Sandbags and Fun Part 2

Sandbags and Fun Part 2

I have updated the 1/26/2018 back blast for todays workout.

15 5 men showed up to check out the new location for the hardest South Charlotte AO…..THE BRAVE.

The Thang,

Get in teams of 2 …since there is only 5 we will stay as one group. Be honest with yourself and your partner and get someone with similar speed.

Each team Grab 2 a sand bags (ranging from 40-80 40 and 50 lbs) and lets mosey.

Head behind the corporate buildings across from Brazwells “insert name of new bar” and run down the path stopping at each of 4 walls for 5 double merkin box jump burpees (Mermaid introduced me to this horrible exercise earlier in the week 4 years ago… Everyone thanks you).

Gather at the fourth wall and head to Room 101 (The parking garage hooked to the new Wells Fargo building). Head to the basement for instructions.

At each level one partner 2 pax will do a sandbag exercise and the others will do 10 burpees. The burpee partner pax are is the timer. keep doing sandbag exercises until he they are is done. Once complete run up to the next floor and exchange the bag. The other partner take turns and now someone else does 10 burpees while the new sandbag man men does the exercise. Repeato until you are at the top.

The sandbag exercises are as follows: Squat, Thrusters presses, and bent over rows.

We made it to the top and came down the stairs and did it all over again. From there we did the same exercises but down the ramps to level 4. At this point we were out of time and headed back to the launch site.


Old Moley..

I was impressed with the crew of 15 5 pax. There was no complaining about the sandbags and just a bit of good natured ribbing.

You never know how a workout like this will go. Will people give it there all. Will we be able to stay together…..

This group of PAX gave it there all. Everyone worked to encourage make fun of their teammate and the other teams everyone. As I was in the six most of the I didn’t get to hear a lot of the mumble chatter We stayed together and Here is what I know….

I am pretty Sure Thin Mint and Mario were out front killing it as always didn’t show up.

Fraiser and Haggis got in some second F and did some modification to keep some injuries from flaring up but pushed hard non the less didn’t
show up.

Nard Dog and Flipper kept going throughout the hour with one of Flippers large sandbags. They also dogged it just enough to not leave YHC to far behind. Thanks Fellas didn’t show up.

Mary Kay and Billy Goat must have been killing it, as I didn’t get to see them much. Great work fellas. Glad to have you at the Brave keep coming out didn’t show up.

I think these final pairs are correct…but correct me if I am wrong (lack of oxygen during the workout has my memory cloudy).

When I was able to catch Teddy and Tuck their form on the burpees and sandbag exercises looked to be top notch all the way through. Teddy mentioned his love for the Double Merkin Burpee box jumps and that he was hoping we would do some more as Mermaid didn’t give him enough earlier in the week four years ago.

Wingman and Turkey: both of these men were running fast and burpeeing (is that a word….It is NOW) faster. didn’t show up.

Bunker and Wild Turkey: I feel that bunker has a head made for sandbag workouts. They slide effortless over his freshly shorn skull. Every time I saw these men they were head down and pushing it. didn’t show up.

Tuck is now taking YHC’s place as one of the three Brave site Q’s didn’t show up and only runs now.

I would like to thank all of the men that have participated and pushed me at the Brave during my time as site Q, four years ago. I have seen many men, including myself, get better from posting at the brave week after week. I appreciate being given the opportunity to lead by Madam Tassauds and Champagne, who didn’t show up.

Frehley’s Comet did show up this time and we spent a lot of time talking about how much better and younger we were 4 years ago.

Picasso did show up and gave it his all. He has maps for sale if you need one.

Doc’a McStuffins’a did show up and said some things in an accent that I no longer understand. Good to see you out in the gloom.

Great group today and we had “fun”. Thanks all for playing along and letting me lead.


The Brave now meets at Brazwells “insert new bars name ” every week.

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