F3 Waxhaw Board Meeting – Recap

F3 Waxhaw Board Meeting – Recap

8 men gathered at Cuthbertson after our workouts to welcome our 2 newest Board members and discuss removing the Bot from the Playhouse how we are accelerating in all 3 Fs.  This backblast is an attempt to share with the PAX what the Board discussed and the actions/takeaways from the meeting.

  • WHO:
    • 1st F Qs (Fitness):  Dasher and CARB LOAD 
    • 2nd F Qs (Fellowship):  Gerber and CHICKEN LITTLE 
    • 3rd F Qs (Faith):  Shop Dawg and Centerfold
    • COMZ Q:  ZINFANDEL (New Board role; Zin had been pulling double duty with 2nd F)
    • Q of Expansion:  POSSE (New role with focus to help plant workouts outside of our Region; neighboring towns as well as supporting PAX who have moved away)
    • Weasel Shaker:  CHASTAIN (Replacing Mad Dog)
    • Nant’an:  Bottlecap
    • Welcome to the new Board Members
      • Carb Load:  Jim has been instrumental in a number of 1st F events; his passion and personal effort in 1st F made him an easy choice to keep challenging the F3 Waxhaw PAX physically
      • Chicken Little:  After his Myrtle Beach curb issues, the Board was hesitant excited to get Don’s energy and contagious attitude on 2nd F; his selfless ways will no doubt help F3 Waxhaw grow closer to each other through fun events for the PAX and our families
      • Mad Dog:  He has rolled off the Board.  A BIG THANKS for his service.  His wisdom and ability to shake weasels has been invaluable to getting our Region and processes well established and quickly.  Personally, I appreciate his friendship and ability to offer common sense solutions.
    • 1st F UPDATE:
      • Great work completing the April 1 Q challenge
        • 96 different PAX Q’d a workout in those 30 days . . . Incredible
        • Now that we have unlocked some PAX and they are Freed to Lead . . . What’s next?!?!
      • Site Qs:
        • Time to mix up Site Qs . . . Who could/should roll off?  Who is ready to step up and help lead a site?
        • Site Q “Symposium”:  Similar to Site Q school but more interactive and idea sharing (Timing TBD . . . And name is hopefully TBD as well)
        • Ghosted:  Congrats and thanks for stepping up to be a co-Site Q at Pursuit
      • New Ideas
        • Passport challenge (within Waxhaw):  Hitting all AOs in a month (June?)
        • Spartan-type race:  Including a 2.0 course (Targeting July)
        • Low Mileage workout:  We are hearing from more PAX who want lower mileage bootcamps (1-1.5 miles) . . . Who is ready to launch one?
    • 2nd F UPDATE: 
      • F3 Dads:  Hoping to resurrect Summer Saturday workouts at Dogwood Park
      • Happy Hours and Lunches:  Getting back to monthly routine
      • Family Movie Night:  Who has a large enough field/lawn to host?
      • Coffeeteria on Fridays:  Let’s get PAX staying after Friday workouts at Cuthbertson . . . Zin bringing coffee
    • 3RD F UPDATE:
      • Open Door:  New study starting (1 Timothy) . . . Great opportunity to jump in and check it out.  Saturday and Sunday morning groups.
      • QSource:  Changing up content to weekly Podcast topic
      • Looking to make further connection to Rice n Beans, Ray of Hope, and Christ’s Closet for Summer/Fall tie-in events
      • Working with Legalized and Ole McDonald to help them launch F3 in their new cities
      • Clean Slate now a part of F3 Mint Hill
      • Grow Ruck:  Coming to Charlotte in August . . . Amazing event and we need to send a big team
      • Pull the BOT:  Let’s encourage the Q to post the Backblast link on GroupMe and maybe a quick Meme/GIF/Story to encourage PAX to read it
      • FNG Video:  Some other Regions have put together awesome videos showcasing who/what is F3 to encourage Sad Clowns to come join us . . . Who has these skills and willing to pull something together for F3 Waxhaw?
      • Social Media:  We have great posts/pictures but we need more PAX to share and comment (not just “Like”) . . . Especially on Facebook where our content is viewed most frequently


  • Monday May 31st
  • Nesbit Park/Kensington Elementary
  • 4 Workout options:
    • The Murph (1 Mile Run, 100 Pull-Ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats, 1 Mile Run) . . . Variations and modifications are allowed/encouraged
    • Bootcamp
    • Ruck/Trail Run
    • MASH
  • 2nd F Coffeeteria
  • 3rd F tie-in
  • Who wants to help with any of the above?

I’ll end this backblast with the same message from a couple meetings ago . . . A SINCERE AND BIG THANKS to all the leaders of F3 (and especially these Board members).

  • This Region is special; we are growing FAST!
  • We have 100+ active PAX and the majority are leading in some way
  • We are incredibly active in all 3 F’s
  • There is not much drama
  • We are constantly looking to improve and reach more Sad Clowns
  • We are making a lasting impact in this community
  • Let’s stay focused on our mission:  Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership!  

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