You want me to do what?


You want me to do what?

Stonehenge has a special place in my heart because it’s the best AO! Where else can you get a 2.5 mile backwards prerun followed by a brutal beat down for an hour? No where!


I has given the honor of substi Q’ing for Fire Hazard. This was perfect because I owed Lex a Q. But today? After a prerun? With no planning? You want me to do what?


Pax roll in to the AO. I try to dish off half the Q to Abba. No go. Fine… Quick disclaimer and we mosey to the tall parking deck. What’s that smell. Kinda smells delicious, but it’s probably just the dumpster. Head to the basement for a quick warmup, but Abba runs past the circle seeing is the big hill is still there.


Warmup: bunch of lettuce exercises, including the nipler. Kept it short for Tag.


Thang 1: The hill. Yes, it was still there and bad as ever. Triple nickel: 5 sister Mary Catherines, run up hill, 5 burpees. Roll down, repeat 5 times.


Thang 2: next to parking deck stairwell, 3 man team. Partner 1 stays at the bottom amd does exercises. P2 is at top of 8th floor doing exercises. P3 runs up and relieves P2. Repeat over and over and over.


Thang 3: at the top of deck watching the beautiful sun rise. Called exercise and then a mode of transportation. Ex. American hammer and then crab walk. Market timer is no longer the king crab and Lex doesn’t know how to crab walk.


Thang 4: Sun Flour parking lot. Oh, we did Spidermans on the way there. Anyways, triple nickel. 5 jump squats, climb wall, run across lot, 5 derkins on curb. Think there was a dead body in the dumpster because there were hundreds of vultures. Seriously.


Circle up for Mary called by Pax. Close and picture time at the ATM.


Moleskin: Always Family first. Then friends. Work last. I’m very thankful for this group of men to be there when I need them. Lean on your brothers for help and be willing to help when you have the opportunity to do so.


Check out Q Source for some great topics and F3 Podcast.

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