It’s only 15 Seconds!?

ByCarb Load Apr 9, 2021

5 Strong men joined YHC this morning for what turned out to be a leg-heavy beating. Showed up thinking there wouldn't be anyone joining me as

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These Pax had a fever for more “Rifle Carry”

BySugar Daddy Apr 9, 2021

Its Spring Break! The kids are ready to go have fun......So this BB will be Short and Sweet. The Thang Quick version----We started with som

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ByRicky Bobby Apr 9, 2021

21 men showed up this morning between Impromptu and Swarm to celebrate the 99th day of the year. The weather was fantastic and the overall mood o

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New Phone, Who Dis

ByCheese Curd Apr 8, 2021

Got a text on Monday from a strange number that said I had SACS this week...then the texter announced himself as Cheese Curd on a

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Elevator up and Elevator Down

ByRecalculating Apr 8, 2021

Floater offers an unlimited canvas for constructing a Q - lots of ground to cover, various hills, schools... but that wouldn't be necessary today

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Give me liberty, or give me lunges!

ByArgonaut Apr 8, 2021

Pre-Blast Das Boot invited YHC to Q out at Body Shop this Thursday, 4/8. IR has limited running and created somewhat of a strength focus

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Mountain Biking – Round 2

ByRockwell Apr 8, 2021

“Off the Chain” was launched last week on April Fool’s Day.  But it’s no joke!  My hope is to offer something new and different for the

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It’s O69, We’re just gonna walk around a bit…

ByO69 Apr 7, 2021

DICCS given- PAX are shocked to learn I’m not a pro. Modify as Necessary. Don’t sue the Q, 5 Stones or F3. Cell phones? CPR? Reminder given

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Suzanne Somers Greatest Hits

ByGerber Apr 7, 2021

Perfect 50 degree morning, some heavy hitting regional VQs, how were the numbers going to be this morning? Pax answered the bell this morning

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Biking on Mountains with Beers

ByZinfandel Apr 6, 2021

Wild times in the newest AO in Waxhaw. If our family photos weren’t Kumbaya for those watching, well now we have added bikes? What’s next? Tr

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