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Base Camp via Death Valley

ByGeraldo May 25, 2021

When YHC pulled into the parking lot several pax were already gathered, chatting it up some. Sardine greeted me first, I hadn't seen him in some

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Nobody loves the alligator

ByFlipper May 24, 2021

Week two of Runs & Guns started a bit more optimistically than week one, with YHC actually arriving on time for the 0515 pre run to meet up w

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Inaugural Functional Strength Challenge

ByHigh Tide May 23, 2021

10 men kicked off the inaugural Functional Strength Challenge (FSC) with grit and determination this morning.  No one knew exactly what to expec

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Mine Is Bigger Than Yours

ByMadison May 21, 2021

Seven Pax showed up with big bells and high expectations at Union Co's premier KB & Gear workout, Overdrive.  The weinke was a simple Tabata

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Hey, it’s all good

ByIce9 May 19, 2021

Look, there is nothing wrong with stretching with friends. It doesn't matter that many men choose to do it on their own time. For example, many w

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Smokey & the 53lb Bandit

ByOrange Whip May 18, 2021

9 of my best friends (they just don't know it yet) came out to Skunkworks this morning and followed me into the well-lit gloom.   The

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Modeling GoRuck’s new men’s capri pants

ByVoodoo May 17, 2021

Six men circled up at Calvary this past Saturday for their weekly does of Olympus. The weather was in the 40s as Spring takes one last gasp befor

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Nothing Goes According to Plan… And thats ok!

ByFlipper May 17, 2021

You would think YHC would be able to effectively execute a plan which had been months in the making… but you would be wrong.  Between poorly t

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Skunk-blast: Give ’em the Boot

ByHoover May 13, 2021

13 lucky skunks got "booted" on Tuesday.  They decided to show up to YHC's Q assuming it would be easy-ish, since YHC can't walk fast or far and

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Hey Man, Don’t Pull My Hose.

ByUdder May 12, 2021

4 was the magic number this am for a little ruckity-ruck at SACS. YHC pulled up and surprised the fellas with a 40 foot one eyed monster that cou

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