Carrying the load

ByHigh Tide Dec 12, 2020

YHC heard that backblasts are making a comeback, so as to not be too far behind the curve, he decided to get onboard this train. What started a

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The Ghosts of Christmas and Q’s Past

Bymidriff Dec 12, 2020

I wanted to lead a workout that featured some of my favorite workouts from the Brave over the last 12 months I've been coming out to F3. I broke

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Two Decks at the Same Time

ByTurkey Leg Dec 11, 2020

6 men got their money's worth with a double-decker at Cerberus on Friday. The Thang: Warm-up mosey over to the south parking deck up the

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A Romantic Nightmare

ByTuck Dec 10, 2020

9 PAX did Jack Webb variations around the perimeter of Stonecrest on a brisk morning at Nightmare on Elm. Of course this was not the original

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Let your soul shine through

ByVoodoo Dec 10, 2020

Posted on behalf of Soul Glo (who is neither on Slack nor Wordpress, apparently): Warm-up: SSH x20 IW x15 Low squat and hold (prying squat)

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Happy Hump Day!

ByCarb Load Dec 9, 2020

Well,  Started the week off with a double Q for Wednesday morning and ended up with just one. Thankfully another PAX from F3 Waxhaw was planning

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Not welcome back

ByVoodoo Dec 8, 2020

YHC pulled into the lot around 0500 and it was eerily quiet out there. Usually, there’s a herd of Swifters heading out for a pre-run, but they

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Ardrey Karen HS

ByTuck Dec 7, 2020

4 intellectually curious PAX and 1 Karen went back to school on a beautiful Monday morning at Firestarter. Thang Muscle-up an onto retainin

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The 80s had the best music

ByVoodoo Dec 6, 2020

After a solo mission last week, YHC was hopeful to have some company for this week's edition of Olympus. I had 3 hard commits, so the odds were g

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Deck the Halls: Nine is Fine!

ByTuck Dec 4, 2020

Here we go again with the 5th iteration of something that shouldn't have happened once.  15 PAX popped the red pill (and some ibuprofen) and pos

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