Day Zero

This one was for the old F3 Pax- RIP Day Zero

ByCheese Curd Feb 20, 2021

Back in the day there was a workout called, Day Zero.  Much like the Stonehenge / Da Vinci weekly battles, The Rock and Day Zero would always go


DayZero Light = RockZero

ByProhibition Aug 23, 2018

10 men showed up to RockZero for a flash from the  It's no secret I haven't been posting as much as I used to and I definitely have n

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PREBLAST: The revenge of the Tabata at Ascent

BySony Sep 29, 2017

With the Isabella Santos / Speed For Need race this Saturday, Ascent will remain open as a 7 am workout option! So all y'all over at the Rock Zer

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Policies and Procedures

ByIckey Shuffle Jul 24, 2017

Hi, it's Ickey, who's joined the call?  For those on the phone, we're still gathering in the room so we'll get started in just a minute.  We'll


RockZero Memorial Day Weekend Convergence PreBlast

ByProhibition May 26, 2017

In what has become a tradition, on Saturday, May 27th we will honor the fallen heroes of the US Military with our Memorial Day Weekend convergenc

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Never try to look at another man’s weinke

ByVoodoo Mar 27, 2017

17 strong pax met up at Calvary Church Saturday morning for YHC's oft-rescheduled RockZero VQ. YHC was pleased with the turn out considering I wa

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OCR Training Circus Makes a Pit-Stop at Rock-Zero

ByJRR Tolkien Feb 25, 2017

WORKOUT SUMMARY Today marks the official start of Obstacle Course Racing Season with the Spartan Race Arizona Sprint underway (good luck Mario!

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Less Fun than Joe Davis

ByMcGee Jan 17, 2017

AYE. For the A51 PAX who spurned the Joe Davis Run, YHC brewed up somethin' really special to punish all of us for not being better people and su

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