The Chicken is Confusing

ByChicken Little Aug 27, 2021

DICCS- Cpr, cell phone, modify as needed, do not sue and watch for cars   Warm up- fast paced mosey to large lot where rocks are near

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3 Mile MillBridge Loop

ByGhosted Aug 26, 2021

DISCS WARMUP 3 miles loop starting at Millbridge Community House up MillBridge Pkwy to second roundabout left down Hudson Mill right down O

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Aspen . . . Salmon of Capastrano

ByBottlecap Aug 26, 2021

17 Salmon met at Assssssspen (Antioch Elementary Thursdays at 0530) for the promise of some surprises. WARMUP: SSH Merkin-fest LSS

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Partners need more Cowbell too

ByBottlecap Aug 26, 2021

8 PAX answered the Cowbell on Wednesday. THANG: Partner work with a catch P1:  Runs loop P2:  Called Exercise *Catch:  When

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Catching up in Millbridge

ByTurnbuckle Aug 26, 2021

This past Sunday's Neighborhood Watch saw the return of Dynomite to our Sunday morning walks. We spent the hour walking and catching up on what h

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ByFiji Aug 24, 2021

15 Pax showed up on this humid morning with hopes of enjoying a casual 9 holes of fun at Bushwood. They would soon realize that the 2 man scrambl

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Confusing Damascus and Schneider!!

ByChicken Little Aug 24, 2021

DICCS- Give to cover all items to include school is back in session Warm up Jimmy Dugan stretch Plank- Calf stretch- Right arm high and

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IPC Prep

ByTransporter Aug 23, 2021

Posee asked me to Q Lycan with a little IPC prep.  I told him I have not done IPC for the last couple years as I was in school.  He said make i

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Dreaming Up a Workout…literally

ByAckbar Aug 23, 2021

When I lead Q, I am a nervous wreck and sleep like crap, every time. Same when I preach on Sundays, I'm a nervous wreck and sleep like crap. And

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