We’re Going on an Adventure

BySmithers May 13, 2021

Firstly need to credit PAX this morning, as we did 3.5 - 4 miles and showed up about a minute over with ZERO complaints. Actually multiple "that

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What’s worse than 5 rounds of 50 LBCs in a row? Nothing!

ByZinfandel May 13, 2021

Shriver's BB from freaking June. Holy shnikes.... get it together!!

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Make Us Wait and Then The Chain Pops Off…

ByZinfandel May 13, 2021

Neighborhood Watch is real and we took one hell of a scenic route through whatever neighborhood that was.

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“This is good S?&@!!!“ – Turnbuckle

ByDeadwood May 12, 2021

11 Pax posted. 11 Pax stretched. 11 Pax listened to announcements. 11 Pax posed for a pic.

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You’ll get nothing and like it

ByDana May 11, 2021

Busy day lets keep this short and sweet. Thirteen Pax joined me at Bushwood this morning for a little fun in the gloom. As 5:28 rolled around sta

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Lots of reps

ByRudy May 10, 2021

Warm Up - Mosey .7 mile (around circle, up to Kensington Dr., back to COT, to back of school).  Jimmy Dugans, calf stretch, upward dog, downward

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Let’s go

ByDeflated May 10, 2021

Finishing up a nice Mother's Day and decided to check in on who was Q'ing. Turns out it's a me! No big deal, who doesn't enjoy a Cuthbertson Q

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7’s, Indian Runs Through The Cemetery & Jack Webbs Oh My!

ByGhosted May 10, 2021

DISCS  WARM-UP * Mosey around Waxhaw Elementary Front Parking Lot * Rocking night clubs * 20 Side Straddle Hops *Plank Position – Calf S

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My First Homecoming Dance

Byxerox May 8, 2021

Thank you to Honeycomb for helping me plan my first Q at the Homecoming site. Six strong PAX took on the Weddington Middle School/Elementary Scho

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Swarm before the WTF

BySugar Daddy May 7, 2021

Wolverine on Q....modification of typical Swarm workout because of WTF the next day.

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