Last call under the lights

ByDeep Dish Oct 15, 2021

7 PAX showed up for Last Call for an under the lights work-out at MRHS.  OK, stadium lights were on for the track team but we claim it was for o

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In Pursuit Of…

Bymidriff Oct 15, 2021

Ghosted is a master of Q headlocking. In the euphoric finish of WTF 5 months ago I agreed to make my way south to Q my first running workout of P

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Fat Tuesday

ByDeep Dish Oct 14, 2021

10 PAX showed up at Bushwood for a cool and crisp round.  Speaking for myself, a much needed work-out after a food and drink filled weekend and

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So, What’s Your Plan?

ByGlidah Oct 14, 2021

Got to the Floater early (what I thought was early) but there were already a few pre-runners and a pre-walker on site and warming up. I followed

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Weird reference to a 80’s show

BySchnitzel Oct 11, 2021

Asylum is for me most likely the furthest away in the Waxhaw region... on the way I encountered 5 deer! Drive safely when you are coming out to a

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Murder Bunny Madness

ByRicky Bobby Oct 8, 2021

This was my first time Qing Diesel in a very long time. The weather was a little gloomy but the temps were pleasant. The ground was damp but it w

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One is the loneliest number

ByDeep Dish Oct 2, 2021

Showed up at Homecoming for Week 4 and final IPC of 2021.  Arrived at 6:23 and no one here yet.  Grabbed the coupon, put on the gloves and star

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Running Through Sprinklers at Commitment

ByJ-Woww Oct 2, 2021

Great turnout, which had me alter a few fun activities to keep some separation with the PAX, even if they didn't care for it :) Warm-up M

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Off-Campus Tour at Last Call

ByJ-Woww Oct 1, 2021

Checked the calendar for Last Call and noticed somehow my name was thrown in as a Q.  One star very clever at this approach. Warm-up Mos

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That Gloom, that With Gentle Work Did Frame

ByIce9 Sep 29, 2021

How can we speak properly of our work this morn? In nothing less than verse. For at Dromedary, Those minutes, that with gentle work did frame T

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