I think I can taste my Gatorade

ByCheese Curd Mar 23, 2021

After weeks of pushing off this Q for various reasons, I felt the need to give the Pax something different.  So with an idea, now time to unload

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Kill the Hill

ByWildTurkey Mar 23, 2021

Spring is here and the weather was perfect. Leave from OrthoCarolina Travel north for a 1 mile warm-up to corner of Ballantyne Corp and Balla

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So there IS such a thing as bad press

ByFlipper Mar 23, 2021

Its been too long since YHC has regularly posted non-running workouts.  After what feels like a year of focused run training, I was incredibly e

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A Beer Mile for Covid, a backblast

ByHoover Mar 22, 2021

March 19th, 2021. One year of madness that feels like 10 have passed. You can argue the state of the world and our overall mental health has gott


Memorial Day Murph- Waxhaw (Pre-blast)

ByKid Rock Mar 21, 2021

Its about that time to start planning for The Murph! Every year, of bunch of us idiots get together for a painfully stupid workout so we can h

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Joint Board Meeting for Area 51/SOB/Waxhaw

ByBottlecap Mar 21, 2021

18 men from the 3 South Charlotte crime families Region Boards showed up at Cerberus AO (Waverly) to workout and then discuss how we can better P


Viernes picoso

ByDasBoot Mar 19, 2021

The 3/19 edition of Marvin Miles turned out to be a spicy one as the group of ocho picked up the pace. Two store FNGs made it out, but only Paper

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PreBlast – F3 Functional Strength Challenge – 2021

ByHigh Tide Mar 19, 2021

What:  a challenge – to measure all of the hard work you put in week after week a query as to the truth of something, often with an impli

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Wet 1s

ByDasBoot Mar 16, 2021

7 PAX swiftly ran mile repeats in the rain in Ballantyne, with a minute of rest between intervals. Nice job of Frasier bringing the accountabilit

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White Men Can’t Jump

Bymidriff Mar 16, 2021

9 Pax arose from the sack to take on the gloom. Point Break and YHC got in some early work on the #MarchMadnessChallenge. Disclaimer and we're

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