Back Street Block

ByRicky Bobby Sep 2, 2020

Warmup: 20 Side straddle hops , Jimmy Dougans, Calf stretches, Planks, Merkins, runners stretch. The Thang: Round 1 Everyone got into th

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Pavlov’s Burpee

ByChastain Sep 2, 2020

A month ago I had never been to Dromedary before and today I'm the Q. Two years of F3 and it's time to be new and start posting/Qing sites I've n

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Basketball and Track Practice

ByRockwell Sep 1, 2020

23 strong (including MASH) for Watchtower this morning!  I pulled into the parking lot 10 minutes early and the MASHers were already all set up

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More than a workout

ByRudy Sep 1, 2020

DiCCS given, staying on campus Warm Up Mosey towards Town Hall, U Turn and head West along sidewalk on Weddington Rd to CVS parking lot. 

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IPC Relay – Week 1 – “Is This Really A Thing We Are Doing Now?”

ByZinfandel Aug 31, 2020

Last week is in the books and it whopped our North Carolina bumpkin back sides. Was it fun? Sure. Are we looking forward to this week? Not entire

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Am I Worthy?

ByCarb Load Aug 31, 2020

Nine souls joined YHC for a morning tour through Champion Forest. We hit all of the streets and made sure we covered every inch as we ran 4 of th

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F3 Waxhaw – IPC – Saturday

ByZinfandel Aug 29, 2020

Great work this morning pushing at the IPC fellas. Each of you will need to input your time into the site by visiting: https://f3greenwood.com/ir

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Let’s Grow Today

ByGlidah Aug 28, 2020

Time for another Q. Swarm. I've been here and done this before but as I started planning a fresh new Weinke I discover I've been sucked into anot

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Waxhaw Express Tuesday Edition

ByGerber Aug 28, 2020

Another week, another round of speedwork. 6 pax Dasher led us on 850m - 900m repeats x 6 after a mile warmup and mile cool down. Kudos t

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Golfers of the Future???

ByChastain Aug 28, 2020

(Courtesy of Mayhem) Brutus put out a late call last night for someone to queue Diesel this morning at 5:15 am.  Before I could think it thro

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