The Return Of Black Diamond workout (Gladiator)

  • When:10/26/2019
  • QIC: Kid Rock, Dasher

The Return Of Black Diamond workout (Gladiator)

The first rule of Gladiator is…. you don’t talk about Gladiator!

You’ve heard the rumors. Maybe you’ve caught a story once? You might discreetly ask a fellow pax if they have ever been to a black diamond workout. What goes on at these crazy things? Does this really happen? How do I learn more?

Here is your chance to find out! Fresh off the energy high of the Iron Pax Challenge, YHC and the Waxhaw region want to continue the intensity by re-introducing the Black Diamond workout to our area.

Workouts to be held on Saturdays at 6:30. The first will be October 26th. There will be only one opportunity per month! The location changes every time! May be an F3 workout site, maybe not. Might be in Waxhaw, SOB land, Fort Mill… Location will not be revealed until 1 week prior. The current Q will choose his successor for the following month after each workout.

These workouts should be expected to be difficult. There might be high mileage, or gear, or team driven challenges, or anything else the Q can throw at you. Expect to be challenged. Expect to push yourself and improve your limits. If this sounds like fun to you… keep quiet and show up

The second rule of Gladiator is… You don’t talk about Gladiator

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