Graveyard Spirits

Graveyard Spirits

DICCS given for 3 PAX


Mosey behind school and fields to cement pad.

Imperial Walkers

Plank, 6″

Mountain climbers

Calf stretch

Mosey to front of school

Side straddle hop

Plank, 6″


Runners’ stretch

The Thang

Pick up Posse and head to the graveyard

Loop and at each turn an exercise

15 x Bobby Hurleys

15 x Heals to Heaven

15 x Mike Tysons

15 x Shoulder Taps


Mosey down the hill to old school

Partner up (which was easy with 4)

Partner 1 does bear crawl then runs backwards the width of BB court x 2, Partner 2 does dips. 2 rounds

Partner 1 does bear crawl, then runs backwards the width of BB court x 1, Partner 2 does incline merkin, 2 rounds

Web of merkins and big boys…got half way though.

Mosey up hill, back to graveyard.  One more round of loop since we had time

10 x Bobby Hurleys

10 x Heals to Heaven

10 x Mike Tysons

10 x Shoulder Taps

Mosey back to COT, 10 merkins to finish.

Great job boys!!!!!!


I can only imagine what those people driving by thought when they saw a few headlamps bouncing up and down in the graveyard

Ramp build in Monroe was a success.  Thanks Magi and Shopdog for leading the effort

If you haven’t seen a fellow Pax in a while, reach out…they may need your support

CPR training opportunity Saturday 1/22/22, 10am, Five Stones Church

Christ Closet Furniture pickup needs assistance

Please take pictures of all 2nd F and 3rd F events so we can market all that we do

Thanks Posse and Dunkin for asking me to lead and giving me the chance to have my VQ @ Lycan



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