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Nickel 3 Doors Back Down at Meathead

Not sure about that title, but we’re going to go with it. 6 pax posted at Meathead yesterday for another humid October morning. Urlacher was going to Q, but then he went out of town on some quail hunting boondoggle, so I picked it up. Trying to mix up my usual auto-generated Spotify playlist, I went for the 00s Rock Anthems. The last two songs were Nickelback and 3 Doors Down, hence the backblast name.

Warm up:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • 2H swings x 10
  • Windmills x 10 IC
  • 2H swings x 10
  • Prying squat x 2 IC
  • 2H swings x 10

Main Event:

First up is day 2 of the Wolf for 5 sets (1:2 work:rest ratio, which worked out to ~1:00 on/2:00 off):

  • DFS x 5
  • DMP x 5
  • DCL x 5
  • DFS x 5

That was fun!

Easy strength to bring the HR back down:

4 sets of each of the following (perform all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next):

  1. 5 single-leg deadlifts per leg
  2. 5 seated presses
  3. 10 lawnmowers per side
  4. 5 double swings

Static holds – :20 double overhead, :20 double rack, :20 double farmer, 1:00 rest x 4

COT: Thanks to Orange Whip for taking us out.


  • Blood drive – October 29th at Matthews Town Hall. Get signed up!
  • Beer Mile – October 15th at SCMS. Talk to Hoover and get on the #beermile Slack channel to get in the loop.


  • Thanks to the pax for joining me and following my lead. It’s always good to have company for grueling workouts like this one and the mumblechatter keeps things moving. I don’t think Orange Whip had joined us for bells since crushing it at the Functional Strength Challenge several months ago. It was also good to have Hoover back now that the IPC, BRR, Ville 2 Ville, and the Charlotte Beer Half Marathon are done. #mrCSAUP
  • 5 is the maximum number of sets we’ll do of the Wolf. Next week, we go back to 3 sets, but cut the work:rest ratio to 1:1.5. Then we add a set each week to get back to 5. Should be fun.
  • The playlist had some hits and misses. At one point, an AC/DC song came up and Hoover commented on the fact that it was a late 70s band. However, the song was from the 00s (I prefer their older stuff). Ending with Nickelback and 3 Doors Down was rough.
  • The Anvil pax were kind enough to monkey hump us toward the end of our workout. Good to see Udder. Bad to see Udder’s 6 bobbing in front of us while holding 100+ lbs. of bells overhead.
  • The Worm is scheduled to Q on Monday, but has been under the weather. Get better soon! If he can’t make it, Mighty Mite will call someone up from the bullpen.
  • I’m pretty sure Hoover agreed to Q next Wednesday. I was nice enough to ask him during the workout rather than when we were both half into our cars.



Record numbers at Olympus

This past Saturday, we had 6 pax at Olympus, including 3 site FNGs. #cobains to all of them for the late backblast. Due to the tardiness of the backblast, the following is an approximation of what took place.

After a disclaimer, we got to work.

Warm-up: SSH, swings, prying squats, windmills

Main Event:

The Wolf:

  • Double snatch x 5
  • Double front squat x 5
  • Double military press x 5
  • Double front squat x 5
  • Double cleans x 5
  • Double front squat x 5

Rest 2x as long as the work set takes, then repeat for 3 total sets.

Easy Strength:

  • 4 sets of 5 deadlifts
  • 4 sets of 10 merkins
  • 4 sets of 10 upright rows
  • 4 sets of 5 double cleans

Carries: waiter, racked, suitcase

EMOM Swings:

  • 10 swings every minute on the minute (EMOM), adding 1 rep per round for 10 rounds (that’s up to 19 swings the last minute).

Mary: I can’t remember exactly what we did, but it probably included planks, hollow body hold, and glute bridges.


  • F3 South Charlotte blood drive on 10/29 at the Matthews Town Hall. If you’re not signed up, get signed up. All are welcome, including friends and family. Sign ups available at


  • Thanks to the pax for coming out and following my lead this past Saturday. It was great to have  3 new faces: Dr. Belding, Lurch, and Abacus (at least the third Abacus in south Charlotte). All of them go to church with Urlacher and were looking for a non-running option for Saturday morning. We hope you come back!
  • This was the final workout of the first week of The Wolf program from More Kettlebell Muscle. Double snatches were an aggressive start and 3 sets of squats per round made it very challenging. I look forward to seeing the gains develop as we ramp up the intensity.
  • The EMOM at the end was sneaky hard. Ramping up the reps as the fatigue increases makes it very tough on the grip and heart rate. Mighty Mite was disappointed we didn’t go to 20 reps, but then we’d do 11 sets and who goes to 11? #spinaltapdoes
  • We’ve got a solid slate of Qs lined up at Swole and Meathead, so come join us on Mondays (at McAlpine Elementary) and Wednesday (Calvary) for your weekday bells!

The Wolf will get you Swole

Today was the first day of the new kettlebell program and it brought 8 pax out to McAlpine Elementary on a cool, but still humid Monday morning. Since it was a new program and I had plagiarized it, Mighty Mite asked me to Q today. I had every intention of getting to the workout about 15 minutes early, but that didn’t work out and I rolled in at about 5:28. At least I wasn’t late.


  • Swings x 10 IC
  • Windmills x 10 IC
  • Swings x 10
  • Prying squat x 2
  • Swings x 10

In an effort to keep Mighty Mite from bringing up yesterday’s Saints/Panthers game, I decided we were warm and should move on to the Main Event:

The Wolf – Week 1/Day 1

Double cleans x 5
Double front squats x 5
Double military press x 5
Double cleans x 5
Double front squats x 5

Do 3 sets with a work to rest ratio of 1 to 2. The exercises took ~1:00, so we rested 2:00. No resting during the complex, only at the end. Single bells can also be used, just work through the complex on one side, then the other.

Next, we did some Easy Strength to lower the heart rate:

4 sets of 5 double deadlifts
4 sets of 10 merkins on the bells
4 sets of 8 lawnmower rows per side
5 sets of 5 double swings


Waiter carry (single bell overhead with locked elbow) for ~20 yards
Suitcase carry (single bell by your side) for ~20 yards
Switch sides and repeato.

Voodoo complex (single bell):
Swing, high pull, snatch, clean, squat, press. Complete on weak side, then on strong side. Don’t rest until you’re done with both sides. First time through, do 3 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next. Second time through, do 2 reps of each exercise. Third time through, do 1 rep of each exercise.

Mary: elbow plank for 1:15, hollow body hold for 1:00.


  • HDHH at 5:30 on Wednesday evening at The Lodge at Colony Place. Join your fellow pax for some libations and 2nd F.
  • October 29th is our next blood drive at Matthews Town Hall. Get signed up as slots are filling up fast!


  • Thanks to the pax for coming out to follow my lead and try out the new complex. If you’d like to read more about it, please check out the pre-blast here. The spreadsheet with the workouts for the next 12 weeks can be found here. Recommended bell sizes are 16 to 24 kilos (35 to 53 lbs.).
  • After the first workout, I can tell that the next 17 workouts are going to be tough. Through the 6-week period that we’re following this specific workout, we will incrementally add sets, then reduce rest. If we gut it out, we will come out stronger on the other side. For the following 6 weeks, we’ll focus on a different workout program to get a little variety.
  • If you’re interested in trying some kettlebell work, please join us. We had pax doing singles, pax doing doubles, and a variety of weights. All are welcome!
  • Mighty Mite was kind enough not to talk too much about this past weekend’s football as both of my teams failed to show up and got crushed. Thankfully, as a fan of UVA and the Saints, I’ve learned not to get too excited or disappointed about 1 game because the reality is probably somewhere in the middle.
  • Frehley’s and The Worm took turns fumigating each other and making every one else’s eyes water. At one point, Frehley’s even claimed that his gas had interfered with the Bluetooth connection between my phone and the speaker. #science
  • Hoover was using the double 24s today and I’m pretty sure he’s got a dilemma for Wednesday since he has to choose from day 2 of this workout at Meathead or the Week 3 IPC workout at SACS.
  • Uncle Leo was looking strong with his doubles. He’s made a ton of progress over the last 18+ months. He’s bought bigger bells and seems to have no issues with the doubles.
  • Wild Turkey was getting after it with his big blue bell this morning. Next week, I’m going to bring my competition 24 so he can have a matching pair.
  • Despite a jacked-up back, Ickey came out and did the workout with a single bell. I think he also managed to finally get his Yeti back from our BRR team captain. All in all, a good start to the week for him.

Kettlebell Pre-blast – Fall 2021

The next 12 weeks of Swole, Meathead, and Olympus will focus on workouts from the book More Kettlebell Muscle by Geoff Neupert. This book is based on complexes (a series of compound exercises performed sequentially with the same weight and without rest. All the reps of one exercise are completed before moving on to the next exercise in the sequence) and chains (a series of compound exercises performed sequentially in which each exercise is performed once before the sequence is started again. Each time the sequence is performed is considered one repetition.)

This is a complex:

  • Double swing (DSW) x 5
  • Double high pull (DHP) x 5
  • Double snatch (DSN) x 5
  • Double front squat (DFS) x 5

This is a chain:

  • (DSW + DHP + DSN + DFS) x 5

Complexes build up local muscular fatigue quickly, so the work you can perform is limited by the weakest exercise in the complex. Chains spread the fatigue over more muscle groups, allowing you to do more work overall.

All of the workouts in this program can be performed as complexes or chains, giving the Q the opportunity to inject a little variety into them. While all of these workouts are written for double bells, pax can modify to single bells if they are less experienced, working through injury, or need to deload a bit. #youvsyou

The workout should be structured as follows: warm-up, MKM program, and finisher (easy strength, another complex/chain, carries, Mary). The only part of the workout that is programmed is the MKM portion, the rest is up to the Q.

We will work through two 6-week programs from the book. The workouts will be the same each day of the week, but the # of sets and work:rest ratio will vary over time.

The first workout is called The Wolf and it’s based on the squat because “the legs feed the wolf.” The second workout is called Clean ‘Em Up 2.0. As you can imagine, it’s based on the double clean.

The schedule can be found here.

Exercise reference:

  • DCL = Double clean
  • DFS = Double front squat
  • DMP = Double military press
  • DSW = Double swing
  • DSN = Double snatch
  • DHP = Double high pull
  • DJK = Double jerk
  • DRW = Double row

We don’t do a lot of jerks, so feel free to substitute push presses. If you plan to do the jerk, keep in mind these cues:

The Jerk is a “3-D” exercise:

  1. Dip – Keeping your torso vetical, dip down with a quick, shallow, quarter squat.
  2. Drive – At the bottom of the quarter squat, reverse the squat and quickly stand up, driving the bells off your chest, guiding with the arms, to at least the top of your head.
  3. Drop – When the bells have passed over the top of your head, quickly drop back into a squat while fixing the kettlebells overhead by locking out your arms. You will “wedge” yourself between the ground and the kettlebells.

Juggling Kettlebell Qs

Tuesday afternoon, Urlacher (our scheduled Q for Meathead on Wednesday) sent an urgent communique that the COVID vaccine was making him its b*tch and he needed a substi-Q. I posted on Slack for volunteers and tagged the usual suspects. There were no takers, but Frehley’s suggested a round robin workout where we all took turns. Problem solved, I slept soundly Tuesday night.

On Wednesday morning, 6 pax showed up with their bells and their bad intentions. I gave a disclaimer, then we did a little warming up (SSH, Windmill, Prying squats, halos) and we got to work.

Voodoo (I had it easy since I was following the spreadsheet for my portion):

  • Single press ladders (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) on 1 side
  • 10 x heavy 1-handed swings on the other side

Repeato for 10 rounds (5 per side), but switching arms each round. After the first 2 sets, we decided to only go up to 3 reps on the presses because it was taking too long.

Frehley’s Comet:

10 merkins on the bells, then 1o rows each side for 3 sets.

Ickey Shuffle:

20 swings, waiter carry out to the 2nd light and back (switching arms), then repeato with 10 swings and carrying to the first light.

Uncle Leo:

5 reverse lunges, 5 staggered squats, 5 single leg deadlifts, repeato on the other side for 3 rounds.

The Worm:

10 high pulls, 10 curls x 3

Soul Glo:

5 cleans, 5 racked squats per side x 5 rounds

Elbow plank for ~2:00 until 6:15


  • F3 10 year anniversary
  • 10/29 blood drive at Matthews Town Hall
  • Slaughter (F3 Nation Nantan) is Qing Centurion on Friday, so be there.


  • Thanks to the pax for posting and specifically to Frehley’s for the round robin Q idea. My portion was definitely the lamest, so next time we’ll just ditch the spreadsheet and do a complex of some kind.
  • Urlacher on Q next week. I hope to see you (and him) there!
  • Please add any color commentary below.

Pain Stations with Running

A few weeks ago, Christmas did what any responsible site Q would do and reached out to gauge my interest in Qing Sparta. Of course, I said I’d be honored, but I was a little baffled since, as Hoover can tell you, I usually ask pax to Q at the last minute so they’re less likely to say no. Anyway, fast forward to the appointed day and 8 men showed up in the parking lot next to Seaboard.

0515 rolls around and off we go, heading down Trade Street to the pitch black greenway (no need for headlamps, boys!). After a brief jog down the greenway, we turn left into Matthews Elementary and run along the baseball fence to the big lot in the back. Circle up. After a (very) brief disclaimer, we got to work.


  • SSH x 16 IC
  • IW x 10 IC
  • Windmill x 10 IC
  • Low slow squat x 10 IC
  • Peter Parker x 10 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Parker Peters x 10 IC

Partner work:

Partner 1 heads to the baby track for four corners:

  • 5 burpees at corner 1
  • 10 jump squats at corner 2
  • 20 LBCs at corner 3
  • 15 CDDs at corner 4
  • Head back to the lot to meet your partner.

Partner 2 heads to home plate on the baseball diamond:

  • Bear crawl to 1st base
  • Backward run to 2nd base
  • Lunge walk to 3rd base
  • Sprint home
  • Head back to the lot to meet your partner.

At the lot, 5 dumbocrats (merkins with feet on partner’s shoulders) each. Repeat this circuit 3 times, then head to the school wall to avoid the invading Peak 51 pax.

Wall/court work:

  • Peoples’ chair on the wall: regular, right foot up, regular, right foot down
  • Head to the basketball court for some suicides
  • Round 1 – start standing and touch half court and full court
  • Round 2 – start on your belly, touch 1/4, half, 3/4, and full court – glute bridge for 1:00
  • Round 3 – start on your back, touch full court, 3/4, half, and 1/4.
  • Back to the wall for some balls to the wall with 10 counts

Run back to Trade Street the way we came (except the Q missed the sidewalk so we ran in the grass instead). Squat hold for instructions at Trade Street – run to John Street, stopping at every light for 5 merkins. I have no idea how many lights there were, but it was over 10. Hold for the 6 and then head to the train tracks. Partner 1 runs down one street and partner 2 down another until you meet in the middle for 5 hand slap merkins. After we got going, the pax informed me that the cut through between the streets was waaaaaay down there, so I told everyone to stop for their merkins, then head back.


  • Dying cockroach x 16 IC
  • Superman with Y and W arms and some 10 count holds
  • Box cutters x 16 IC
  • Elbow plank for ~:30 until 6:15

Done. COT with the Peak 51 pax.


  • Slaughter (F3 Nation Nantan) will be Qing Centurion tomorrow at Amelie’s, across the street from Charlotte Catholic. I certainly recommend attending to see some pax from the other side of Area 51 and SOB and also to meet Slaughter without posting to Metro and getting dropped.
  • F3 Nation 10 year anniversary will be 10/8-10/10 in Wilmington, NC (F3 Cape Fear hosting). It should be a great opportunity to meet pax from different regions as well as some of the head honchos within F3 (like Slaughter, Dredd, Dark Helmet, maybe OBT). There will be family activities and I know some pax from South Charlotte have a Slack channel and are trying to figure out lodging and clown cars. If you can make it, I recommend you attend!
  • Blood Drive on 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall. You can sign up by going to the Red Cross website and searching for F3 and scrolling down to the right event.
  • Gumby finally emerges from reverse hibernation for stretching at the scout hut on 9/8. Reach out to Swiss Miss for details.


  • I don’t do a lot of boot camps these days since I can’t keep up with Orange Whip and Alf I’m usually trying to meet mileage goals and lead kettlebell workouts, so I usually look through some old backblasts to get ideas of what’s worked in the past (or not). Today’s workout was an amalgamation of workouts I and other pax have led at RockZero, the Matrix, and SOFAWIB (#RIP those last 2). The mileage was a little below standard (I had about 3.75 miles), but I hope everyone felt like they got a good workout in.
  • Thanks to the pax for posting and following my lead, even when I told everyone to meet between 2 streets that don’t actually connect (at least not within a reasonable distance). I also made them bear crawl on a baseball diamond after telling them not to wear gloves. #sorrynotsorry
  • Thanks to Christmas and Madison for your leadership of the site and for inviting me to come out and Q. I know it takes effort and sometimes the numbers can be thin, but the pax appreciate it.
  • Please add comments for anything that I missed and I’ll see you in the gloom.

2 Man Wolf Pack

YHC hit the snooze button 1 too many times this morning and then caught 3 of 5 lights on the way to the AO this morning, so I pulled in right as the clock rolled around to 5:30. I expected to find a lot full of pax who would be heckling me while I unloaded my bells. However, all I found was The Worm and two random cars parked down by the playground. The Worm is too kind to bust your balls for being late, so we chatted as I unloaded and then got to work around 5:33.

Warm up:

  • SSH x 10 IC
  • Windmill x 10 IC
  • Prying squat x 3
  • Halo x 5 each way

Main Event:

  • 5 x waiter carry down to the curb, switch arms and return
  • 8 rounds of 10 1H swings with :20 rest (switch hands each round)
  • 5 sets of 5 DCL/5 DFS (complete all cleans, then all squats each set, then recover before next set)
  • 8 rounds of 10 1H swings with :20 rest



  • Blood drive on 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall
  • F3 10-year anniversary in Wilmington.


  • Thank goodness The Worm posted this morning. I knew Mighty Mite was DR at the beach, but Urlacher had HCed the night before and I thought this was Unplugged’s Swole week. Uncle Leo must have been sick or something because he’s  always there. Ditto for Wild Turkey. Ickey Shuffle couldn’t be in the mountains because his kids have school. I know Hoover made it home from Dad’s Camp because I saw the picture he posted on Twitter. Frehley’s is probably still recovering from his 35th anniversary (congrats!). All of you can make it up to me by posting at Meathead on Wednesday, where Urlacher will be our Q.
  • I’ve had a few of these low turnout workouts with The Worm over the last few months and have really enjoyed them. It’s a great opportunity to get a little more 2nd F than you would in a big group, but you still have the accountability to push yourself. I know I wouldn’t have done double front squats if he hadn’t been there.

Low Intensity Workouts

This is going to be a double backblast since I’m 2 weeks behind for Olympus. Attendance tends to be low, so I’m guessing no one is too upset by the lack of backblasts.

8/14/2021 pax: Frehley’s Comet, High Tide, MAD, Mighty Mite, Victoria, Voodoo (Q)

Warm up:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Windmill x 10 IC
  • Prying squat x 2
  • Halos x 5 each way
  • 1 TGU per side for 5 rounds

Main Event:

  • 10 sets of 10 1H swings with :30 rest
  • 5 sets of 5 DCL
  • 5 sets of 5 DFS
  • 10 sets of 10 1H swings with :30 rest
  • Static holds: :20 overhead, :20 rack, :20 farmer x 4
  • Voodoo complex (swing, high pull, snatch, clean, squat, press L+R) EMOM x 10

Mary: elbow plank, hollow body hold, glute bridge

COT with the RockZero pax

8/21/2021 pax: Big League Chew, Flipper, High Tide, Mighty Mite


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • 2H swings x 25
  • Windmill x 10
  • 2H swings x 25
  • Pryin squat x 2
  • 2H swings x 25
  • Merkins x 10
  • 2H swings x 25

Main Event:

  • Single press ladders: 5 sets of 1/2/3 presses per side (singles, see-saw, or doubles)
  • Snatches: 5 sets of 10L/10R with :30-:45 rest
  • Farmer’s walk out, Cook drill back
  • Complex: 5 sets of 3 1H swings, 2 cleans, 1 thruster per side, then rest :45
  • Fibonacci: DCL x 8, DFS x 5, DCL x 5, DFS x 3, DCL x 3, DFS x 2, DCL x 2, DFS x 1


  • Hard-style elbow plank for 1:30
  • Glute bridge with both feet down :20, left foot up :20, both feet down :20, right foot up :20.

COT with the Rock Zero pax.


  • Blood drive – 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall. Sign up by going to and searching for “F3”. Mighty Mite will be there in a nurse’s costume, so you don’t want to miss it.
  • F3 10-year anniversary – 10/8-10/10 in Wilmington, NC. If you can make it, get signed up. There’s a website for registration and a Slack channel for coordination. We’re trying to get a group together from south Charlotte and have a few takers so far. This should be a great chance to meet some of the founders and Redwood Originals of F3 as well as pax from other faraway regions.


  • The title of this backblast comes from Flipper. After we finished our run yesterday, I thanked him for posting at Olympus after our pre-run and he told me it was nice to mix in some low intensity after his run. #ouch He clarified to mean more of a grinding, low rep workout than a high rep, aerobic workout.
  • Apologies for the double backblast, but getting all of these backblasts out is tough. They’re not the most exciting reading, but hopefully some of the pax find them useful when coming up with their own KB workout weinkes. I know I enjoy reading about what others are doing and stealing the worst ideas.
  • As far as the workouts, you can see that it’s low rep with plenty of rest. That’s by design. You should be using heavier bells and really straining to get through the reps. If you’re not, borrow a bell (or two) from another pax and push yourself. If you’re going to get up and sweat, you might as well put your heart into it.
  • Thanks to the pax that come out week after week to put in hard work and keep me company and thanks to the pax that have come out in recent weeks to mix it up a bit (BLC, Flipper, Victoria).

Grinding at Olympus

4 of us posted at Olympus this past Saturday morning. It was a little drizzly, but that was a good thing because it kept us a little cooler. After a disclaimer, the veteran crew got to work.

Warm up:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Halo x 5 each direction
  • Prying squat x 2
  • Windmill x 10 IC

Main Event:

  • Single press ladders: 5 x (1, 2, 3, 4 presses per side)
  • 1H swings: 16 x 10 swings with :45 rest between rounds, alternating hands each set
  • Farmer carries around the parking lot x 4
  • Merkin to high pull L, merkin to high pull R = 1 rep. Sets of 5/4/3/2/1 reps


  • Elbow plank x 1:30
  • Glute bridge x 1:00

Time. Circle up with RockZero for COT.


  • Stone Cold is collecting adult bikes (26” wheels and bigger) at RockZero this Saturday (8/14). He’s got a charity that will fix them up and donate them to people for transportation.
  • The F3 10 Year Celebration will be held in Wilmington over the weekend of October 8-10. There are a lot of great events planned and the whole family is welcome. Details and registration can be found here: We’ve also got a Slack channel dedicated to the event where you can connect with other South Charlotte pax planning to attend.


  • Thanks to the pax for coming out and putting in some work this morning. The weather wasn’t pretty, but it made it a little cooler than a typical August morning in Charlotte.
  • It was good to have Victoria join us this morning. He was very honest in telling me that he hasn’t been posting as much because his buddy has a sweet home gym. Then I asked him if his buddy was out of town and he sheepishly said “yes.” His lack of F3 posts didn’t stop him from taking a few turns with some bigger bells.
  • Mighty Mite broke out the big white 36kg bell (that’s 79.4 pounds to you non-communists). 160 1-handed swings with that kind of weight is impressive. I think he was pressing the 32kg bell as well. We were pondering whether he thought he could press a 48, which we will test another time.
  • The Worm is a regular at the kettlebell workouts. At first, I thought Frehley’s was bringing him out, but he’s been more consistent than F3’s biggest hair band fan.

08/04 Meathead

9 pax posted for some cool temps and AC/DC Radio at Meathead last Wednesday morning. Fresh off of a couple of trips, it was good to be back and leading a strong group of men.

Warm up:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Halos x 5 each way
  • Windmills x 10 IC
  • Prying squat x 2

Main Course:

  • 5 sets of 5 double cleans followed by 5 double front squats with 1:00-1:15 rest between sets
  • 11s with 10 snatches/1 merkin, 9 snatches/2 merkins, all the way to 1 snatch/10 merkins
  • Grip smoker: 3 lawnmowers, 3 high pulls, 3 swings EMOM for 10:00, alternating arms each minute
  • Static holds: :20 double overhead, :20 double rack, :20 farmer holds. Recover for 1:00 and repeat.


  • 1:20 of elbow plank
  • 1:20 of hollow body hold
  • 1:20 of glute bridge


  • Adult (26” wheels or bigger) bike collection at RockZero on 8/14. Stone Cold is collecting bikes to be refurbished for transportation.
  • F3 10 year anniversary will be held in Wilmington on October 8-10. This should be a great event with tons to do and the opportunity to meet pax from around the nation. There will be activities for the whole family, so Ms and 2.0s are welcome. See for details and hop on the Slack channel to connect with other South Charlotte pax that are attending.


  • Cobains for the delay in getting this posted. Been catching up on work since returning from travel.
  • Thanks to the pax for posting and pushing through a tough workout. Double front squats get the heart rate up and tax the legs. The static holds seem easy, but are grueling.