Kensington 300….or….2100 but who’s counting…..

Kensington 300….or….2100 but who’s counting…..

The temperature in the Queen City is starting to drop and so are the Pax.  47 degrees….what are you going to do when its 4 degrees?  Time to cowboy up gents.  Anyway, 13 Pax joined Commitment for Mash, Rucking and the Kensington 300.  Okay, that’s fake news.  It’s really the Kensington 2100, but who’s counting.

The Thang:

  1. DICCS
  2. Warmup
  3. Mosey to school
  4. Parking lot…find a spot and partner up
  5. 1 coupon per team – 2 pax per team
  • 300 overhead press – 1 pax works and 1 runs a lap
  • 300 coupon curls – run
  • 300 coupon tricep extensions  – run
  • 300 coupon clean & press – run
  • 300 chest press – run
  • 300 coupon squats – run
  • 300 bonus chest presses – yay 😀
  1. COT
So we ran and lifted heavy stuff….over….and over…..and over.  It pretty much sucked and took the whole time. Pray for the Bodo’s with the loss of their son Patrick.  Converge at Christs Closet for a folding party and furniture shuffle.  Sign up for the blood drive.  Prayer and we’re out.

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