It’s Always Sunny in Ballantyne: SLT Monthly Notes (Episode 2)

It’s Always Sunny in Ballantyne: SLT Monthly Notes (Episode 2)

TL;DR: 6 pax committed to fight sad clown syndrome through INTENTIONALITY. Intentionally sharing what’s on minds/hearts during COT and pressing into deeper conversation. Reiterating the purpose to grow as leaders and push each other beyond our comfort zones in the 2nd and 3rd F.

Thank you Mrs. Brexit for the delicious appetizers and beers and Brexit for hosting this restless group of men. Within minutes, Rousey was inquiring if he could rent out Brexit’s mancave/basement.

Kicked the meeting off with mission of F3 (Easier to remember in three parts: 1: P/G/S 2: small workout groups 3: male community leadership), expectations of each leader and Q source truth nugget on sad clown syndrome (related: deep down sad clown). This helped set the tone and helped us turn inward before sharing ideas.

One Actionable Idea Per Person

  • Rousey (1st F): October SOBeer Mile Fest. Relay and individual options. Incorporating rucking into workouts. Could be an easier entry point for FNG’s and would help foster deeper conversation. Still working with Site Qs on family photos, bringing shovel flags and posting backblasts.
  • Tagalong (2nd F): POOL PARTY! Open to M’s and 2.0’s. Did this back in 2019 and it was wildly successful.
  • Brexit (IT): Capturing tasks that Wingman has still been getting asked to do. Formalizing this list so that it’s easier for future IT Q’s to hit the ground running. Will spend more time at upcoming meeting simplifying the message on the website and making it resonate for FNGs.
  • Jerry World (Comz): Will work with rest of team for upcoming press in local neighborhood mailer that wants to share about SOB. Flying drones is hard. Wants to hone the message of F3 SOB and get it out on more platforms. Rousey mentioned using Next Door.
  • Olaf (3rd F): Creating opportunity for deeper conversation beyond COT. Lots of discussion here around incorporating QSource, or keeping it informal to a single topic (Brexit mentioned just having the chance to commiserate about how hard parenting is with other dads)

Theme of the meeting was INTENTIONALITY and SHIELD LOCK. These were ideas we acknowledged to put into practice:

  • Going out of our way to welcome and befriend FNG’s. What’s their next workout? How many other PAX did they have a chance to hear from during the workout? Rousey shared how welcomed he felt by War Eagle and completely at home during the workout despite how much it sucked.
  • Taking a page out of DOAH’s Qs by focusing less on the physical aspect, and pausing to provide opportunities for pax to get to know each other more. Rousey/Jerry World brought up Lex Luthor’s Maul Q and the message on positivity. Tagalong acknowledged Happy Meal going around the horn for each pax to share a high/low. Got guys talking which translated to each guy staying 15 minutes after the workout for extended conversation. Brexit and Midriff trying to put this into action this week when we Q.
  • Tagalong mentioned the Q source Shield Lock concept:
  • We each acknowledged our desire to grow deeper in relationship with each other. Plan on meeting biweekly (2nd week on Zoom, 4th week in person).
  • Growth starts within and with each other first, then out to the rest of the region.

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