirite?

ByZinfandel Feb 19, 2021

And for my 64th Q I pulled into the Waverly shopping center and pulled in by the parking deck to count number of floors. See 15 guys running arou

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OG Day at Cerberus

ByGerber Feb 5, 2021

A few days ago Zinfandel called me because he was scared to Q Cerberus his parents were coming into town last night and needed a Q sub.  Cerberu

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Two Decks at the Same Time

ByTurkey Leg Dec 11, 2020

6 men got their money's worth with a double-decker at Cerberus on Friday. The Thang: Warm-up mosey over to the south parking deck up the

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Maxine’s Parking Lot Bootcamp 23 – Cerberus 11

ByJRR Tolkien Nov 8, 2020

History has shown... at some point, all great empires fall. NO. YHC isn't talking about the results from the elections. But what's up with Maxine

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