Stinger stings…

Stinger stings…

With 5 seconds to go, around 15 PAX (including RECALCULATING with his normal shorts and sleeveless shirt attire) were anxiously asking themselves: where is Stinger? Did he make it? I was sweating already at that point because I was not prepare to Substi-Q… well we would have had Ice9 who would have had to jump in for his friend from F3 Metro… but… on the dot, Stinger came out of nowhere and…


started with the Waxhaw classic: Side Struddle Hops, then some Merkins (and maybe some other stuff?) and off we went onto a cold Campus and Lawson Tour.

The Thang

We ran to the big parking lot – fairly spread out already. But RECALCULATING held up pretty well and only took a small shortcut across the parking lot instead of going around it. Some more Ab work (Floaters etc.), Merkins and the great feeling of not feeling cold anymore…

Then we ran back into the direction of COT and I was so relieved to be over with everything already… but wait, my watch still tells me it is another ~50min…ahhh… Well, we passed COT and continues our way towards Lawson. Stop at the traffic island to do some Merkins of all sorts, Abs-work,… and I forgot what else. RECALCULATING was holding everybody responsible – thank you, form-police!

We ran further along the main road and crossed into Lawson. While doing that (and also before on the small stretch of road to the School), we all realized that we don’t cover the basics anymore. And I don’t mean carrying a pack of “after bite” to get rid of stinging Stinger bites, but HEADLAMPS and REFLECTIVE GEAR! (thanks Bottlecap for pointing this out and thanks Mad Dog for the Tinnitus I have from you, reminding everybody about it!).

We ran and ran and ran and ran… First to the Pool house, do some more Merkins and Abs and then to some cul-de-sac with a painful hill. First some more work together and then: run up the hill, 10 Merkins, come down again, 20 jump squats, run up again, 12 Merkins,… 18 jump squats,… and so on until we had 20 Merkins and 10 jump squats…

After some more work (sorry, I forgot what we have done), run back to the Pool house, do some work while RECALCULATING made his way home already.

Then run to the entrance of Lawson for some more work there and a few guys catching brea…uhm… watching for cars!

Run back to the traffic island, do some more work and then “all you got” back to COT. That’s a brave request, knowing that the entire body and lungs are aching like you have been 10 secs next to a bee-hive  without any protective gear…


I just wanted to mention that I cannot remember who was there and went through the same pain workout. Just look for CarbLoads Backblast – everybody will be mentioned there. This is also the reason why I only have RECALCULATING, Stinger and the Site Q’s tasgged here… Sorry! But, I wanted to point out the excellent work from RECALCULATING! Now you can be satisfied and brag about it in the Playhouse! 😉

And: somehow the water or food must be different “Uptown”! I am always amazed how strong our Guest Q’s from Metro are. And humbled on how much I can personally improve, still! Thank you Stinger for coming out and leading us today to become better men in all aspects!


Various Announcements – again: see CarbLoads BB.

  • Effies on Friday
  • Waxtravaganze on the 12th
  • other stuff

Shop Dawg led us out – thank you!

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