Monthly Archive February 2021

Olympic Effort

4 pax were on time for Olympus yesterday. No rain and warmer temps made for a more enjoyable experience, at least until the workout started.


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • IW x 10 IC
  • Sharon Towers x 20 IC
  • 2-handed swings x 20 OYO
  • Prying squats x 2

Main Event:

Neupert: 10 sets of 6 double swings

Complex 1:

  • 1 clean, 1 jerk x 5
  • 1 clean, 2 jerks x 5
  • 1 clean, 3 jerks x 5
  • 1 clean, 4 jerks x 5
  • 1 clean, 5 jerks x 5
  • 1 clean, 4 jerks, x 5
  • 1 clean, 3 jerks x 5
  • 1 clean, 2 jerks x 5
  • 1 clean, 1 jerks x 5

Carries: Farmer out, farmer back, waiter L, waiter R – 1:00 on/1:00 recovery

Complex 2: 11s of merkins and snatches

  • 10 merkins, 1 double snatch (do singles if more comfortable)
  • 9 merkins, 2 double snatches
  • 8 merkins, 3 double snatches
  • etc.
  • 1 merkin, 10 double snatches

Circle up with RockZero for COT.


  • Beer mile – 3/19
  • Mighty Mite is taking a month off before scheduling/promoting his next blood drive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sign up to donate when you’re eligible.
  • Frehley’s Comet on Q at Swole on Monday and Unplugged on Q at Meathead on Wednesday.


  • Thanks to the pax for coming out today. I promised some new complexes and they more or less delivered. Mighty Mite was the only one to make it to the top of the pyramid in the first complex. He was also pressing instead of jerking, which is pretty damn impressive. He was disappointed we bailed on going up to 5 after he had psyched himself up. We paid the price when he wouldn’t allow for any modification of the second complex (which should have started at 10 snatches and 1 merkin). All those snatches were tougher than expected. The double snatch is a lot of weight to bring down from overhead, so some pax returned it to the rack and others switched to singles as the reps got higher. Better to modify rather than hurt yourself.
  • YHC pre-ran with Hoover and Slingshot at 0630. Hoover and I got there a little early and were waiting to run when we noticed a door open on a parked car on the far side of the RZ lot. A woman got out, fixed her clothes a bit, then a man got out. The woman got in the driver’s seat of the fogged-up car and drove off while the man walked to another vehicle and drove off separately. Things can get pretty crazy in a church parking lot at 6am on a Saturday. I guess the moral of the story is to make sure you check the F3 schedule before you choose a spot for your early morning rendezvous.

Side Straddle Hop Bonanza

For my 1 year F3 Anniversary, let’s jump for joy at Diesel.  A bit more cardio than most may have expected, but with my knee not quite there for every day running, I’ve got to work that in somewhere.  Lots of support with a great turnout, thank you Brothers! 

We all circle up in the Five Stones parking lot…Just before go time I remember I busted my block at Chiseled (yeah, I ripped it apart doing some curls…that’s just what happens when you’re Sledge-O-Matic)…Bunyan to the rescue with an extra one.  DICCS given and we’re off (well, we really don’t go anywhere, it’s Chiseled).

50 SSH (in cadence)
25 Merkens (on my down)
10 Moroccan Night Clubs (in cadence)
10 Imperial Walkers (in cadence)
10 Potato Pickers (in cadence)
Calf Stretch (10 count)
Upward Dog (10 count)
Cat Stretch (10 count)
Some More Cardio
25 Bobby Hurleys (on my up)
10 Speed Skaters (in cadence)
Now For Some Block Work
25 Sh. Press (on my up)
Curls (21s – civilian count)
35 Chest Press (on my up)
20 Overhead Tri on your six (on my up)
15 Lawnmower Pull (on my up, then flapjack)
20 Ditkas w/bricks (in cadence)
Now For Some Non-Block Work
10 Legs over block (in cadence)
10 Mountain Climbers (in cadence)
10 Dry Docks (on my down)
10 Bomb Jacks (on my up)
15 Russian Crab Dips on the curb (in cadence)
20 Calf Raises off the curb (on my up)
,,,and REPEATO
Rifle Carry Merken stroll around the parked cars
And finally…Side Straddle Hops for 30 seconds or so to close things out!
Great work everyone!  I felt the need to audible during the second round of Side Straddle Hops and again during the second round of Bobby Hurley’s, but we were all digging down deep and your groans made me plow through those sissy thoughts.
My Two Cents…
So, 1 year ago I showed up at Chiseled, 60 pounds heavier, wondering what I was getting myself into…would I quit, pass out, puke?  None of the above…I made it through…Mayhem coaching me all the way (thanks bud!).  Fuse Box laid out a gear intensive workout and got us acquainted with Mt. Chiseled.  Thank you Bottle Cap for telling me about F3 Labor Day weekend 2019 just after I moved here from Long Island…I told you I wasn’t ready…I wasn’t, but who is?  I wasn’t ready last February either, but the camaraderie I witness that first day gave me hope and purpose.  Sledge-O-Matic was born (courtesy of Fuse Box and Glidah, I think).  Thank you Bottle Cap for checking in on me before and after my first day. By the way, I was out of work since I moved here in August 2019 and when I got home after that first workout I received confirmation about a new job…just in time as the Covid shutdowns were about to begin. Positive action brought about positive reaction. I was so sore the next day, but knew I’d be back at it Friday…and I was…and now it’s a part of my life, something I look forward to, not something to dread (as with past attempts to get in shape).  The year was not without its hiccups, I strained my back in March, I had a Melanoma removed in August, and I’m recovering still from my meniscus surgery in December.  Each of those events was an opportunity to hang it up and not come back, but the F3 friendships and attitude of perseverance kept drew me in…I’m stronger and more dedicated because of F3, it’s a great feeling.
Not sure if these 2 pictures will show up, but it’s a pre-F3 photo and a 1 year in photo…I’m proud of the accomplishment.  I’ll post on GroupMe if not.
On to the announcements…
Q School on March 6th at 6:30 at Cuthbertson Middle (sign up on GroupMe)
The Rooster – team oriented marathon (sign up on GroupMe)
Neighborhood Watch at Bent Creek in Indian Land on Sunday at 7:30

60-Minute Man at a Pickle Party


Billy Ward and his Dominoes sang about being a “60 Minute Man” — in nearly 5 years of 3 and dozens of Qs, YHC had never taken the lead on an hour-long boot camp and the question was out there, “Could he keep it going for 60 minutes?”  But that was soon overshadowed by, as Zin dubbed it, a “Pickle Party” between the bros.  Here’s how it went down…


Mosey to some lot near the elementary school…

  • Motivator!
  • Calf stretching… so good there were groans of delight



Split the group in two, with half the group running to the second light on the left right for 2 burpees and the other half doing box jumps or jump ups on the loading dock until the entire other group returned.

Repeato twice more

Keep the group split in two (unless you’re a Pickle Bro and then you switch groups to join your other Pickle Bro) and one group does supine pull-ups while the other runs to the far mobile unit and does 3 merkins.

Repeato twice more

Mosey to the elementary school parking lot and grab a running rock.  Hey, Pickle Bro, running rock.  Time for…

Bear Crawl Bocce Ball!

  • Bear crawl the length of the parking lot (60 yards?) while rolling or tossing the rock forward

Once there, plank, then run through the drop-off line with your rock and run back to return the rocks.

Mosey to the branch of the drop-off line to start a Quarter Pounder:

  • Run to first marker for 25 merkins OYO / Run backwards to start
  • Run to second marker for 50 American Hammers / Run backwards to start
  • Run to third marker for 75 calf raises / Run backwards to start
  • Run to final marker for 100 plank jacks / Run backwards to start

Grab a lifting rock for…

  • 15x curls / 15x overhead press / 15x bent-over rows
  • 10x / 10x / 10x
  • 5x / 5x / 5x

Crab Cakes x 25 IC

Head middle school drop-off with 30 Dive Bomber Merkins along the way

20x Big Boy Sit-ups + Knockout

1-minute Hollow Body Hold

Mosey back to COT

Quick Feet with a few merkins mixed in

Big Finish with a hot lap around around the parking lot



YHC wasn’t sure what to expect for turnout today and was excited to see the number growing until hearing…

  • “Yeah, I spent too long on the porcelain throne and couldn’t make it to Clean Slate on time”
  • “I didn’t feel like going to the gym today”  (So YHC is the easy option?)
  • “Oh, I thought so-and-so was on Q?”

It’s Prom season and YHC is the one your mom made you ask because she’s friends with their mom and felt sorry for them.  That’s fine — YHC can go 60 minutes and orders the lobster!

After a failed attempt earlier this week at Bushwood, YHC successfully executed the Motivator and it left the PAX wanting more — inaudible pleas for more Motivator that will have to be used next time.  Recalculating was a huge fan and even stopped from about counts 7-4 to admire the grace of the exercise.

Shortly after the warm-up is when Zinfandel called out the Pickle Party between Dasher and Gerber, competing to get the most mileage for the day.  They both pre-ran together and then took advantage of any rest counts or break time to get a little extra distance.  Dasher and Catnip put in big work on the loading dock, going for the high box jumps and fortunately, no faces hit the concrete.  A few PAX channeled their inner Moneyball and avoided the 20 feet of wet grass to the bars for supines, stopping for squats.  Don’t worry, the lower body will be worked.  Honeycomb didn’t cut it short — he went for the full loop around the mobile units, as called.

Bear Crawl Bocce Ball was a huge hit… once it was over.  Guys soon realized that because of the amazing quality of the Weddington parking lots, the most efficient way to move the rock was to heave it and Blue Screen came close to taking making it a bowling event and knocking out some PAX.  Banjo and Swift are silent troopers, and Pickle Bro Gerber made it a hairburner.  To one-up him, Pickle Bro Dasher asked when we were actually going to run with the rock.  YHC takes questions as suggestions, so we added a lap with the rocks.

The Quarter Pounder also proved to be a fun one and while we couldn’t hit an actual football field, as prescribed in the Exicon, the distances worked out well.  Some questioned 2-is-1 on the American Hammers, but Dasher was supportive.  Calf Day kicked in at this point as 75 calf raises followed by 100 plank jacks, along with plenty of backwards running — on top of the Motivator — does a number on the legs.  Chastain showed off the soccer skills with the defensive running and hopefully has the Brandi Chastain abs as well.  At this point, we also learned that Gerber was running a little farther than the marker for his exercises.

Dive Bombers, then ab work.  With about 5 minutes left, Catnip pulled out early (eeeewwww?) and missed the big finish.

When it was all done, YHC kept it going for 60 minutes and left the group tired and fulfilled and Gerber had the bigger Pickle day by 0.1 miles.

And if you’re not familiar with the song…


Revenge of the Panties

Started the morning with a little half mile Mosey to Millbridge community center parking lot and Rudy’s response was priceless: Oh gosh! Arrived at parking and circled up for some dynamic stretching.

  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Imperial walkers
  • 10 Low slow squats
  • Calf stretch 10 seconds per leg
  • Glidah stretch 10 seconds per leg

The Thang

Progressive (4) corners. Run to first corner and complete first exercise and then run back to start. Run back to first corner first exercise again, then proceed to second corner exercise, the run back to start. Repeato (3) more times. Each time PAX arrived back at the start various exercise were performed until the 6 arrived: Burpees on your own, Merkin Circle up to 100, and Burpee circle around twice.

  • Corner (1) – 5 Dry Docks
  • Corner (2) – 10 Squats – Running between corner 1 and 2 is when we found out Popeye’s wife panties were in his pocket. Of course, everyone wanted to see and he refused
  • Corner (3) – 15 Dips on curb – Running between corner 3 and 4 Rudy somehow got into Millbridge fitness center to leave a present
  • Corner (4) – 20 Big Boy situps

Mosey back to Commitment but stopped over to the rock pile and broke up into teams of two to complete 100 curls, 100 overhead presses, 100 goblet squats, and 100 triceps

  • Partner (1) started the exercise and partner (2) ran to the other side of school parking lot and back.

Next, in same teams rifle carry and web edition – partner (1) rifle carry rock while partner (2) was doing Bobby Hurley – LBC web. After first round, partners switched one did rifle carry while partner did (2) Bobby Hurleys and (8) LBC. This continued until (10) Bobby Burleys and (40) LBC’s were completed.

Mosey back past COT to the roundabout for the famous Chicken and Premature Spiderman walk with Merkin. PAX spread apart equally around roundabout, got into plank, Spiderman walk (5) times and (1) Merkin. PAX went around about 90 degrees and reversed. This went on for three minutes and much groaning! Mosey to COT.


Deep Dish birthday today 52

6th man Rubbermaid

March 6 Q school

Rooster signup for March 13 – Five man teams – 1st PAX runs a mile and rest, 2nd PAX runs a mile and rest, 3rd PAX runs a mile and rest, 4th PAX runs a mile and rest, and lasty 5th PAX runs a mile and rest. This continues for 5 rounds and the last 26th mile, the 5 PAX team runs the last mile together to finish.

Prayer Request

Fuse friend Butch – recover from prostate surgery

The Juice Dad since he has ALS

Premature brother Jason (47) and his son Michael (28) battling alcoholism

Dad jokes continued STUD 3/43

Shop Till U Drop STUD

Well I am not going to make a long one on this backblast.  I was pleased to see a truck pull up and join us at the last minute.  I was afraid my 2.0 and neighbor Franky were it. Luckily Tinsel and Sonic got in the mix quick. Then the most amazing thing happened Flipper joined us on his unicycle.  Who knew he could also juggle while he road that thing?

Well we ran 3.16 miles and explored some new territory.  Glad to have met Tinsel and Sonic today from the fort. We all wished Udder was here but we understand he had to sleep in.  What a wonderful group to lead. Thank you all for being there.

Best dad joke today. Well it wasn’t my 2.0s inappropriate booby trap joke. But I liked flippers :

Why was the robot tired after his trip? Because he had a hard drive.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

8 poor souls including one FNG – Alex Williamson – Elmers (RESPECT), made it out to Blackhawk this morning to get our bodies in shape and push each other way past our comfort zones. Covered ~4 miles and got some arm work in as well. Here is how it went down…


Standards, SSH IC x 50 (increasing speed at 26-50), IW x 15, Moroccan Nightclubs x 15, Plank/6”planks x 3, Up/Down dog and calf, Glidah and Jimmy Dugan stretches.


Mosey to rock pile at 3rd intersection up WC pkwy and grab a lifting rock for Circuits of Curls, Shoulder Presses & Rows. Did 3 sets of each and ran from rock pile to light 1 then 2 then 3 after 15 reps of called exercise. We switched it up to run the other direction and increase by one intersection after each set. Return rocks…

Moseyed back to COT and stopped for some Mary along the way. LBC’s, Low Slow Squats and Lunges were called.

Arrived at COT after completing somewhere near 4 miles for most of the PAX with 3 mins left so we did a cool down stretch by repeating previous stretching routine. Man I love a good cool down stretch…


Everyone pushed it to the max today and Elmers did a great job keeping with the group. Keep posting bro and you will get that lung capacity back. We’ve all been there and it sucks at first but then you embrace it, get used to it and eventually come to enjoy it. I was also impressed with High Hat today. Dude, you’re getting faster and it is showing. I guess all those people touching your balls is really paying off…:)

Shout out to Atlas and Chicken Little for joining me on a mini CSAUP this morning before the workout. We all took off from my house in MB and ran a 5k down to WC Park to post. What a dumb idea that was…  When can we do it again???



Well here is where I finally tie in the title of this BB…

18 years ago today, Fred Rogers of the famed PBS T.V. show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, passed away. A sad day, for sure as he was a genuinely good person who spread kindness and love everywhere he went. Not just on T.V. but in his life outside the view of the cameras as well. I can’t help but think if he were around today, things might be different in a positive way. Kids who are now technically adults didn’t get the benefits of the lessons he taught us on his show about being kind to one another regardless of your socio-economic or cultural status and I feel like that is lost on the new generation and we, F3, and people like us need to be that light in this world to show kindness and genuine care for our fellow human beings.  Go out today, tomorrow and every other day of your life and spread kindness and love to your fellow humans . It is a choice and only you can make it. Simple.



Q School on March 6th

Rooster on March 13th

CPR class sometime in March

Mad Dog took us out in prayer


What’s a FormGasm?

4 5 6 PAX headed to Cerberus for a field trip.  YHC did some scouting yesterday of Waverly area and wanted to do some exploring of Rea Farms.


  • DiCCS
    • Disclaimer:  All these guy know the drill
    • CPR:  We are going to be working out next to the Emergency Room so we are covered there
    • Cell Phone:  No one had one so YHC went back and grabbed mine (to the applause of Zinfandel and to the rolling eyes of Alf)
    • Safety:  We are crossing Providence so headlamps are recommended but YHC was only one who blinded cars at the stop light
  • Mosey to side of Harris Teeter
    • Warmup exercises


  • Stairs
    • Up/Down x 3
    • 5 Burpees at Top
    • Repeato x 3
  • Grass Field
    • Broad Jump Burpees across
    • A leisurely stroll while picking flowers and listening to grown men grunt Army Crawl across
    • Mike Webb
      • 1 Mike Tyson & 4 Shoulder Presses
      • Repeat til you complain about your feet slipping 10 & 40
  • Half Wall
    • P1 Derkins
    • P2 Bear Crawl
    • Repeat
  • Stairs Part Deux
    • Up/Down x 3
    • 10 Bomb Jacks at Top
    • Repeato x 5 (lowering Jacks by 2 each time)
    • Plank work with Elbow touches and 6″ holds
  • 3/4 Wall
    • 10 up and overs OYO
  • Viva Parking Lot
    • Lawson Webb on Curb
    • Derkins x 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
    • Dips x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10
    • Have a Nice Day for 30 seconds


  • It’s always great to get 50% more PAX than you started the workout
  • Fredo joined in as we were departing COT; great seeing him make the long horse back ride from Waxhaw to his old stomping grounds . . . That bumpy dirt road must have knocked the counting out of your brain as I saw you make a couple extra trips on those stairs
  • O’Tannenbaum wasn’t going to miss the stairs workout until he almost missed the stairs workout by arriving 60 seconds late . . . Great push today
  • Snowflake, ever the gentleman, stayed back for O’T . . . Or was it because he needed somebody to hold his hand crossing the street?
  • Alf crushed the burpees but was a hard #RefuseNeck on the Army Crawl . . . Or was it due to him wanting to “check everybody’s form” . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that
  • Zinfandel openly admits to coming out of the form police closet and had his ticket pad in hand when Alf  apparently pimp walked lunged across the field during Army Crawls . . . He changed from writing a ticket to a full #FormGasm as he was yelling in between deep breaths during the Army Crawl


  • Prayers for Bout Time and his 5 year old son, Jennings, who is having a bone marrow transplant
  • Q School:  Saturday March 6th
    • 0630-0800 at Cuthberston Middle
    • You will get a workout and some tips on how to Q and/or Q better
    • If you have never been to Q School, you need to go . . . Or face being kicked out of F3 
    • Click Here to signup:
  • The Rooster:  Saturday March 13th
    • 0600 in Rock Hill
    • 5 man team relay
    • Each guy runs 1 mile at a time
    • Teams will be made up to even out the speeds so we can compete against other Waxhaw Teams
    • Great 1st F and better 2nd F to get to know your F3 brothers
    • Hit up Rubbermaid or Bottlecap to get more info and/or commit

YHC took us out with reminder about living out today in a grateful way . . . Tomorrow is not promised so act like it . . . Let’s Act!

Well That Was Interesting

As I was in the shower last night, I had an epiphany:


So the call went out on GroupMe:


Apparently Smithers texting Deflated after that:


And Zinfandel:


So we found ourselves with 7 pax that heard the call and came with their cinderblocks.  Except Dasher when I asked him if he brought his:


And Deadwood, this is his response about GroupMe:

ya right!


So DICCS were given, and we head out for a hot lap around the middle school and then back to COT for some warmups:

  • SSH, IW, Calf Stretch, Little Baby Mountain Climbers

Mosey w/ blocks down the path to Rudy’s Shed:

  • at every light 2 blockees


Got to Rudy’s Shed, decided to try something new… Blonkey Kicks x 30

(Basically a donkey kick but your hands are on the block on the ground creating a lower starting point for your feet and forcing you to kick up higher on the wall)


Then we decided to kick it up a notch and mosey with our blocks all the way to the HS parking lot by the rock pile and line up:


  • 5 man-maker burpees with broad jumps over the coupon between burpees
  • Run to the end of the parking lot and back.
  • Grab your coupon and run to the next line for 5 more man-maker burpees with broad jumps over the coupon
  • Run to the end of the parking lot and back
  • Keep going until you have hit all 6 lines
  • 30 total


Same idea back the other way

  • 10 block swings at the start
  • Run to the end of the parking lot and back.
  • Grab your coupon and run to the next line for 10 more block swings
  • Run to the end of the parking lot and back
  • Keep going until you have hit all 6 lines
  • 60 total block swings


Same idea back the other way

  • 15 cinder curls at the start
  • Run to the end of the parking lot and back.
  • Grab your coupon and run to the next line for 15 more cinder curls
  • Run to the end of the parking lot and back
  • Keep going until you have hit all 6 lines
  • 90 total cinder curls


Same idea back the other way

  • 10 block derkins at the start
  • Run to the end of the parking lot and back.
  • Grab your coupon and run to the next line for 10 more derkins
  • Run to the end of the parking lot and back
  • Keep going until you have hit all 6 lines
  • 60 total block derkins


Hot Lap around the lower lot

  • 15 block situps with overhead press in cadence

Hot Lap around the lower lot

Mosey with block to traffic circle

  • 10 block situps with overhead press in cadence
  • Hot lap down around other traffic circle and back

Mosey with block down path to sidewalk

  • 10 block situps with overhead press in cadence
  • Hot lap up sidewalk, up steps, and down path back to blocks

Mosey with block down sidewalk to Rudy’s shed

  • 30 more blonkey kicks


Almost there!

  • back up the path with block to COT
  • stop at every light for 2 more blockees




Great Job Everyone.  We covered about 1.6 miles running with our blocks today in addition to the other miles and exercises.



Small group today but sometimes a small (<10) group can be more intimate and be more of a push.  Lots of encouragement and friendly rivalries out there today.


Dasher and Hurry knocked it out of the park today and were pushing each other at the front.  Think a cinderblock slows Hurry down? HAHAHAHAHA, yea right.


Easy button must have been sandbagging lately because he was pushing the pace for everyone, especially when running with his block


Sugar Daddy showed up with his new block from Centerfold and was showing it off to everyone.  Then he crushed the workout.


Ice 9 didn’t have a cinderblock but instead showed up with a 50lb kettlebell, no thanks, and great job


Deadwood.  4 posts in one week?!  He loved the encouragement today and let’s keep the streak going…


Fireball Shots @ Last Call

After being a last-minute ditch 2 weeks ago I got the opportunity to lead the men @ Last Call while the site-Qs took a week off. I had only been to the MR campus one other time even though it’s one of the closer AOs to my house. So happy to get the chance to get more acquainted.

Not sure if it’s the break in the weather but this week has been a pretty good week for FNGs. This morning was no different as 3 of the 10 PAX in attendance were FNGs. I had wind of it in advance (one of the FNGs was my college roommate) so I wanted to set the tone early for the new guys.

DiCCS (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, Social Distance) delivered and off we went.

The Thang

Mosey to the front of the High School. Given that we had new blood at the bar this morning, I interspersed some F3 foundational knowledge amid the CoP Exercises. It was a good reminder for the regulars as well since there was minimal participation in the Q&A portion of the workout. Mission and Core Principles discussed, and we were good to go.

Warm-Up Exercises in cadence:

  • SSH x 21
  • IW x 21
  • Mountain Climbers x 21
  • Merkins x 21
  • LSS x 21

I’m not sure who came up with the ‘21’ theme for Last Call but I think it needs to stick around…

Following CoP, finished the loop and stopped in front of the Middle School.

TRIVIA FACT: On February 26th, 1932 Johnny Cash was delivered into this world. What better way to acknowledge this legend than a full-blown Ring of Fire to celebrate all his top HIITs (see what I did there?). Johnny had 9 #1 hiits, so we’ll have 9 exercises in our Ring of Fire.

Ring of Fire (Fireball Shots) HIIT Routine

  • 9 Exercises spaced in a large circle around the front entrance to the Middle School.
  • Conducted as a HIIT Routine (50 seconds AYG, 10 second rest as we mosey to the next exercise)
  • 3 Rounds totals 2 Total Rounds. It burns, burns, burns so good.
  • Exercises were:
    • Merkins
    • Glute Bridges (Pickle Pointers)
    • Lunges
    • Dry Docks
    • WWII Sit Ups (Big Boy Sit Ups)
    • Jump Squats
    • Mike Tysons
    • LBCs
    • Calf Raises

Finish our lap around the schools and stop by the rock pile next to the short track.

Pick a Lifting Rock of your Choice (or if you’re Fiji, grab the CMU nicely placed amid the rocks)

  • Curls, Chest Presses, Triceps each x20
  • 2 Rounds to keep the blood flowing

Mosey back to launch and Mary until the YHBartender escorted everyone out.

YHB with the takeout prayer.


  • Not a lot of mumblechatter this morning. Everyone put in the work but only a modest amount of banter as the PAX put it all into the workout.
  • Modified the Ring of Fire after the 2nd round to make sure we could get in a little rock work and Mary. Wanted to make sure the FNGs got a glimpse of the full range of a typical F3 bootcamp.
  • Reminder to the group that ‘Pickle Pointers’ are facing up. ‘Pickle Pounders’ are facing down. Just a life lesson that may or may not pay dividends for you in the future.
  • Great to see the inclusion of three FNGs this morning. Welcome to the mission Tonka, Raven, and Fabio! Hope to see these guys continue to post. If you see them in the gloom make sure to keep on encouraging them. I think they’ll be back.


  • None to speak of…

So Simple So Dumb

This workout would be simple. I wouldn’t even have to give complicated instructions….or so I thought. I forgot that I work out with some primate-level intelligent beings (especially the one named after a Howler Monkey with Hemorrhoids). But, I’m a man of the people so I persevere through their foolishness.

Harambe and I ran. It was epic. He tried to avoid getting his shoes wet…..and got his shoes wet as he was saying he wanted to avoid getting his shoes wet. This is what I have to work with here.
Unplugged was doing some weird stuff by himself with a broga mat and a kettlebell. Hopefully the SV cameras were turned off for most of this or he may end up like Hoffa and banned off school campuses.

We ran. We warmed up. Bernanke and Harambe forgot their Y chromosomes and were chattering about their leggings or cramping issues or something. Who knows.

Everyone gathered their bell and carried it over to the hill.

Dora 1/2/3: Partner 1 ran up the hill and did 5 burpees at the top. Partner 2 did 100 Good Mornings, 200 Squats (Goblet or Sumo) and 300 Swings. Flapjack often. Hairband’s count ran a little short but like any good elf, he finally got the job done.

Run a HB mile around the parking lot.

This is where is gets a little silly. I clearly said we will do one group of exercises next which were 100 Partner Combined Bulldogs. These Einstein’s translated that into each person does 126 or something like that. We finally got it worked out after I clearly and plainly resaid instructions. Backwards run up to the top of the hill for Partner 2 and 10 Jump Squats. Flapjack

HB Mile

300 Flutter Presses. 10 Bombjacks at the top.

Rosalitas into Dollies back into Rosalitas never putting your feet down. Which some of you put your feet down anyways.
Backscratchers X20
Feet raised 6 inches and arms above you until time. Fortunately my clock works better than Full House and doesn’t take 4 minutes to go one minute.



I did the best and worked the hardest but there are a few comments I have for others.

EE did good work obviously pushed by my hard work. He started complaining about people not having bought new KBs. He doesn’t do my budget so I ignored him.
Unplugged was the happiest out there. Which after his pre-work, not sure how to feel about that.
Sanford dealt with Unplugged as a partner. Nuff said.
I thought Midway was outshining Pinto as normal until he said that he had some cramping issues. I told him that Harambe has those monthly as well and that seemed to motivate him to push through them.
Hairband was late. Short. And terrible at counting. Solid effort for him.
Countertop seemed to enjoy this other than having to double his reps to make up for HB.
Harambe and Bernanke were there. Chatting. Okay.

Prayers continuing for Harambe and family.
Prayers for a friend of HBs/Bernanke/Sanford who committed suicide. Guys, you are not alone. Never let the Liar and/or the world tell you that you are alone.
Strong takeout by Unplugged.