Tasty waves

ByDas Boot Mar 3, 2021

7 PAX took the Swift pill Tuesday morning for a challenging 30-minute set of 4:00 @ marathon pace / 2:00 @ 10k pace. The synchrony building has s

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Sprints > Snatches > TGUs?

ByHigh Tide Mar 2, 2021

9 Meatheads, including a very late arriving FNG, Goose (Daniel), and a bunch of #Respects, gathered for doubles, sprints (<> #0.0), and sna

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Rut-Breaker CSAUP Series ***Canceled***

ByFlipper Mar 1, 2021

        ***After much deliberation and in consultation with the A51 board, the idea previously known as Rutbreake

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Buy One Get One Free

ByWarEagle Mar 1, 2021

To follow is a backblast for The Brave but wait...stick around and you get a Snooze Button backblast for free!!  Frehley's was the Q for Snooze

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Olympic Effort

ByVoodoo Feb 28, 2021

4 pax were on time for Olympus yesterday. No rain and warmer temps made for a more enjoyable experience, at least until the workout started. W

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Dad jokes continued STUD 3/43

ByKirby Feb 27, 2021

Shop Till U Drop STUD Well I am not going to make a long one on this backblast.  I was pleased to see a truck pull up and join us at the last

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What’s a FormGasm?

ByBottlecap Feb 26, 2021

4 5 6 PAX headed to Cerberus for a field trip.  YHC did some scouting yesterday of Waverly area and wanted to do some exploring of Rea Farms.

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Straight Kohl’s Cash Humor

ByDas Boot Feb 26, 2021

  Aside from some headwind, it was a fantastic morning for running. We started with 6 and picked up one along the way.  Garcia start

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Am I supposed to be counting?

Bymidriff Feb 24, 2021

About 30 reps into the burpee hill repeats, Rousey posed the question to his partner "Am I supposed to be counting?!?" and I nearly lost it in la

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Bagpipe Bridge Ices Before Road

Bymidriff Feb 23, 2021

2 cinder blocks and 7 PAX emerged from the fartsack to begin at 0530 sharp to kick off another day in Bagpipe Paradise. Two latecomers arrived on

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