Three Q’s for one workout

Three Q’s for one workout

Looking at the weather forecast last night, it was all apocalyptic for this morning. But our always great mood in Waxhaw seemed to work again and pushed the rain (almost) all away. Yeah! And we had a tripple delight with Rainman, Fuse Box and myself Q’ing each 20min.


I gave the DICCS and off we went past Rudy’s (shit) shed to the big parking lot at the stadium. Everybody had to pick a lifting rock, but put it aside for the time being. Circle up and: 20x SSH, 15x Imperial Walker, 15x Mountain Climber, calf stretch, runners stretch…

The Thang

So I had the pleasure to kick off the first round of exercises. 4 corners across both parking lots. In the first round, start each corner with 1 Burpee, second round 2 Burpees and so on. 1. corner: 20x curls with the rocks. 2. corner: 20x Bobby Hurleys. 3. corner: 20x LBC’s. 4. corner: 20x speed skaters (2 is 1). Bottlecap rightfully said that it just feels so real, as being on ice, with the slippery wet surface… I guess everybody was able to get 3 burpees in at the first corner, before the time was up. I guess we left Chastain behind doing “his business”, because I said that we would do another round… well, time was up! 😉

Next, Rainman took the lead. Mosey (are we really moseying at Ignition? It always feels like running!) to the stairs at the bus parking lot. 7’s with running up the stairs and 5x high knees (then 10x high knees and so on). I guess everybody got a bit dizzy and mis-counted at some point. On we went to the benches in front of the Middle School to do some exercises in cadence. I believe it was: inlclined merkins, dips with one foot off the ground, floaters, derkins (all 20x except derkins where we did “only” 15x and then 10x). Hot lap around the full parking lot and repeat-o! After a short hot lap, time was up…

Next, Fuse Box took over. Mosey to the street and do 10x jumping lunges at each light. Technically, once you were done, you should circle back to the 6. But since we were somehow all on the same pace, Fuse changed it to: run to the end of the street and then circle back to the 6. Once we were all at the end of the street: run to the signal all you got and mosey back to the starting point. Once somebody moseys back past you, turn around as well. We really did this 3 times! Then, mosey back to the Middle School. This time: do 10x jump lunges at every light. After every third light, circle back to the six. This worked out pretty well. Once at the stop sign: hot lap around the parking lot. Then mosey back to COT!


It was supposed to be the starting point for Rainman and myself to take over Ignition as Site Q’s with some coaching help from Fuse Box. Since Glidah and Hollywood couldn’t make it out today: was the transitioning happening today? Or are we postponing the official transition to next week?

Well… it doesn’t really matter! It was great being out there, meeting everybody again in the new year and just getting pushed to be a better man.


I’d like to refer to the Flash BB, if it is out there… 😉

  • Ghosted asked for donations of snacks for Rice and Beans
  • Fuse Box brought up the ramp building project this Saturday. Come on out there, guys! It’s the one time in the year where you can use your underutilized tools!
  • Zinfandel had two events in February. Honestly, I forgot what they were… sorry!

Mad Dog led us out – thank you!

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