I needed this!

ByBottlecap Apr 22, 2021

26 men showed up at Five Stones church to do cinder blocks share gear and get back to the roots of Chiseled . . . GEAR!  From the complaining du

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Hi WAMRAP, Abe Froman here

ByFlipper Apr 21, 2021

YHC had been haranguing Transporter to come be part of the 'Rap for several weeks, and was confident today was the day he would show up.  Sure e

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Alphabet Soup

ByDas Boot Apr 21, 2021

Sardine showed up at The Body Shop with his "Smoky's Whiteboard" that had the alphabet with set exercises and reps for each letter. 5 PAX cursed

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No Coupons for Dromedary this week.

ByDana Apr 21, 2021

The Waxhaw April 1 Q Challenge landed in my lap this morning as 11 Pax joined me for some fun. I asked for any requests before we began and at

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Meet in the woods on 420

ByChastain Apr 21, 2021

Just 4 dudes in the dark woods for a casual meet up at 5 in the morning. Nothing fishy going on. Rubbermaid and Paper Jam got a head start at

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Express Hit the Trails

ByDasher Apr 20, 2021

DCCs Warm-up Run 1.5 miles The Thang Spirit Trail 5k pace x 5 w/ 90/120 rest Lost Easy Button after the second round due to twisting

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Swapping Q’s

ByRudy Apr 20, 2021

Warm Up - Mosey to Brookemead neighborhood, left onto rd leading to cul de sac, circle back for 6, circle up in cul de sac for stretching - Jimmy

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Midriff vs. Midriff

Bymidriff Apr 20, 2021

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a #CSAUP happens with one person, does it happen at all?

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Peer Pressure

ByIce9 Apr 19, 2021

It had been about a year since an Ignition with bricks. The people were missing it and would not stop with the "when are you bringing the bricks

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Thank God It’s Monday!

Byxerox Apr 19, 2021

Thank God to the start of another phenomenal week of F3 workouts! Thanks to Chicken Little and Rockwell for allowing me to lead such a great bunc

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